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they started committing good deeds and bad deeds.


God knew that "bad deeds" would be done, right ?

all of what you query on verses and chapter can be found in my previous posts. Just read thru again . For e.g. if you see numbering (3:59). 3 is the chapter. 59 is the verse.

just like the Koran is part of God

This belief applies to some Christian i presume, by saying bible is part of God and is previously a God. So there are four gods in the beginning:
1)Father do not transform stays in heaven.
2)Spirit (never mentioned in John 1:1) transform into a body.
3)Word transform into somethingelse inside the body.
4)Verses (never mentioned in John 1:1) transform into bible.

There is only one God, not four Gods as clarified below

The Koran says that Jesus is the son of Mary ( the term "son" used in the Koran does not mean that Jesus is the biological son of Mary) similar to

 Jesus is not the biological son of God when we say Jesus is the Son of God.

There is only one God and Jesus is the Son of God (not God the Son ) and not the biological son of God ( similar to the meaning in the Koran referring to Jesus as the son of Mary )

The companions would memorize, recite and wrote the revelations and spread to the people whom the the prophet was sent.

Was the spreading of both books of the followers of Allah and Jesus, done the same way ?

Muslims believe that at this point, God was addressing just the souls of the people; the physical bodies came later.


The souls of the people who have already committed sin ?

It is up to God, whether to punish us for it, either in this life or the next or just simply to forgive us.


And the punishment is due to not worshipping God, right ?

There is a difference between someone "needing" something and someone "preferring" or "liking" something.

What happens if somebody does not worship five times a day ?

What I am saying is that, although that is a possibility, we don't know for certain. We have not been provided with the information to make such a claim, at-least as far as I know.

These humans existed before Adam ?

Exactly what are you basing that answer on?
If there was the fear of Hell on one hand, then there was also the Hope of Heaven on the other. Who knows which was more.

Are you saying the majority of humans accepted the test because the majority felt they will pass the test ?

The companions would memorize, recite and wrote the revelations and spread to the people whom the the prophet was sent.

Did the followers of Jesus also memorize what Jesus said ?

As far as I know, no information is provided in this respect.
However, some can argue that the very idea of a Heaven and Hell implied that some were going to succeed and some, fail.


If God truly revealed to humans that they will fail in the test, I highly doubt humans would have agreed to the test ( humans are not that stupid to agree to something in which they know that failure is a good possibility ) when hell fire is the result of failure

God would like us, to succeed.


You agree that God is self-sufficient and does not want anything from human beings, right ?

God wants us to worship Him,

And if we do not worship Him, then what ?

 I highly doubt God wants anything from anybody because God is all self-sufficient and does not lack anything or want something

Who said God withheld the information?

So God revealed to the humans that they will fail the test ?

, this was the test that the humans (and I suppose Jinns are also included here) accepted.majority opinion).

God could have easily told the humans that He knew many ( possibly billions )  will fail the test and so

 I do not believe that God would have withheld that vital piece of  information before  the humans accepted the test because

 I do not believe that God is in the business of either deception or trickery


We worship God because He commands us to

If God is so afraid that some humans will not worship Him, why did He create the devil, whom God knew will never worship Him ?

 could it be because God does not require worship from His creatures ?

God gives us free will for a reason and that is because He is not a slave master.

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