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So, by your interpretation shouldn't we be worshiping literally everything since everything is a part of God?

Muslims kiss the black stone, not because they worship it but because

 that was created by God, so likewise, we do not worship anything, including God since

 God is not human and does not require worship of Him or anything else

The companions would memorize, recite and wrote the revelations and spread to the people whom the the prophet was sent.

So the followers of Jesus spread what was written ( to the people ), just like the Koran was spread to the people

would mean that every thing in the heavens and the earth is also a part of Allah?

In addition to my comments to Brother Submit above,

Words are always part of God, whether those words become alive or inanimate like the heavens.

Just like the Koran is part of God or the Word of God,

the Word spoken by God either became Jesus (Spirit of God/ Son of God )  or

 became the heavens, so

 one word (Spirit of God )  became a human being (Son of God )  and the other word became heaven,

 so both are words and both words are part of God,

  with one being a living human being (Jesus )  and the other (heavens) not a living human being, so words can become alive or become inanimate, but both words are part of God,

 just like the Koran is part of God


Jesus was substances inside womb.

Again, if you could quote directly from the Koran, including chapter and verse, that would help, thanks


Be! is a word

If you could quote directly from the Koran, that would help, thanks ( please do include chapter and verse )


God is pleased with those who worshiped Him

God is pleased

In addition to my comment to Brother Farooq above,

God being pleased is a human emotion which means He can also be angry if people do not worship Him.

 I doubt God ever gets angry or cries or is happy according to how people respond to Him

God does mind devil's sins,

Its obvious that God is not human and does not have human needs or wants since

 He created the devil, knowing that the devil will one day refuse to worship God ( apostasy ) and yet God still created the devil.

God could have easily created (only) the beings He knew will never commit apostasy but

 since He created beings who He knew would commit apostasy, tells me that He is does not need or want humans or beings to worship Him

pay for these sins in the afterlife

Why is man required to pay for sins ?  when its obvious that God does not mind the Devil constantly sinning from the day that the devil committed apostasy right in front of God


I don't think I understand the question, what has God's like/dislike to do with natural disasters?

You believe that natural disasters is due to human sin ?


 He can like one thing and dislike another

If God truly had the human emotion of "like" or "dislike", do you think He would have created hurricanes, earthquakes, natural disasters etc

If "need" is defined as something the absence of which decreases a person in some way, then God does not have a "need" for anything.

God likes people who worship Him and dislikes those who don't, possibly because such persons are going to face harsh penalties for such actions, but there is no reason or evidence to attribute this as a "need" by God.

Thanks for your interest in this subject because its a subject that all believers need to address.

 Please do check back daily or every few days for updates to this discussion, thanks once again


God does not have a "need" for anything,

In other words, God does not have a "need" for people to worship Him then ?

Another indication that God does not have human needs and wants and in the case below, God does not mind apostasy.

We know that God is present everywhere including the place in which the apostate devil is at and

 since the devil is in a state of apostasy and God is in the very place where the devil is at, it would seem that God does not mind interacting peacefully with the apostate devil

The Spirit cannot breathe life onto nothingness.

Let me clarify my statement I made above. The Koran uses the word "be" to indicate creation.

Does the Koran contradict the statement below  or is it silent on the subject matter ?

Just before Jesus appeared inside Mary's womb, what if God said, " I want to "be" human" and

 through a process ( analogous to "binary fission" in biology) God "be"came Spirit (God, the Father and Spirit, the Son of God ) and

the Spirit of God (Son of God )  entered Mary's womb to "be" Jesus

early followers of Jesus were the Hawariyun, Nasoreans.

early followers would also mean they are companions of prophets. What was uttered by prophets will be memorized, written down as to what were spoken by the prophets and spread to mankind.

The message of all prophets are simply about obeying the covenants of God and believe in the day of resurrection.

The Hawariyun and  Nasoreans  wrote down what was spoken by Jesus, right ?, the same way the Koran was written

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