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the requirement of a womb was that so there will be substances inside it for usage to form Jesus prior to breathing life onto him. The Spirit cannot breathe life onto nothingness.

Since the Spirit cannot breath life into nothingness, its possible that God told the Spirit to "be" Jesus, right ?

elements inisde womb were used (Jesus)

what elements in the womb were there to be used ? I thought only the Spirit of God was present

As'salamu Alaikum dear brothers,

I am here.  Brian, please ask your questions here.  No email. 

Thank you,
Osama Abdallah

Brother Farooq gave me two links and I was just going over the links with him and he referred me to you :)

the early followers of Jesus

Who were the early followers of Jesus ? and could you also tell me who the early followers of the Koran were ? thanks

We worship God because we respect Him but what happens when somebody does not worship God ?

We know that God is not human and humans have a need to be "worshipped" by their spouse, friends etc,

 so does God have the same need as humans do ? or does He give us free will to worship Him or not to worship Him ? and

 if somebody does not worship God, does God punish him for not worshipping Him ?

This is definitely not my area, that is why I just gave the links. It would be better if you contact Osama Abdullah for discussion on these topics.


Do you have his email address ?


And no Jews and also no Jewish followers of Jesus use Greek books/letters

link me to the books written by the followers of Jesus, thanks

Regarding the spirit, Brother Osama Bdullah's article is linked here:

I am going to go line by line, so be looking for the rest of my commentary over several updates ( might take two weeks or longer ) and you can respond after I have addressed the last line in both the links ( including the exegesis link )  you sent me:

The first link states : "GOD's Spirit came upon many people other than Jesus"

Comment: Yes, Jesus needed guidance from God's Spirit because once Jesus became totally human, He needed God's Spirit to guide Him.

The first link states : " Trinitanian Christians claim that since Jesus carried GOD's spirit, then he must be GOD himself "

Comment: Remember, I am not a Trinitarian Christian but I am not sure what is meant by "carried God's Spirit" but being guided by the Spirit of God was essential, since Jesus was fully human on earth. 

The first link states : " he ( Jesus )  will delight in the fear of the LORD. "

Comment: I do believe that Jesus feared God and I interpret the word "fear" as respect because nobody delights in fear but people do delight in respecting God.

The first link states : "Here is my servant (Jesus ) whom I have chosen "

Comment: "chosen" here could be interpreted as God has free will to choose His own fully human Son or choose somebody else who is also fully human

The first link states: "Let us look at the many others who carried GOD's spirit in them in the Bible"

Comment: The same Spirit of God Who had to guide Jesus, also was present to guide others in the Bible

The first link states : "1 Samuel 16:16 "Let our lord command his servants here to search for someone who can play the harp. He will play when the evil spirit from God comes upon you, and you will feel better."

Comment: In verse 14 ( before verse 16 in the NLT bible version ) " Now the Spirit of the Lord had left Saul, and the Lord sent a tormenting spirit that filled him with depression and fear." (end of quote ).

In the verse 14, we see that the Spirit of God left and another spirit ( a tormentor, a apostate spirit ) arrived which shows that since God is everywhere,

God is also in the same place where tormenting, apostate spirits reside ( I would say, subordinate to the Devil ) and

 since God is constantly interacting with apostate spirits ( since God is everywhere ) apostate spirits, even though in a state of apostasy, do obey God sometimes and

 God in return lives in peace with apostate spirits.

TO BE CONTINUED ( thanks for your patience )

Regarding the spirit, Brother Osama Bdullah's article is linked here:

Also, an exegesis on Qur'an 4:171 is linked here, (will have to scroll down for the particular verse)


You have given me a lot to study, so check back every few days ( at least )  for updates to this discussion, thanks for your patience

Adam and Jesus become alive

In addition to both my comments in the two posts above, we know the Koran talks about both Adam and Jesus in the same context of being human but

 by saying that both Adam and Jesus are human, the Koran clearly implies they were not human before they became human as clarified below

We know that the Koran clearly states that both Adam and Jesus became human but

 before Adam came into existence, Adam was not human but dust and

before Jesus came into existence as a human, Jesus was not dust but

 the Spirit of God as seen in the Spirit of God appearing upon Mary and I believe that Spirit entered Mary to "be" or "become" Jesus

Spirit of God is not God.

In addition to my comments above, can you point to a Koranic verse that says that the "Spirit of God" is not God ?

He created him from dust; then He said to him, "Be," and he was. (3:59)

Can the Arabic word "be" be translated as "become" too ? and if not, what is the Arabic word for "become" ?

Adam was created from dust and if Jesus was created, He would have been created from dust too but the Koran does not say that.

If Jesus was created, why involve the Spirit of God upon Mary ? and I believe the Spirit of God entered Mary's womb to become Jesus

Doesn't Jesus being God once, imply that there were more than one God once and before the birth of Jesus,

There was only one God until the following happened according to the Koran.

According to the Koran, the Spirit of God was upon Mary, so I believe that is when the analogy (from biology) I mentioned earlier happened.

When the Spirit of God entered Mary's womb, that Spirit had already separated from God ( the Father ) so the best analogy in biology is called  binary fission where a single cell can split into two (example: amoeba ), in this case, one remained God and the other became fully human

And if Jesus was a part of God, indistinguishable from God, doesn't it still leave us with the problem that God can die?

Once human, Jesus was never a part of God and even today, Jesus is not a part of God but fully human in glorified form

We know that the Koran is against certain sects of Christianity as detailed below:

(1) Those who believed that Mary was God ( this sect must have been very tiny and is probably an extinct sect of Christianity because modern Christians do not believe that Mary is God )

(2) Those who believed that Jesus was the biological son of God ( this sect again, must have been very tiny and is probably another extinct sect of Christianity because modern Christians do not believe that Jesus was the biological son of God

(3) Those who believe that Jesus was God on earth ( this is the belief of the majority of Trinitarian Christians today )

Since the Koran is so specific as to even point to the tiniest sects of Christianity ( two of which are extinct today) the fact that

 the Koran  never mentions  those Christians who believe that Jesus was fully man on earth and not God anymore but

was God before He was born inside Mary's womb, makes me think that the Koran is not against one type of Christian, the Christian who believes in the pre-conception Divinity of Christ

the Qur'an claims that Jesus was never God.

In addition to my comment above, does the Koran  state anywhere that Jesus was never God at any point in time before Jesus became fully human on earth ?

I totally agree with the Koran and the Bible agrees with the Koran too, since all the comments about Jesus ( in the Koran )  was about His life on earth

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