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My Opinion on David Wood.
« on: August 22, 2016, 03:53:04 PM »
He's really dumb,he misquote's verses of the Qur'an to make it fit his Sick Agenda,If Ahmed Deedat,May allah have mercy on his Soul was ALIVE,
You bet David Wood would be hiding under a rock till he dies,Alhamdullilah Osama Abdullah and the rest of the team of this site have debunked his claim
But not to the point when he NEVER even returns to the topic of Islam,If Dr.Zakir Naik faced such a small Self-Degrading Christian scholar such as david wood,His respect would be lost
Infact Dr.Zakir naik is already being insulted and being rebelled against by the indian media,he has no time to debate such a narrow-minded person,
And Dr.Zakir naik is being insulted,confirms one of the signs saying
"The Truthful ones will be called Liars,and The Liars will be called the Truthful One"
Like how people are insulting Zakir and supporting people that are butthurt such as David Wood,
I couldn't take the amount of stupidity David wood was spewing out of his mouth so I had to make this,
He's soo damn Jealous of Islam growing he makes a  allegation of "Birth rates" Mhm,EXCUSE ME?!,if you were to read the statistics,Most of them CONVERTED,they just didn't come out of their mothers womb,
I could write a whole book on this one idiot since the stupidity he's spewing out is ENDLESS,His show Jesus Or Muhammad(PBUT),he shows soo much stupidity that even if  Imam-aL Bukhari,Imam Abu Hanifa,may Allah have mercy on their souls,were ALIVE and HERE today,they would facepalm,I had to centre this since David Wood was spewing soo much stupidity,and Lies that have been ALREADY refuted,he just keeps getting Refuted and cannot accept it,and the sad thing is Christians take their time to SUPPORT him!,not because they agree with him JUST because he's insulting Islam!.
This proves a sign saying "Muslims will be treated like Donkeys",So indeed,if you take the time to watch his video's,or have contact with him SHOW him the violent verses in the bible,because there are TONS I have researched and seen


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