Author Topic: What would the world be like if everyone did what the verses of the Qur'an say?  (Read 1547 times)

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Everyone believes in Allah and the verses and strictly abides by what they say:

There would be no such thing as murder on earth.

There's no such a thing as theft.

Fraud would also be history.

No lie, slander, and no say bad words.

Wars would disappear.

All forms of violence on earth would disappear.

Interest-usury, etc. There would be no gain by harming others.

There would be freedom of economic enterprise and the right of property.

People to be so respectful to each other that they not pass without greeting each other.

All the countries of the world would join hands and compete only to create a better world for humanity.

The world would be like a single country, and the freedom of movement and settlement would be at the highest level throughout the world.

Since there would be no adultery, every child was born and raised in a family environment.

Private companies etc. the powers thought of the interests and pleasure of not only their own, but all people, and they produced beauties in this direction.

Even the poorest person in the world could spend weeks in 5-star hotels.

It would advance in science, technology, art and democracy more than we can even imagine now.

All people lived and helped each other in line with the "real interests" of both themselves and the whole world.

Nature was preserved.

Diseases, injuries and even aging would be largely prevented.

Goodness, peace, happiness and all material-spiritual riches-comfort would cover every place.

This world would be like Paradisely, and in the hereafter, you one would be one of the winners.

Emre Karakose (Emre_1974tr)

(My Turkish writing translated with machine)


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