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Protection from Evil Energies of Humans and Djinns
« on: October 06, 2022, 06:41:22 PM »
Surah Sad

38:41 And recall Our servant Job, when he called upon his Lord: "The devil has afflicted me with an illness and pain."

38:42 "Rapidly move with your foot, here is a cold spring to wash with and to drink."

38:43 And We restored his family to him along with a group like them, as a mercy from Us; and a reminder for those who possess intelligence.

Demons, whether jinn or humans, can cause distress to some people. After all, jinn, like humans, are material beings (created from fire) and so it is quite normal for them to cause physical harm to other living beings.

Surat al-Hijr 27 And We had created the Jinn/Iblis from the scorching fire before.

They can negatively affect your life energy with their mischief, as well as their telepathic effects and bad energies, and can even make you depressed in the long run. It is important to perform good deeds such as praying, praying (to Allah alone), reading the Qur'an, constantly remembering Allah and giving thanks, and competing in good deeds and charity to protect against their evil energies. The world and the hereafter are one and the same, and prayers and good deeds not only beautify the hereafter but also this world...

Surah Nas

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious.

114:1 Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of the people,"

114:2 "The King of the people,"

114:3 "The god of people,"

114:4 "From the evil of the sneaking whisperer,"

114:5 "Who whispers into the chests of the people,"

114:6 "From the Jinn and the people."

Surat al-Fussilet

41:36 And if bitterness from the devil afflicts you, then seek refuge with God. He is the Hearer, the Knowledgeable.

Surah Araf

7:201 Those who are aware, when a visit from the devil touches them, they remember; soon they are seers.

In addition, as we see in the story of Prophet Ayyub, our Lord gave him water as a natural remedy for his distress and asked him to both drink it and bathe in it. Perhaps this is a special healing water, but we can conclude that water in general helps with this problem.

In this context, some other foods may also be helpful in getting rid of the negative influence of some people and jinns who emit bad energy, especially foods that protect our body from radiation, herbs may be effective, because a food that removes radiation from the body can also remove negative energy.

Eating foods such as carob and yogurt can play a role in protecting against bad energies and eliminating some problems in the body. You should also keep in mind Korean Ginseng, which is considered one of the most effective radiation scavenging plants in the world. Far Eastern Ginseng is also an elixir of youth that brings overall health and balance from our mind to our skin. As it increases our resistance, it also makes us strong against negative external influences. Especially against stress...

 One of the noteworthy points in this parable is that our Lord does not directly remove the problem as in some other examples, but offers the solution (water) this time. Thus, through the verses that relate this incident to us, the whole humanity is guided on the subject.

Praying, seeking refuge in Allah and being physically treated are not contradictory. Or asking for help from our Lord in any other matter and working as much as we can to make it happen, to find a solution... Everything (including our own actions) is a means, a part of the divine plan. We should always work and struggle to solve problems with all our might. And if we always walk on the path of goodness and faith, our Lord is already making us experience the beauties of paradise even in this world.


(My Turkish article translated with machine)



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