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Title: Crucifixion: A joke
Post by: Tahmeed on May 08, 2015, 02:45:38 PM
Assalamu alaikum dear brothers,

I heard this today at the mosque at Jumu'a prayer. Just wanted to share it

Some christians in Delhi raised a foul voice against Islam, "How can Muhammad be a true prophet when he couldn't even prophesy about the murder of his grandsons and couldn't do something about it??" This spread rapidly. At last this reached the ear of a great scholar of Delhi (forgot the name :P). His son was also a great scholar and he told him to do something about it. So the son called the missionaries and said discussed with them regarding this.

He said, "Listen, this matter was discussed long ago. In the night of Miraj, Muhammad SAW asked God about his grandchildren (i.e. what will be of them, whether they can be saved or not. Then God said, ''I COULDN'T EVEN SAVE MY SON FROM CRUCIFIXION AND YOU ARE HERE ASKING ABOUT YOUR GRANDSONS!!!" LOLLL ;D :P ;D

I wanted to post this on FB where we are in a debate on such topics. But guess what will happen if I post it....they will certainly say, 'Doesn't this prove that God has a son".....or something rubbish like that. So it's safe among muslims! Brothers, the scholar just made a joke to refute their lame logic....nothing more than that. The story he told about Miraj wasn't true.

By the way, if anyone wants to add something, he is free to share.....because I don't remember the story properly.

Title: Re: Crucifixion: A joke
Post by: Uzair Ahmed on May 09, 2015, 11:08:32 AM
Tahmeed, recently you have been posting too many jokes. At the starting i thought it's an real event. btw are you from INDIA? Brother?
Title: Re: Crucifixion: A joke
Post by: Tahmeed on May 09, 2015, 12:59:43 PM
Assalamu alaikum dear brother Uzair,

I didn't make up the story bro ! I heard this from the Imam. I don't know if this is true or not, but the Imam at the mosque said it was true. And I'm from Bangladesh brother. :) Are u from India?

Tahmeed, recently you have been posting too many jokes.

This topic was mistake-fully repeated, r u referring to that?

Even then, u r true. Sorry brother. Two reasons......

1. SSC (matriculation) ended and I'm free for whole three months. 'Idle brain is a workspace of satan' they say...though I'm not sitting totally idle. Been doing researches...

2. The bloody christians' too much offensive comments on FB really really makes me angry. (UPDATE: I got used to it actually, Alhamdulillah  ;)) Have to cheer up. Sorry if it gets annoying :).

Today, I left a group 'True Muslim christian debate'. It's no debate page bro. They keeps commenting really offensive comments about Islam, Allah, Muhammad. But when Muslims' comments get a bit harsh, they ban. I was going to be banned, but not because I got offensive, a ridiculous reason. He couldn't be satisfied with my answer!  :o And perhaps I was creating a problem for their mission to spread he determined to ban me anyway! So I left it myself, more dignity and honor in that! Though I'm debating in other groups.

By the way Bro, how r exams going on? And what exam r u giving? Just curious. :)

Title: Re: Crucifixion: A joke
Post by: Uzair Ahmed on May 10, 2015, 03:43:51 AM
I am not from India i am from Pakistan.

Yeah there is also a debate group named "Talk Islam" and the admins of the group have really fooled Muslims by this name and the Muslims think that it's an Islamic group. There too people abuse, especially an admin named "Kevin Terry Littlefield".

I Have told thousand of times to the people there that  "Islam does not allows Terrorism" in detail but they still don't get it. When i say to them that there are verses which deals with peace. They then say that it means it's an contradiction because it contains both peaceful and aggressive verses. *Facepalm*

I Gave several examples to understand them but they don't get it, i don't know why. I Don't get angry when they say some stupid things about Islam but i get tired explaining the same things again. Well at least i will never go to Western countries now. My parents always say do hard word and get rid of the country ( My country ). But now i think i would serve my country and every Muslim should do this and try to help their people by discovering new things and making new invention and show these Islamophobia what we Muslims really are.