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Masha'Allah akhi, Jazak'Allah khairun. The Afghans have beautiful eyes Masha'Allah. Beautiful and unique. Not even the Europeans have those kinds of eyes.

Ok, so I studied a bit more, and watched tons of YouTube videos on who the real Israelites are. There are a lot of people commenting on YouTube videos saying that the Pashtun people are not Israelites. A lot of people are saying that the afghan people are white, or 'Aryans'. People keep saying that they are indo-European, and that they're mixed with white people aka Europeans. They also talk about hitler saying something about the Aryans. I just want to know if afghans are their own race or not. Jazakum'Allah Khair brothers.

WOW! This is amazing! Subhan'Allah. Do you think there are tons of Afghans in Palestine?

Bump, so I studied some more, and I found out that the present day people Afghans, like brother zulfiqar said, are the REAL Israelites. I searches on YouTube, and read a few articles on who the real bani-Israel, Israelites are.

Not Exactly, you need 2 know the difference. Mizrahim are decedents from Jews that mixed with Arabs, Persians, Turks, and other middle easterners. Sephardic Jews are those who lived in spain but were expelled, most settled in North Africa. the REAL Israelites, spread and intermingled with the local populations of where they settled, many of the people also converted, that why you have jews of all races. There is even a study that shows that modern decendents are in current day afghanistan.
Also Rememver:
Israeli = Nationalisty
Judaism: Religion
Israelite/Hebrews = Decendents of Issac


Jazak'Allah Khair brother, I always knew that a 'Jew' was a person from that religion, and not an ethnicity.

« on: February 16, 2014, 12:16:38 PM »
His name should be Shame Shamoan, yes Shamoan as in moaning.

As-Salamu 'Alaykum brother, thank you for replying back to me. I have read the article brother Zulfiqr posted, and I noticed the part where it showed the Arab-Jews.

Mizrahi Jews and Sephardic Jews   2,721,000   50.2%
Beta Israel (Ethiopia)   130,000   2.2%
Ashkenazi Jews   2,767,000   47.5%

I'm not sure why the Ethiopians are in bold text. Anyways, I read about the Mizrahi and the Sephardic Jews, and I read that they're Arabs.

"This includes descendants of Babylonian Jews from modern Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Kurdish areas, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yemenite and Georgian Jews are usually included within the Mizrahi Jews group"

So please correct me if I'm wrong, but these Mizrahi jews, and the Sephardic jews are todays REAL Israelis, the original ones who descended from prophet Isaac (PBUH). Jazakum'Allah Khair. :D

As-Salamu 'Alaykum brothers, I have been away for a while, I miss you brothers so much! :D I would like to ask some questions. I understand that the Israelis are the cousins of the Arabs, however I do not know who the REAL Israelis are. Most of these 'Israelis' in Palestine are Europeans (Russians, Holland, etc.). I also read that some Europeans claim that they're the descendants of Isaac, the son of Prophet Ibraheem (PBUH). I never met a REAL Israeli, I would love to see who my REAL cousins are, unless they're the Europeans, then I'm happy :) Or maybe the cousins of the Arabs are the Russians. I'm clueless, help brothers! :)

May Allah bless you brother, I wish I could speak formally, but I do not know how to all I know is rather lol. But I'm trying, Jazak'Allah khair for this article brother.

Thank you very much brother Osama for telling me I can bump :3, and to brother ThatMuslimGuy; thank you so much for that beautiful, useful information. :D

Bump, more information on this please. Sorry to bother you brother Osama.

As-Salamu 'Alaykum dear brothers, I saw a Youtube video of someone reading this verse to prove that the comforter is not Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). What do you think this verse means? Jazakum'Allah Khair.

Wa 'Alaykum As-Salam brother, you are absolutely right and very smart Masha'Allah.

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