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The trinitarian truth - historical article
« on: June 13, 2016, 06:30:58 PM »

Trinitarian theology was never created to help understand god but rather a creation through vendetta of the early churches, it was not a creation of it's own but rather evolution of the Alexandrian theology of homoousios. To tackle the arianism and other beliefs that were believed to be heresies.

In short, trinitarian theology was created to support the alexandrian theology but for the western christiandom it ended up replacing it. This theology was created in the 3rd century, and went through a phase of to rationalize it in the 4th century, but ultimately it cannot be rationalized, since 3=1=3 cannot be made sense of so the early church left it as an article of faith that it can only be understood through faith and not logic.

So in this case anyone can believe in anything and say you must have faith. That cannot be the truth since truth needs both logic and faith.


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