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Title: A message to brother Osama
Post by: A proud Muslim on August 31, 2020, 04:41:49 AM
Hello, brother Osama. 7 years ago,  you said that you had a bad dream about hell. In case, you don't remember anything about it. Here's the link:

For some reason, I felt that I have to tell you. I guess what you saw means that you were about to enter hell. This has to do with you not accepting the Sunnah as what the scholars do. You also are insulting the salafi people although they are the scholars who wrote all these books we are reading today.

I invite you to a debate about the sunnah and salafism.

Note:Can you let us have a calm discussion without insulting anyone, or making fun of each others' beliefs?
Title: Re: A message to brother Osama
Post by: QuranSearchCom on August 31, 2020, 01:11:21 PM
Not sure what Sunnah I am rejecting here.  These are the cheap shots the bankrupt ones from the cult of satan ( spew about Muslims.  We can have all of the discussions you want about anything, akhi.

As to the dream, I actually ended up in Heaven under Allah Almighty's Mercy, walhamdulillah.  I still remember the terrifying dream.  I passed by Hell and heard many screams, but never entered it.  It was a vast vast red and angry ocean of hot lava with mountains far away, as far as the eye can see.  I was a few meters above it after a big fall that came to a sudden stop at the last second.  Couldn't even dare to look behind me or around me.  I was frozen from fear.  I did hear the every believer will pass by Hell Noble Verse recited from a voice.  I started crying.  I swear to Allah Almighty none of this is fabricated.  May Allah Almighty curse me if I am lying.  I thought of sharing it.  I don't usually give much weight to these dreams, because many of them are exaggerations, or are influenced by how the person is sleeping that night.  But alhamdulillah, never entered Hell that night, or any night by the way.  Also had dreams of standing next to the Prophet before.  Couldn't recall a single word of what we spoke about.  Never shared this one.  Also stood with Prophet Moses once before Allah Almighty's Light.  Again, couldn't recall a single word of what we said.  Never shared those.  Don't like to be delusional like the holy-spirit-goosebumps christian frauds.  If it's unclear, then I don't care about it.  Don't really need a dumb dream to confirm anything.  I know my faith very well, walhamdulillah for Allah Almighty's Mercy and Guidance.

As far as my faith goes, it gets more and more solid everyday.  The false cults of hypocrisy and falsehood don't scare me.  Again, alhamdulillah, I know my Islam very well.  The Glorious Quran's Miracles and Prophecies are quite overwhelming and irrefutable:

Take care,
Osama Abdallah
Title: Re: A message to brother Osama
Post by: A proud Muslim on September 01, 2020, 07:36:02 AM
Okay, first of all. Do you accept the sunnah as a source of revelation? And what do you mean by the 'salafi'?

What exactly is your definition of salafi?
Title: Re: A message to brother Osama
Post by: QuranSearchCom on September 01, 2020, 08:29:31 AM
The only Revelation that is perfectly preserved is the Glorious Quran.  The Sunnah that was inherited through works, such as praying, fasting, performing pilgrimage and others, was thoroughly preserved through the people.  These obligations were impossible to forge or alter.  The same applies to the recitation and memorization of the Glorious Quran (

The Hadiths' collections have lies and fabrications in them.  Also, according to the Glorious Quran Itself, what agrees with the Quran is to be considered closest to the Truth, but not entirely confirmed Truth.  The Quran is the Muhaymin, and therefore, it has total and full authority over all books.  So any content from any and all books must agree with It in order to be considered closest to the Truth.  Otherwise, what clashes with the Glorious Quran gets rejected.  This is detailed also from the Quran Itself:

Take care,
Osama Abdallah