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Quran 50:38 We have created the heavens, the earth and what is between them in six days, and no fatigue touched Us.

Quran 7:40 Those who have denied Our signs, and reacted to them with arrogance, the gates of the sky will not open for them, nor will they enter paradise until the camel passes through the eye of a needle. It is such that We recompense the criminals.

1- God is not tired.

2- Not rich people, the disbelievers/bad peoples will go to hell.


Quran 43:71 They will be served with golden trays and cups, and they will find everything the self desires and the eyes wish for, and you will abide therein forever.

There are all sorts of blessings in Paradise, including marriage, eating and drinking.


The Noah Flood was regional.

It was only for the people of Noah.

Probably Noah and the community lived on an island.

And only the people of Noah were destroyed.

Allah punishes badmen only.

Only the Qur'an tells the truth.

The Qur'an clearly states that the Flood was regional.


3:67 "Abraham was neither Jewish, nor Christian; he was a monotheist submitter. He never was an idol worshiper."

Allah always sends us the religion of Islam.

But people have always changed their religion, books in the past.

They even changed the names of their religions. Like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism.

There is only one God and always sends the same religion.

Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad are all true Prophet of Islam.


Christians worship/believe 3(three) gods.

And In addition , their saints and priests like their Gods.

They share in the judgment of God (In christianity).

9:31 "They took their scholars and priests to be lords besides God, and the Messiah son of Mary, while they were only commanded to serve One god, there is no god but He, be He glorified for what they set up."

The Pagans think they believe in one God, but in reality they have faith in many gods.

Example; Hindus saying "333 in 1" and Christians saying "3 in 1".


Quran 21:43 Or do they have gods that will protect them from Us? They cannot help themselves, nor can they be protected from Us.

The verse tells one of the reasons for the to attribute a partner to (God) of the villains; To seek refuge in the imaginary gods to protect themselves from God...

For example, seeing Jesus as a partner in God is a kind of.

Bad people seek refuge in the partners to escape from God.


According to the false Bible, the number of people who fled Egypt with Moses is in the millions:

The Israelites journeyed from Rameses to Sukkoth. There were about six hundred thousand men on foot, besides women and children. Many other people went up with them, and also large droves of livestock, both flocks and herds. [Exodus 12:37-38]

And as it turns out, this community also met Egypt's labor needs. If millions of such people had actually left the country overnight, considering the scarcity of the world's population at that time, it would have been a terrible exodus mentioned in the history books. That's not the case, of course.

The Qur'an again wrote the truth, and it was a small community that set out with Moses and Aaron:

Quran: And We inspired to Moses, “Travel by night with My servants; indeed, you will be pursued.” Then Pharaoh sent among the cities gatherers [And said], “Indeed, those are but a small band” [Chapter 26, verses 52-54]


Quran saying The elites always kept the books from you.

Quran 6:91 They did not value God as He deserves to be valued, for they said, "God has never sent down anything to any human being." Say, "Who then has sent down the book which Moses had come with, a light and guidance for the people? You treat it just as scrolls of paper; you show some of it and conceal much, though you were taught what neither you nor your fathers knew." Say, "God has." Then leave them playing in their folly.

Matthew Mark or Yuhanna always wrote hadith books.

Mattheww or Mark are like Bukhari. They are hadith writers. You(Christians, Jews) have not got holy books.

God's word hasn't changed. Your priests have adopted fake books. They gave you the hadith books as the Bible and deceived you.


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