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Assalaamu-Alykum this website exposes this religion which is supported by Zionist

(The Shiah Viewpoint )


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 This is not about Shia or Sunni viewpoint because both believe that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is the Last Messenger of Allah s.w.t
This website refutes the idea that after our beloved Prophet s.a.w there will come more prophets and also exposes the false beliefs of Bahaism , these arguments will help Muslims to counter the false notions of Bahaism

This website(answering-christianity) is operated by A Muslim Who follows Ahl  Sunnah  school of Islam still lot of shia Muslim love him and admire him for his efforts for Islam , He holds sunni viewpoint here but still Shia Muslim appreciat him , so be tolerant and appreciat some one who works for Islam


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