A website claiming to "debunk" the mention of Ahmad name in dead sea scrolls


Salam alaikum brothers and sisters
While having a conversation with a christian I mentioned him the Ahmed name in dead sea scrolls and he responded by sending me this link
I'm not an expert in scrolls so can anyone respond to this?

Wa Alaikum As'salam dear brother Ibn Layla,

Jazaka Allah Khayr again.  The following links provide thorough analysis on the Hebrew letters: EVIDENCE AHMED in DSS OT in HEBREW by ADIL RIAZ.docx.pdf

I think we should research writing in cursive and scripted styles in ancient Hebrew.  If we can prove that even in their text what they actually read as ATMC can also be read as AHMAD, - because this is how ancient Hebrew writers wrote, - and sometimes the H and T are written in exactly same way, then we'll have a complete checkmate on them.

I will research it insha'Allah.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

I just added a new clip showing how Hebrew scribes misspell letters and end up mixing them up (either by error or intentionally):

the link seems to further strengthen the fact that the name Ahmd was in there.
The translators of Greek Septuagint had to placed in the word Jacob/Israel in verse 42(1) due to the fact that somewhat a change in name suddenly appear in passage 42.
If the word was just a simple verb. Then they would not emphasize on the name Jacob in the greek version. as for servant being the messiah, it should not have been an issue for the jews as well. but when you have sudden change in name, then one must emphasize to the audience that the verse is referring to Jacob rather than a foreign servant outside the lineage of Jacob/Israel.


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