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Does God have human needs and wants ?

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We worship God because we respect Him but what happens when somebody does not worship God ?

We know that God is not human and humans have a need to be "worshipped" by their spouse, friends etc,

 so does God have the same need as humans do ? or does He give us free will to worship Him or not to worship Him ? and

 if somebody does not worship God, does God punish him for not worshipping Him ?

Another indication that God does not have human needs and wants and in the case below, God does not mind apostasy.

We know that God is present everywhere including the place in which the apostate devil is at and

 since the devil is in a state of apostasy and God is in the very place where the devil is at, it would seem that God does not mind interacting peacefully with the apostate devil

The following is from my own understanding and knowledge which could be faulty.

God does not have a "need" for anything, He can like one thing and dislike another, but that does not indicate a "need".

Muslims believe that this life is a test, so that people who deserve Heavenand Hell can be differentiated from each other. Muslims believe that before the start of this test, they were asked by God whether they want to go through with it or not. They agreed to be tested, therefore according to this covenant, they have to follow God's commands.

If someone does not worship God, God can be merciful and choose to forgive the person, or God (because of the agreed upon test) can choose not to forgive and punish the person. This is not because God has a need for worship, it is because of breaking the promise.

On the matter of God being everywhere, this is not something that Muslim scholars have had a consensus over. We are not given a clear description of God's attributes, so we can't really say for sure. The following are two articles which go in some detail about this question:

On interacting with the apostate devil, as far as I know about the Islamic doctrine, we have absolutely no idea whether such an interaction takes place or not. It is possible, but we have been given no information for it.



--- Quote from: AhmadFarooq on February 28, 2016, 01:25:18 PM ---
God does not have a "need" for anything,

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In other words, God does not have a "need" for people to worship Him then ?

If "need" is defined as something the absence of which decreases a person in some way, then God does not have a "need" for anything.

God likes people who worship Him and dislikes those who don't, possibly because such persons are going to face harsh penalties for such actions, but there is no reason or evidence to attribute this as a "need" by God.


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