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How I left Deism


There is only one God:
Deism: belief in the existence of a God on the evidence of reason and nature only, with rejection of supernatural revelation (source:

Albert Einstein believed God was the order of the universe, its assembly, etc. Newton, Galileo, all other geniuses believed in the same thing (though I heard Galileo was a Christian). My beliefs in the origin of the universe haven't changed since I converted to Islam.

For a long time, I was only looking into the absurdities in the bible, the creation story in genesis, etc. I did not read the Qur'an in a long time. I then discovered that the big bang theory and evolution are actually supported in the Qur'an after visiting Answering-Christianity's articles on Adam being 60 ft tall. I have yet to finish reading the Qur'an, but alhamdullillah I chose to be a Muslim. Though I still reject hadith and other books, the Qur'an is amazingly a miraculous book, how it EXACTLY EXPLAINED ORIGIN  (Montmorillonite clay, water, sunlight) and the big bang. It's not just the scientific part, the Qur'an is a book with a moral code suitable for any time period. I have discovered that Islam is the only Abrahamic religion that doesn't have a death penalty for apostasy in its holy book (though it's in the hadith).

salam brother
You should know that there is no death penalty for apostasy in islam, even in the hadith, what it says is "if someone changes his religion kill him", this is not an Independant word of the prophet but rather ibn abbas was actually  referencing another hadith, which says "a believer cannot be killed except for 3 reasons: murder, adultery (which is impossible to prove), and leaving the muslims and the community."
This shows that peaceful apostasy isn't punishable by death, but is between him and allah is a different story.
even scholars agree that as long as apostasy isn't accompanied by betrayal of the nation and rebellion, that killing him is in no way justified.
you should look at answering chistianity's article on apostasy, you might as well read loonwatch's article on that topic as well, it is a popular website.

As you are a new muslim u probably will come from attacks by other nob muslims an they will propbably destry you iman as a back up, search these websites for refutations and back up: (these people do videos i recomend just browsing the videos for fun, i like there fitna movie)
The order is doesn't mean merit.
Me and you are alike, im not shia and have nothing against them, they are fellow muslims, i just criticize how the criticize some companions but thats just about it, If you believe in the five pillars and believe in the quran, you are muslim.
As for the hadith, you should believe in some (shias do believe in hadiths, the quran-only ones are called quranists). i believe in some hadiths, such i reject al waqidi and such, because is COMPLETELY unreliable, also i listen to music, because the "prohibition of music hadith" has hisham bin ammar in it and he is weak, although the hadith is in bukhari.
One final question, are you a shia, sunni, ibadi, or quranists?
if you reject the hadith completely then u are quranists.
im a weird combination between sunni and shia, i believe in all the sahaba and the 12 imams.

There is only one God:
What's imamat? I don't think I'm a Shi'a but more of a Quranist.


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