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Atheism growing faster than islam?

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I've read on quite a few forums and sites that atheism is growing faster. But others say islam is. Does anyone know which one it actually is?

There is only one God:
Atheism is not a religion. That leaves Islam to be the fastest growing religion.

Black Muslim:
Atheism is overrated . The reason it still exists is that it matches what anybody desires . In Atheism , you can do as you please . You can kill , slaughter , steal , rape , or anything that comes to mind if it's for your own benefit . Atheists have nothing banning them from doing any kind of crime . And the funny thing is that they have the nerve talk about humanism ! They always say they only believe in science and matter . So i would like one of them to bring me the size , color , and mass ... etc of the morals and ethics . Can they ? No they can't . And in the end , God is spreading his faith in spite of them and in spite of every hating islamophobe there is .

TIOOG: I shouldve rephrased. Maybe the title should say dastest growing belief
Black Muslim: Agree with you brothah.

While the beginning of the present century marked the
rise of ideologies, its end witnessed their downfall.
We know that these ideologies which raised a lot of
hope have failed to deliver the goods. The philosophies proclaiming
Utopian dreams of a world of equality and the economic
system promising a brave new world have found its place in the
dustbin of history. Countries which once embraced these ideologies
have started throwing them out fully convinced of their
unreal and impractical nature. Both Communism and Capitalism
have practically failed, and so man is in search of an ideology
which is hundred percent practical and which can lead to the liberation
of mankind.
Men seeking the path of liberation stray into different areas.
The ultra materialists begin to learn about religion from religions
based on priesthood. Infact materialism and priestly religions are
two extremes of degeneration. While the former considers man
as a mere animal, the latter claims to elevate him to an angel. Man
who is a special creation is brought down to the level of mere
animal in the studies made by such ideologies and this has invari-ably led to the failure of these ideologies. On the other hand
priestly religions while claiming to take him to the high pedestals
of angels destroy the human aspect in him. The question of
liberation becomes quiet relevant here. No one now believes that
transfer of power from one to another will lead to liberation. All
agree that transformation of the society and country can be
effected through the individual. But the fact remains that most
people fail to define the nature of changes to be brought about in
the individual.
As we have pointed out above it is neither correct nor feasible
to treat man as a mere animal or to make him an angel. What
is necessary is that he should transform himself to a real human
being, man should be able to differentiate himself from animal.
He should be prepared to eschew evil thoughts. Basic evil characteristics
consist of pride, selfishness, chicanery, badness, cruelty,
hypocracy, petty mindedness etc. Evil actions originate from
all these. When the individuals are liberated from such evils the
society and the nation prosper. Fraternity, good behaviour, affection,
helpfulness, mercy and such qualities trigger to social transformation
which in turn liberates mankind.
It is a fact that an ideology which can liberate man from evil
and which teaches righteousness and human values alone can be
a liberating force in its true sense. The ideologies and philosophies
created by man will not be able to teach what is required
for the success of man. This is proved by the failure of the materialistic
ideologies. It means that some one who is not a man, but
knows everything about man should show the path of liberation
to mankind. It is the Creator, the Protector and the Almighty who knows better about man than man himself. So the Creator who
sustains the world and all its beings is the proper authority to
show us the path of liberation.


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