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Yes please do tell us, brother Osama, what about the prophet's marrying a poor little 9 year old?

Jesus BLESSED his day of birth because he was a prophet bringing GOOD NEWS. Jerremiah CURSED his day of birth because he was a prophet bringing BAD NEWS. Now get it?

No one is perfect. Not even a prophet. Not Jesus. Not Muhammad. No one. Only God is perfect and without sin.

If the prophet, peace be upon him, was a descendent of Abraham, peace be upon him, why did he become a pagan in the first place? Surely, monotheism would have been transfered from generation to generation!

So it means that Islam believes in reincarnation?

A muslim man has 3 wives and children with all. Then he divorces one wife and gets custody of the children aged 10 and 11. He has a house with each wife. So now, do the children live alone in one house while the father is spending time with one of the other wives? Or does he ask one wife to look after the children? Or does he get someone to look after them? Or does he take them with him when he goes to visit the other wives? What are the rulings on a situation like this.

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