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All known religions tell about the future and have revealed part of the unseen. All Prophets have told about the unknown. Revealing the unseen took many forms: some through direct verbal communication, some through signs and others through direct prophetic revelation or through a Prophet’s or even a non-prophet’s authentic vision. Some [of these visions] come true shortly and some after many years or even centuries.

Muslims believe in the Torah, but they believe that it has been altered or they assert that it has only a portion of the truth. Thus it is likely that in it are prophecies which originated from revelation though they need interpretation or deciphering even at the numerical level. We are concerned here with decoding a Qur’anic prophecy, which had been a prophecy in Torah. Allah [SWT] says in Sura Al-Israa: [And we decreed for the Israelites in the Book, that would they do corruption (mischief) on Earth twice ... When the Promise of first (of the warnings) was due... So when the second of the warnings came to pass…] (Quran 17: 4 -7)

About fifteen years ago, an Egyptian writer came up with research on the numerical miracle of the Holy Qur'an, based on the number 19 and its multiples. It was well received by people, but soon they realized this man’s perverseness, explain a realization that led them to turn against his research. This opposition has intensified because the number 19 is sacred for the Baha’ is explain.

Having had the chance, by Allah's will, to thoroughly study and scrutinize the research, it can be seen that the man lies and deliberately fabricates the numbers, a discovery that justifies the opposition. Nonetheless, it is striking that there are antecedents indicating the existence of a mathematical model based on the number 19, which are the correct part of the research and its premises. It seems that the untruthfulness of this man barred him from knowing the true implications of these antecedents. After careful reconsideration, it appears that there is a miraculous and perfectly unique mathematical structure based on the number 19. In 1990, I wrote a book called "The Miracle of Nineteen Between the Backwardness of Muslims and the Perversities of Impostors" in which I have given detailed analysis of this startling miracle which forces itself upon people, for the world of mathematics is inductive in nature and is based on axioms, and there is no room in it for interpretation and personal views.

I have discovered that the Number 19 is noticeably repeated in the relationship among the sun, the earth and the moon which suggests there must be a law that governs the universe and the Qur'an. Why not, since Allah has created the universe and revealed the Quran !

I had never thought that this number had historical significance, and at the same time, formed the basis of Qur'anic code and complied with astronomical laws, until I came across a (written) lecture by a well-known writer, Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rashid, about the New World Order. This lecture was the key to these observations which I present to the reader who, I hope, will excuse me for not citing page numbers of the references I quote, as I am writing (this book) in my tent in Marg EzZuhoor, and I left my papers behind in my homeland. At any rate, we will not need many references, as the reader will find it easy to verify all that we have mentioned by referring to the Holy Qur'an, the Torah, or to some astronomical and historical sources.

I do not claim it is a prophecy, nor do I claim that it will definitely happen. These are only observations, which I am obligated to present to the readers and leave it to them to come to the conclusion they find convincing.

The beginning, as I pointed out, was a written lecture by the Iraqi writer Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rashid on the New World Order. The reader may be surprised to find this serious lecture containing words the gist of which is the following:

When the state of Israel was declared in 1948, a Jewish old lady came to Rashid’s mother crying. When she (Rashid’s mother) asked her about the reason for her crying while other Jews were celebrating. She replied: "The establishment of this state will bring about the slaughter of the Jews.” Al-Rashid says he heard her say that this state will last 76 years. When he grew up, he regarded that this matter (prophecy) could be related to the rotation of Comet Haley, for according to Al-Rashid, this comet has certain significance in Jewish beliefs.

Initially, I did not like the fact he mentioned such incident because I thought the lecture could have been better if this incident was not mentioned. People are used to hearing various invalid stories from old ladies and thus truth and falsehood are mixed up and people, particularly the educated ones, have become resentful to this kind of talk. But, then, I thought “What’s wrong with checking what the old lady said? She must have heard it from the rabbis.” It cannot be assumed that these were her own predictions and fancies. Furthermore, the rabbis have a residue of revelation mixed with remnant human illusions and legends. This was the starting point of this research.

A book about Fundamentalist or Orthodox Jewish beliefs (probably based on the Jewish Talmud which is not part of the Old Testament) mentions what can be translated as: "This is the kind of peace predicted by Menachem Begin (Israel's Prime Minister at that time) when he declared at the climax of the Israeli war against Lebanon in 1982: Israel will enjoy the 40 years of peace, mentioned in Torah." Is Begin referring to the same prophecy of the Jewish old lady we mentioned earlier? Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and thus, the end of the 40 years (of peace) will be: 1982 + 40 = year 2020.

1- According to the mysterious prophecy (of the Jewish old lady), Israel will last 76 years or 19 × 4. And it is assumed that the 76 years are lunar years, for the Jewish Calendar follows this system. And for every three years, they add a month to balance the difference with the solar system. The year 1948 AD is equivalent to year 1367 in the Islamic Hijri calendar. Therefore, if the prophecy is true, Israel will last until (1367 + 76)= 1443 H. When the letter "H" appears after a year that means it is a Hijri year, based on Hijri Islamic Calendar. The first year in this calendar started with the date of Hijra (means migration) of Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم from Mecca to Medina. Hijri is the adjective form of the word Hijra. Each Hijri year consists of 12 lunar months whereby the Hijri month starts at the first sight of the moon. The middle of the Hijri month will be at full moon. The length of the Hijri month is either 29 or 30 days. The Hijri year is shorter than the solar year by about 11 days.

2- Sura Al-Israa (Chapter 17) is also informally referred to as Sura Bani Israel [ Chapter of the Israelites]. The beginning of this Sura talks about a prophecy Allah revealed to Moses in the Old Testament. It mentions two instances of corruption committed by the Israelites in the Holy Land accompanied by sense of arrogance and haughtiness. Allah [s.w.t.] says: [We gave Moses the Book (the Torah) and made it a guide to the Israelites, commanding: Take not other than Me, O ye that are sprung from those We carried (in the Ark) with Noah! Verily he was a devotee, most grateful. And we decreed for the Israelites in the Book, that they would commit (or spread) corruption twice on Earth and be elated greatly (with haughtiness) … When the first of the warnings came to pass... When the second of the warnings comes to pass…]

The first corruption (mischief) of the Israelites had already been committed before Islam. As for the second or the last instance of corruption, the known information suggests that it is the State of Israel that has been established in Palestine in 1948. It is noticed that the phrase وعد الآخرة "Promise of the End" (the second of the warnings) is only mentioned twice in the Holy Qur'an, both of them are in Sura Al-Israa: the first while talking about the second corruption at the beginning of Sura Al-Israa and the second before the end of this Sura, in verse 104.

If we calculate the number of words starting from the beginning of the talk about the prophecy: [We gave Moses the Book] to the last words about the prophecy [We gathered you together in a mixed crowd…] , we will find that the total number of words is 1443 which matches the result above, i.e.: 1367 + 76= 1443 H
3- Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم migrated on 20/ 9/ 622 AD (so this is the date of Hijra). According to Ibn Hazm Al-Zhahiry, there is consensus among (Muslim) scholars that the Israa (the miraculous, over-night journey, through Heaven, of Prophet Mohammad صلى الله عليه وسلم from Haram Mosque in Mecca to the location of what is known today as Al-Aqsa Mosque) occurred one year before the Hijra (therefore, Israa occurred in 622 AD - 1 = 621 AD). Despite having some doubt about such consensus, yet the most convincing opinions (regarding this matter) stick to the year 621 AD. It is also inconceivable that the revelation of the opening verses was chronologically far from the event of the night journey itself. Therefore, if the prophecy is right that the end of Israel is in 1443 H, the number of lunar years since the beginning of the prophecy (meaning since Israa) until the end or fall of Israel is 1444 because Israa occurred one year before Hijra. This number 1444 is = 19 x 76. Notice that 76 is the number of lunar years of the expected age of Israel. In other words, the time span from the beginning of the prophecy to the end of Israel is 19 times the age of Israel.

4- Notice that the word يوم (meaning "day") in singular form is mentioned in the Qur'an 365 times and the word شهر (meaning "month") in singular form is mentioned 12 times. Taking into consideration that we are dealing with Othmanic script, therefore, the word يومئذ is not counted because it is not a form of يوم or يوما.

By the time the Earth finishes rotating around the sun once, the Earth would have rotated around itself 365 times and the moon would have rotated around the Earth 12 times. However, in order for the moon and the Earth to return back to the same starting position, the Earth must rotate around the sun 19 times. Astronomically, this means that the Earth and moon return to the same starting point once every 19 years. That is why is the number 19 is commonly used by astronomers to illustrate the relationship between the lunar years and the solar years. The number 19 has become a symbol of the balance and harmony between the solar year and the lunar year. The number 19 is used to harmonize the lunar year with the solar year.

One is tempted to ask how many times is the wordسنة (year) mentioned in the Qur'an? It is mentioned 7 times in singular form and the word سنين (meaning "years") is mentioned 12 times, therefore, the total is 7 + 12 = 19. Why ? It should be noted that every 19 lunar years have 7 leap lunar years (each leap lunar year consists of 355 days) and 12 regular lunar years (each regular lunar year consists of 354 days).

If we convert the year 621 AD (the year of "Israa"- Prophet Mohammad's صلى الله عليه وسلم overnight journey) into lunar years, the result will be: (621 × 365.2422) / 354.367 = 640.05 lunar years. That is the difference is 640 - 621 = 19. Since 19 represents the concurrence of the sun and the moon; thus, we can consider 621AD also represents the concurrence of the sun and the moon. That is why the reader will find that we use solar years when referring to years before 621 AD, but after for years after 621 AD, we use lunar years. Needless to say, an AD year is a solar year while a Hijri year is a lunar one.

Solomon's Death 935 BC l AD Israa 621 AD End of Israel 1443 H (2022 AD)

5- In 935 BC, Solomon (peace be upon him) died and subsequently, the Jewish state was divided and the degeneration and corruption began. Thus, the first Jewish Corruption (mischief) mentioned in the opening verses of Sura Al-Israa started in 935 BC and the end of the second (and last) corruption will be in 2022 AD (or 1443 H). Therefore the number of years from the beginning of the first corruption to the Israa is 1556 solar years and the number of years beginning from Israa until the end of the second corruption is 1444 lunar years. We notice also that 1556 is also the total number of words in Sura Al-Israa (Chapter 17). We may wonder then: Have historians agreed that the year of Solomon’s death was 935 BC? If the reader wants a quick answer, he can look up the name سليمان (Solomon) in the Arabic dictionary Al-Munjid. Also a number of history books mention that his death was in 935 BC. Yet, some references mention that his death was in 930 BC or 926 BC. It is not easy to decide or confirm, it might even be impossible. I have, therefore, endeavored to prove that via Qur’anic methods.

6- In numbering, there should be a counting unit regardless of what we are counting. We may count letters, words or Suras and so forth; but in a single case, we only count the letter or the word and so on. Sura Saba (Sheba), Chapter 34, is the only Sura in the Qur'an where the death of Solomon was mentioned. Verse 14 of Sura Saba (Sheba) says: [ فلما قضينا عليه الموت] (Then when We decreed (Solomon's) death, nothing showed them his death... ]. The Arabic letter ف "fa" that starts this verse, translated as "then", functions here as a link between what is said in verse 13 about the peak of the kingdom of Solomon and his subsequent death mentioned in verse 14.

The total number of letters from the beginning of Sura Saba (Sheba) until the end of verse 13 and before mentioning his death is 934 letters, then comes the letter ف "fa" which is a letter of arrangement and subsequence. The total will be 935 [if we add the letter (ف).] We mentioned earlier that the death of Solomon was in 935 BC. We therefore confirm 935 like history books. I have noted that Verse 13 (which talks about the peak of the kingdom of Solomon and precedes the verse that talks about his death) is composed of 19 words containing 84 letters. What is result of multiplying 84 by19 ? 84 × 19 = 1596. Since we know that Solomon ruled for 40 years as stated in the Old Testament ; therefore, what is left after subtracting the period of his reign is 1596 - 40 = 1556. The number represents the number of years from Solomon's death to the event of Al-Israa in 621 AD. This number, 1556, is also the total number of words in Sura Al-Israa. I have also noted that if we add up the digits in the figure 1556, the total will be 17. If we do the same with 935, the result will also be 17. It will be also noticed that 17 is the serial order of Sura Al-Israa (known also as Chapter 17) and 17 + 17 = 34 which is the serial number of Sura Saba (Chapter 34) in Qur'an.

After mentioning the death of Solomon in verse 14 of Sura Saba, the subsequent verses talk about the Kingdom of Saba (Sheba) and this continues until verse 21. If we calculate the number of letters after the letter (fa) in [ فلما قضينا عليه الموت] to the end of verse 21, we will find the number is 570 letters. According to AL-Munjid, the last collapse of Ma'rib dam in Sheba which caused the destruction of Kingdom of Sheba was in 570 AD. In other words, the end of the Kingdom of Saba (Sheba) was in 570 AD. If the 570 letters after the letter (fa) correspond to 570 years AD, then the 935 letters mentioned above correspond to 935 year BC.

During Solomon's reign, Kingdom of Saba (Sheba) in Yemen was part of (or under the control) of Solomon's kingdom. Immediately after the death of Solomon, his kingdom was divided and corruption spread. Thus, it is expected that Saba split from the kingdom during the same year. It is noticeable that verse 18 talks about the relationship between Saba (Sheba) and the Holy Land [Between them and the cities on which We had poured Our blessings, We had placed cities in prominent positions]. But verse 19 talks about their perverseness and thenceforth their disruption. We noted earlier that verse 13 which talks about the zenith of Solomon’s kingdom is composed of 19 words and 84 letters and that 19 × 84 = 1596 which may point to the beginning of Solomon's reign; because he died after ruling 40 years, it is expected that the corruption that spread immediately after his death happened 1556 years before the revelation of Sura Al-Israa and Saba, because 1596 - 40 = 1556. These are only inductive observations.

What is striking is that the verse that talks about corruption in the Kingdom of Saba (Sheba) is verse 19 and the number of words of this verse is also 19 and the number of letters it contains is 84. Does this mean that corruption in Saba (Sheba) and Jerusalem happened after the death of Solomon, i.e. 1556 years before the revelation of Sura Saba?

We also notice that verse 13 finishes with (wa qalilun min ibaadi ash-shakur) and verse 19 finishes with (wa inna fi thaalika laayaatin likulli sabbaarin shakur). The repetition of the word "shakur" in the Qur'an does not exceed 10 times. No doubt "shakur" (grateful) is the opposite of "mufsid" (doer of corruption). We should not forget that the prophecy in Sura Al-Israa (Chapter 17):
وَآتَيْنَا مُوسَى الْكِتَابَ وَجَعَلْنَاهُ هُدًى لِّبَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ أَلاَّ تَتَّخِذُواْ مِن دُونِي وَكِيلًا
ذُرِّيَّةَ مَنْ حَمَلْنَا مَعَ نُوحٍ إِنَّهُ كَانَ عَبْدًا شَكُورًا
[And We gave Moses the Book (the Torah) and made it guidance for the Israelites (and enjoined them:) ‘Do not take anyone other than Me as Guardian. The progeny of those whom We carried (in the Ark) with Noah! Indeed he was most grateful.] (17: 2-3)

7- The Jews declared the establishment of the current State of Israel in Palestine on 15 May1948 AD, but we cannot consider it to be the actual date of the establishment of Israel. In the aftermath of this declaration, the Arab armies retaliated by declaring war against Israel. The United Nations issued a resolution of cease fire and the Arab League accepted it on 10 June 1948 (10/ 06/ 1948). This was called "The First Truce" which is the effective date of the creation of the current State of Israel. Please note that 10 June 1967 AD is the date of the end of the six-day war in 1967. So, the number of years between the first truce in 1948 to the truce of 1967 is full 19 solar years.

The fighting erupted again after 4 weeks. The U.N. issued a resolution of cease-fire and the Arab League accepted it on 18 July,1948 (18/ 7/ 1948), which was called "The Second Truce". This date was considered to be the completion of the creation of Israel. It is interesting to see that the number of days since the day of the declaration of Israel until the completion of its creation is 38 days (= 19 × 2). Furthermore, the sum of adding up the numbers in the date 18 July,1948 (18/7/1948) , is: 1+ 8+7+1+1+9+4+8= 38 (= 19 × 2). The following day on which the artillery stopped was 19/7/1948.

As mentioned earlier, the effective date of the creation of the current State of Israel was 10/6/1948. If we add 76 full lunar years (each lunar is 354.367 days), the result will be: 76 × 354.367 days = 26,931.892 days; therefore; the end of its completion will be on 5/3/2022 AD.

The first period from the first corruption committed by the Israelites which started following the death of Solomon on 10/10/ 935 BC (we know the year of Solomon's death, but we do not know the specific day and month of Solomon's death, so we supposed that it is 10/10/935 to match it with the day of Israa) to the Israa [Prophet Mohammad's صلى الله عليه وسلم overnight journey to Al-Aqsa Mosque's location in Jerusalem] on 10/10/ 621 AD= 935 + 621= 1556 solar years.

The second period from the Israa in 10/10/621 AD to the expected end of Israel in 5/3/2022 AD = 1400.4 solar years.

Thus, by how much does the first period exceed the second period? 1556 - 1400.4 = 155.6 years.

The time span from the beginning of the first corruption to the end of the second corruption = 1556 + 1400.4 = 2956.4.

2956.4 divided by 19 = 155.6 and 19 is the result of 10 + 9. If we multiply 155.6 × 10 = 1556 (the first period) and 155.6 × 9 = 1400.4 (the second period). Therefore, the sum of the two periods is 19 parts: 10 of which passed before Israa and 9 would pass after Israa.

So, we conclude that: (a) 155.6 years is the difference between the two periods, and (b) 155.6 years is equal 1 out of 19 parts that make up the total of the two periods, from 10/ 10/ 935 BC to 5/ 3/ 2022 AD.

8. We have noticed something special about year 779 BC and the number 779 in general :

The end of the first 155.6 years after the end of Solomon was: 935 BC - 155.6 = 779 BC which is equal to 19 x 41.

If 779 is multiplied by 2, the result will be: 779 x 2 = 1558. This number (1558) is more than 1556 by 2, meaning: 1558 - 1556 = 2.

We also find that 1558 - 1400.4 = 157.6 If we subtract 157.6 from 779, the result will be 779 - 157.6 = 621.4 [The Israa (Prophet Mohammad's journey to Jerusalem) occurred in 621 AD ].

Arabs use a system for assigning numerical value to words based on the numerical values of each letter in the word. Later, in Numerical Values of Letters, we will discuss how these numerical values are calculated based on established table. The numerical value of the Arabic words for the following two most important mosques together [ المسجد الحرام Al-Masjid Al-Haraam + المسجد الأقصا Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa ] = 361 + 418 =779 (which is equal to 19 x 41).
There are four similarities between 779 BC and 1967 AD:

(A) The reign of King Azariah (Uzziah) of Judah began in 782 BC, according to Philip Hitti. The Old Testament stated that he came to the throne when he was 16 years old; thus his age in 779 BC was 19, and the age of Israel in 1967 AD was 19. Some sources mention that King Azariah (Uzziah)'s reign started in 779 BC. He restored the glory of Judah. During the same period, the northern Kingdom of Israel was also in its glory days under King Jeroboam II. So, all of this may explain the significance of year 779 BC. In 1967, Israel was in its glory days.

(B) 57 years after 779 BC ( 57= 19 × 3), the northern kingdom vanished, and 57 lunar years (55 solar years) after 1967 AD, the fall of the current Israel is expected to be in 2022 AD.

(C) The sum of adding up the digits of 779 is 23 ( 7+ 7+ 9= 23), which is equal to the sum of adding up the digits of the year1967 (1+9+6+7= 23).

9- When Solomon died in 935 BC, the state split into two parts: Israel in the North, which was destroyed in 722 BC , and Judah in the South, which was destroyed in 586 BC. Thus, Judah lasted 136 years longer than Israel. Nevertheless, Philip Hitti in his book The History of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, says that when Israel vanished, 19 kings had already succeeded to the throne. He adds that Judah also had 19 kings succeeding to its throne. This is interesting because as mentioned earlier, Judah lasted 136 years more than Israel!! In the Jewish religious law, the Israel's Knesset of today represents what the king in ancient Jewish states. Will the current Israel last 19 Knessets (Parliaments)?

10- The year 586 BC is the date of the destruction of the Southern Kingdom of the Jews known as Judah while the anticipated fall of current State of Israel will probably be in 2022 AD. Thus, 586 + 2022 = 2608 years. This number (2608 years) is 19 times the period between the fall of the northern kingdom and the fall of southern kingdom (722 - 586 = 136 years): 2608 divided by 136 = 19.17 . Notice that the sum of digits making up 586 is (5+8+6 =) 19. Furthermore, according to the Old Testament, the end of the kingdom of Judah (Judea) was in the 19th year of the reign of king Nebuchadnezzar.

We note that the year 722 (the date of the destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel) is a multiple of 19 (19 x 38= 722). If this number is doubled, the result will be 722 × 2 = 1444, which is the number of lunar years from 621 AD (year of Israa) to 2022 AD (expected end of Israel). Note that 1444 is equal to 19 x 76 . The current state of Israel is expected to last 76 lunar years: 2022 AD - 1948 AD = 74 solar years= 76 lunar years.

11- Every word in Sura Al-Israa represents one year because the word count of this Sura is 1556, thus it matches the 1556 years mentioned above.

Sura Al-Israa, also known as Sura Bani Israel (the Israelites), consists of 111 verses and it is noticeable that Sura Yusuf also consists of 111 verses. These are the only two Suras in the Qur’an containing this number of verses. We know that Sura Yusuf talks about the rise of the Israelites and Sura Al-Israa discusses the last existence of the Israelites in the Holy Land.

Every verse in Sura Al-Israa ends with words such as: وكيلا [Disposer of (your) affairs], شكورا [Most grateful], نفيرا [Numerous in man-power], لفيفا [Mingled crowed]… etc. In other words, there are 111 words [verse endings]. When we take out words that are repeated, we end up with 76 words (which is equivalent to 19 × 4), we should remember that each word represents a year and the number 76 is the focus of our investigation.

The verses that contain 19 words are 4; that is, their word count is 19 × 4 = 76. Again, we get the number 76.

It occurs to us to check verse 76 of Sura Al-Israa which reads: وإنْ كَادُوا لَيستفِزّونك مِنَ الأرضِ لِيُخرجوكَ منها وإذاً لا يلبثونَ خِلافك إلا قليلاً [ Once they provoke you out of your land to expel you out of it, they will not remain there after you except for a little while.] Does this verse number (76) signify number of years the Jews will rule Palestine? Prophecies sometimes appear in a symbolic form that require interpretation as is the case with the authentic visions such as that of Yusuf (Joseph), peace be upon him, or the King's vision in Sura Yusuf. The following are the indications that this is the most likely interpretation:

A- Verse 76 discusses the expulsion of the Palestinians by the Jews from the Holy Land and how long the Jews will stay after this expulsion. The aim of this research is to find out how long Israel will stay after its establishment and the expulsion of the Palestinians. What is the significance of the fact that this is the only verse in Sura Al-Israa to talk about the expulsion from the land and length of stay after the expulsion?

B- Some would say that the verse refers to the expulsion of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم from Mecca and this is true: but the following verse reads: " سُنّةَ مَن قَدْ أَرْسَلْنَا قَبْلَكَ مِن رُسُلِنَا وَلا تَجِدُ لِسُنّتِنَا تَحْويلاً [(This was our) Sunna (tradition) with the prophets We sent before thee: thou wilt find no change in our ways]. Thus it is a Sunna (tradition) in the past, in the present, and in the future.

C- From the root (fazazaفزز ), only three words were derived in the Holy Qur’an. It is worth noting that all of these three words are mentioned in Sura Al-Israa. in the following verses: 64, 76 and 103.

As for the verse 64: وَاسْتَفْزِزْ مَنِ اسْتَطَعْتَ مِنْهُم [Lead to destruction those thou canst among them…], it consists of 19 words corresponding to 19 years as said earlier.

The second word, derived from the same root, is located in verse 76 which the verse we intend to prove that its verse number ( meaning 76) is the number of years Israel will last, which is a symbolic interpretation of the word ( قليلاً which means "a little while".

The third word ,derived from the same root, is located in verse 103 فَأرادَ أَن يَسْتَفِزّهُم مِنَ الأرضِ فَأغْرَقْنَاهُ وَمَن مَعَهُ جَميعاً [So he (Pharaoh) resolved to remove them from the face of the earth, but we did drown him and all who were with him.] This verse is followed by verse 104 وَقُلْنَا مِنْ بَعْدِهِ لِبَنِي إسْرائيلَ اسْكُنُوا الأرضَ فَإِذَا جَاءَ وَعْدُ الآخِرَةِ جِئْناَ بِكُمْ لَفِيفاً [And we said thereafter to the Israelites: Dwell in the Land (of promise) but when the Promise of the End comes, We gather you as a mixed crowd.] (Chapter 17: 103-104).

The number of words from the beginning of the prophecy in verse 2: وآتينا موسى الكتاب till the final mention of this prophecy in verse 104: فَإِذَا جَاءَ وَعْدُ الآخِرَةِ جِئْنَا بِكُم لَفِيفَاُ is 1443 words and coincides with year 1443 H. It should be noted that the number of years from the year of Israa, 621 AD, to 1443 H is 1444 lunar years (equivalent to 76 x 19).

Every word in Sura Al-Israa corresponds to one year. Here is the equation that can be obtained: the word (واستفزز ) occurs in verse 64 which a 19-word verse. The word ( لَيستفِزّونك ) in verse 76 and I intend to prove that this verse number refers to the number of years Israel will last. The third word (يستفزهم )which I have found to be the 1444th word in Sura Al-Israa. Since the first word deals with the number19, this means the beginning of the equation is 19. Since we will continue to deal with the multiples of number19, thus the equation will be 19 x76 = 1444. Since the 19 words correspond to 19 years, and since the 1444 words correspond to 1444 years and since the equation is mathematically correct, therefore the number 76 also corresponds to a number of years for how long Israel will last. I have also noticed that the number of verses between Sura Al-Fatiha (which is opening chapter in the Quran and considered the most important one) and Sura Al-Israa is 2022; this is an additional confirmation that Israel will end in 2022 AD (God Willing)!!

12- Sura Israa (Chapter 17), verse 5 says:

فَإِذَا جَاءَ وَعْدُ أُولاَهُمَا بَعَثْنَا عَلَيْكُمْ عِبَادًا لَّنَا أُوْلِي بَأْسٍ شَدِيدٍ فَجَاسُواْ خِلاَلَ الدِّيَارِ وَكَانَ وَعْدًا مَّفْعُولاًO [When the promise of the first of the two (warnings) came, we sent against you servants of ours of great might. They ravaged your homes/country)…].

The Kingdom was divided and corruption began, and the Egyptians, the Assyrians, and the Babylonians conquered the two kingdoms, but did not overthrow their [respective] kings. In fact, they kept them on the throne. In the year 722 BC, the Assyrians destroyed the Northern Kingdom ( which was called Israel). Their invasions continued into the Southern Kingdom (called Judea) until Nebuchadnezzar came and captured the nineteenth king called Zedekiah and killed a large number of people, took many others as captives and destroyed the kingdom of Judea in 586 BC. The second and last corruption materialized in 1948 AD in one part of the Holy Land, then was completed over 19 years in 1967 AD. That is to say, the second corruption spread through the Holy Land in two phases. This variance between the first and the second periods is reflected in numbers.

The year 722 BC is the date of the destruction of the first kingdom of Israel, which is the first of the two kingdoms and first of the warnings. It was the first to break away and the first to decline; therefore; it is aptly called the first.

1948 AD corresponds to 1367 H. So, 1368 H years passed since the event of Al-Israa.

By 1967 AD, 1387 H years would have elapsed since the event of Al-Israa.

In the year 2022 AD, 1444 H years will have elapsed since the event of Al-Israa.

Now, let us go back to Sura Al-Israa: [When the first of the warnings came to pass] The serial number of the word أولاهما (or the first), based on this word's location in the Sura, starting from the discussion about the prophecy [We gave Moses the book], is 38 (which is equivalent to 19x 2).

Verse 7 of Sura Israa says: إِنْ أَحْسَنتُمْ أَحْسَنتُمْ لِأَنفُسِكُمْ وَإِنْ أَسَأْتُمْ فَلَهَا فَإِذَا جَاء وَعْدُ الآخِرَةِ لِيَسُوؤُواْ وُجُوهَكُمْ وَلِيَدْخُلُواْ الْمَسْجِدَ كَمَا دَخَلُوهُ أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٍ وَلِيُتَبِّرُواْ مَا عَلَوْاْ تَتْبِيرًا [ If you do good, it is for your own good. If you do evil, it for your own detriment. So when the Promise of the End (second of the warnings) comes to pass, (We permit your enemies) to make your faces look bad (to disgrace you) and to enter the Mosque as they have entered it before and to destroy all that falls into their power]. The serial number of the word (وعدwarning), is 72 and the word الأخرة or the second, is 73. The serial number of the word وليدخلوا (to enter) is 76, which corresponds to the expected age of the current State of Israel because each word in the Sura corresponds to one year, and entry is at the time of the punishment.

If we multiply the serial number of the word أولاهما based on its position in Sura Israa which is 38 by 19, the result will be 38 x 19 = 722, which is the date of the fall of the first Northern Kingdom.

If we multiply the serial number of the word وعد based on its position in Sura Israa which is 72 by 19, the result is 1368 which is the number of Hijri years from Al-Israa to 1948 AD i.e. the year of the first phase of corruption started in the Holy Land.

If we multiply the serial number of the word (الاخرة Al-Aakhirah) based on its position in Sura Israa which is 73 by 19, the result is 1387; this is the number of Hijri years from Al-Israa to 1967 i.e. the completion of the second warning regarding corruption in the entire Holy Land is obtained.

If we multiply the serial number of the word وليدخلوا (enter) based on its position in Sura Israa which is 76 by 19, the result is 1444 which is the number of Hijri years from Al-Israa to 2022 AD.

The phrase in this verse: ليسئوا وجوهكم (to make your faces look bad to disgrace them) seems to indicate that as part of God's punishment, God will empower the enemies of Israel to finally win in shattering the false positive image it has established. The numbers tell that this began in 1986 AD!!

Finally, note that وَعْدُ الآخِرَةِ (Promise of the End) is mentioned in the Quran only twice and both in Sura Israa.

13- 1443 H corresponds to 2022 AD. They share 209 days (= 19 x 11), as the year 1443 H begins on 8/ 8/ 2021 AD and ends on 28/ 7/ 2022 AD. The overlap is from 1.1 to 28.7 AD although 2022 AD is an ordinary year where February is 28 days. The year 1443 H starts on Monday and ends on Thursday; but 2022 AD starts on Saturday and ends on Saturday too.

Notice that the 8th of August is the first day in 1443, the date the Jews commemorate of the destruction of the first Temple!! This occurs in the fifth month of the Jewish calendar, which corresponds to the eighth month of the solar year.

14- Muhammad Ahmad Al-Rashid says he believes the whole matter to be related to Haley’s Comet because –according to Al-Rashid- it relates to the Jewish faith. This led me to study Haley’s Comet, which completes its orbit in 75 or 76 solar years. I have found that astronomers consider the start of Haley’s orbit when it is in its farthest point from the sun, [this point] is called aphelion. People on earth see Haley when it is in its nearest point to the sun, which is called perigee.

Strangely enough, Haley began its last orbit in 1948 AD. This is found in astronomy books. I have consulted many astronomy books to find when Haley returns to aphelion to complete its final orbit but found no books addressing this issue. So in theory if each orbit is completed in 76 years then Haley will complete its orbit in 2024 AD. If the orbit is completed in 75 years then Haley will complete its orbit in 2023 AD. My hands happened to fall on a book (by an Egyptian astronomer) with the title (Microcomputer and Astronomy). Given all the necessary information by the computer, the answer was that Haley will reach aphelion in 2022 AD. Thus there is conformity between the prophecy and Haley’s orbit (1948 - 2022), which is an amazing coincidence requiring verification of the origin of this prophecy. Some people saw Haley on 10/2/1986 i.e. when it was in perigee stage it was half way through a period of 38 solar years (= 19 × 2), if it maintains the same speed: it will complete its orbit in 76 solar years: if it started its orbit in the beginning of 1948 and will complete it at the end of 2022 AD. It is noticeable that the period from 10/2/1986 to the end of 2022 AD is 38 lunar years (= 19 x 2).Thus the total is 75 solar years. It is strange though that the first half of the first orbit took 38 solar years and the second half will take 38 lunar years. Is this some kind of clue relating to the prophecy?

We previously noticed that the solar year was used before 621 AD and afterwards lunar years were used. In other words, before Hijra we reckon in solar years and after Hijra in lunar ones, as if the lunar system is particularly Islamic. From the “aphelion” of Israel to its “perigee” there are 38 solar years, and from the rise of Muslims from their nadir to their zenith with regard to the Holy Land there are 38 moon years. The ascent of Muslims means the descent of Israel. It is noted that Haley increases its speed after 1986 to orbit one year less. Notice the rapid change in the world after 1986.

These are only observations, and I am afraid people will mix them with those based on astrological illusions to unveil the unseen.

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Destruction of a nation as form of punishment by God only happen after God's clear signs thru prophets were not heed by the people / rejected by them. Thats how God punishes.

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Destruction of a nation as form of punishment by God only happen after God's clear signs thru prophets were not heed by the people / rejected by them. Thats how God punishes.

I know however this could be true


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