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The reason that i got mad because of what you told me,you said go kill yourself
here is your saying:

I say please do Islam a MASSIVE FAVOR and just stab yourselves to death and be over with it.  Seriously.  The ENTIRE MUSLIM WORLD is just about sick and tired of the shias.  You adulterate Islam, associate partners with Allah Almighty, and you don't consider the Holy Quran to be uncorrupt.

Wallah I don't know if Quran is corrupted or not.i just heard it from you for the first time

and other thing is that i told you if you had asked me are you a shia or sunni 2 years ago i would have said shia' but now if you ask me are you a shia or sunni i say i am a Muslim.not a shia or a get my point?

the reason why i said i will tell the disbelievers stay to your own religion is because of people like you who immediately attack Shias without even knowing that those poor shias they have been brainwashed by those f u c k i n g Mullas(i am sorry to say bad words here but i can't think of an other word to describe them) who keep liking to both shias and sunni

you read my previous post,i told a sunni girl told me your Quran has 40 chapters and i showed her that the Quran is the same everywhere.then when i talked to a sunni Iraqi he told me more about Sunni and an Saudi Sunni friend also told me that their scholars lie to them and make this hatred between people

Osama Hindus are laughing at us.

instead of talking like that to those poor people tell them the truth not attack them or kill them
this way you will make the hatred more and more.

i said it over and over,i am not a shia nor a sunni,Just a Muslim and that's it.
you should blame the scholars not the poor people who have been brainwashed and know nothing about the truth.

where in the Quran it is written that if you kill 5 shias you will go to Janna?
i have seen many people keep saying that,that Wahabis say if you kill 5 Shias you will go to Janna.

as i said shame on those who broke the chain of Islam and Wahdat among the Muslims.
that monkey Ahmadinejad is not our president.
nobody voted for him,in Iran presidential election, parliament election all the elections are just a game to fool people.
there is a new election going on here and even if nobody votes another a s s h o l e will get elected.

instead of talking like that with hatred towards shia,try to talk to them and tell them the truth in a gentle way.

Tanveer All the Muslims use the same Quran

but it is the scholars who lie about the Quran
the Quran that you find it in JAPAN is the Same as you find it in CALIFORNIA and the same as you find it in Sweden and the same as you find it in South Africa

an one more thing

we hate khomaini and khamenehee and that monkey Ahmadinejad
our population is 75 million,out of 75 million you will see only 2 million on TV that are demonstrating and supporting this regime because the government is paying them.

As i said at the beginning may the curse of Allah(SWT) be upon those who broke the chain of Islam and wahdat of muslims

Brother Osama

Shame on you,you really broke my heart without even knowing me and just judged me from my name.i'm Iranian and my name came from the grand grand grand son of Rasullalah.

to tell you the truth i was born as a shia,28 years of my life i was shia and you know how the shia scholars program the poor people and lie about sunnis.

on the other hand the sunni scholars also lie about shias.the first time i met a sunni was a girl who said your quran has forty chapters and luckily i had a quran with me and i showed her then she realized she was wrong
and she was telling me other lies that sunni scholars have programmed her

oneday i had a sunni Iraqi housemate in malaysia and he told me about the sunnis and the shias
then i realized that both of our scholars have lied to us

today you ask me if i am a sunni or a shia,i will tell you just a muslim,not sunni nor shia

shame on you really.i thought of you as a good muslim who is trying to save Islam and help people to find the truth.

when i was in Malaysia,Allah is my witness that i used to pray with Sunnis everyday and every Friday

you really hurt me.

i will never ever visit your website and your blog anymore
and if i see a christian i won't ask them to convert to Islam because of people like you
what makes you better than the other people?
with killing shias islam will be safe?

you know nothing about Amer belma'roof and Nahi men al monker

Black Muslim

Rasulallah was not a Sunni or a Shia as i told you,he never said i am a Sunni.
He was Just a Muslim.
Shia's are muslim also,they are not kafer,it is their Scholars who are bad not the poor people
it is their shcolars to blame
that doesn't mean all Sunni are good or all Shias are bad

it is those nasty scholars of sunni and shia who makes this hatred and lie about both of them

May the Curse of Allah be upon those who broke the chain of Islam and divided the Muslims and have separated them from each other and created this hatred among Muslims.

Rasullalah(SAWS) was not a sunni or a shia or salafi or wahabi or whatsoever.he was just a Muslim.

what is the matter with you people that destroyed the grave of Hojr Ibn Odai and took his dead body with you?
what did he do to you?
with taking his dead body and burring in it somewhere else Islam will become safe?

You are Less than an animal

Thank you brother Mujahid for all the information but as far as i know Americans don't have any relationship with Iran since 1979 revolution.
How can they are stealing Iran's oil when they don't have any relationship with them?
i know that Iran's 1979 revolution was a CIA job

thank you so much brother for your information but i don't understand the part that you said to play the oil game and the part that you said this what they did to Iran back in the day,and about ataturk. people chose ataturk as far as i know

what do you mean by that?

could you explain more clearly?

Thank you very much
shukran Jazilan

« on: March 07, 2013, 05:55:43 AM »
Asalamu Alaykum Dear Brothers and Sisters

When those people in Denmark and USA and France Insulting our Nabi Karim(SAWS),we could have respond to them nicely,not by killing the innocent people but by putting sanctions on their products and stop selling them crude simple as this,then they will beg us and apologize.

now that we muslim countries have this powerful weapon of crude oil they are insulting our Nabi Karim(SAWS),much less the day we finish our oil,then what will they do to us?

Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Kuwait and Dubai and Malaysia and Indonesia and Libya and other Islamic countries,shame on you when they insulted our Nabi Karim(SAWS) and you were still selling them crude oil and buying their products.

one year don't sell them crude oil and see how they will beg us.i wish leaders of Islamic countries could read my post!

wallah shame is on us!

« on: March 03, 2013, 05:34:31 AM »
"there is only one GOD"who is like one those people?do you mean i am one of those people?
and what kind of a people do you mean?

« on: March 02, 2013, 10:45:38 AM »
thank you brother mujahid for your answer
but my question is why did he create us when he knew what we would become?

« on: March 02, 2013, 09:48:03 AM »
that's not a good answer to my question
but i'm looking for a better answer

there must be a better answer

« on: March 02, 2013, 09:29:25 AM »
Asalamu Alaykum Dear Brother and Sisters

Allah(SWT) knows everything,and he knew us even before we were made that what we would be
why did he create us then?since he already knew if we are going to be a good person or a bad one?
he already knows everything?what is the purpose then?
he already knows if for example i'll be good muslim or i'll be a kafar,why did he create us then?

Wasalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah

yes i remember jonah
what does it have to do with my question?
could explain more clearly please?

thank you for your answer but could you be more specific?

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