Author Topic: Why do Palestinians still pray towards Masjidul Aqsa?  (Read 28178 times)

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Re: Why do Palestinians still pray towards Masjidul Aqsa?
« Reply #30 on: May 29, 2013, 11:06:36 AM »
To Brother Osama

you called me an Anti-Islam persian,what did you Arabs do to serve Islam?
you Arabs are all munafeq,even Rasulallah(SAWS) couldn't make you behave like humans,nobody else can do it!
who were you before Islam?and even After Islam?
your women used to put a flag above their tent when their men was not around as a sign to say that i am ready to have sex.burring little infant girls alive just because they were girls.
when there a great empire in Persia before Islam there were 17 libraries in the Persia and in the entire of Saudi Arabia were only 17 people who could read.Abu Musa Ashari was one of them that later on was fooled by Amro Ibn As.
who was Yazid Ibn Muwviah?he was an Arab who used to rape monkeys for your information.

you keep talking bad against Iranians and calling us anti-islam.what did you Barbaric Arabs do to serve Islam?for your information Sahih Al-Bukhari was collected by a Persian not by Arabs.

i told you over and over i am not a Sunni or a Shia,Just a Muslim,if you understand this simple English.
when i saw your website and started reading your Articles,everyday i used to pray for you and say thank you for the information that you put on the website.

your website was supposed to be answering christianity,not answering Islam or Shia or Sunni.
but the more and more i read your posts and calling those lost sheep of shias as kufar,the more and more i get disappointed with you.

can't you behave like a civilized person and calling those shias to have a discussion and talk to them?whether they are right or wrong there is a GOD and he will judge all of us.

my first post was about Masjidul Aqsa,i saw Palestinians were praying near there on TV for friday praying and this question hit my head that we all muslims are supposed to pray towards mecca why are they praying near Masjidul Aqsa and you have turned this question to shia and sunni lies and stuff.

i will not reply you any longer and i ask Allah only to Guide you and put you on the right track.
go kill every single shia that you see,even the little infants and see this way  if you can help Islam and serve Islam and save Islam.

for the last time i am telling you this god damn regime is not our representatives in the world.

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Re: Why do Palestinians still pray towards Masjidul Aqsa?
« Reply #31 on: May 29, 2013, 01:31:58 PM »
Why are you guys bringing race into this all of a sudden?

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Re: Why do Palestinians still pray towards Masjidul Aqsa?
« Reply #32 on: May 31, 2013, 05:06:26 PM »
peace my bros
stop with this
I want to tell you this both of you guys, Mr. Abdallah and Reza this
mr abdallah, you created this website and im thankful for this, more people should be like you, you are very moderate and dont like over censorship, this is what the muslim world needs
reza, you dont consider yourself sunni or shia, same with me, you're actually one of the few, so cool beans.

But both are making mistakes
first reza
Arabs have a civilization, a great civilization, its true we were not scientifically developed as the persians but we still had a civilization and culture before and after islam. i see some of your comments are anti arab, we have a culture and a civilization, true,m our politics needs help, but then, look at iran, afghanistan, tajikistan, azerbaijan, pakistan (traditional iranian territories). we had great scientist, jabir bin hayyan was an arab of the azd tribe, ibn khaldun was also one, and there was also persians like biruni and al razi, and never forget there were arab scientist working along side there persian collegues.

Mr. abdallah, i dont deny that there are some shia that worship ali and over emphasis his imporatnce, some are even going to the extent of commiting shik and (forbidden) innovation, the videos on youtuvbe prove this. However, you should know that the majority of the shias, although they over emphasis ali, odnt worship him or say that he is god, the twelver and the zaydi sects are proof of this, some ismailis also follow this doctrine. The alavis and the alawis sometimes worship ali and this is fact, or consider him in a trinity, but we shouldn't use this to portray all shias. in addition, the sources you used, the youtube videos have biased agaisnt shias in them, i.e. the were made for the purpose of bashing and/or refuting shias.

as a brother once said "instead of killing each other on whther to fold our arms during prayers or not, we should fight the people who want to chop them of", it was a comment on hyoutube that i found.

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Re: Why do Palestinians still pray towards Masjidul Aqsa?
« Reply #33 on: May 31, 2013, 07:09:31 PM »
As'salamu Alaikum,

Thank you very much dear brother Zulfiqar for this wonderful post.  May Allah Almighty greatly bless you!  Ameen.  As always, you have once again demonstrated your wonderful wisdom and great manners and attitude.  May Allah Almighty bless you akhi.  Ameen.

As to dear brother Reza, Allah Almighty is my witness, the brother never offended me.  I love brother Reza and love all Muslims with all of my heart!  I sincerely mean it.  It is also far from me to consider all Shias as idol worshipers.  I never generalize.  I do however have issues with the over emphasis.  I am not into sects namings that much :).  A person could be from a certain group, and that group is known to be moderate, but the person might be very extreme.

Anyway dear brother.  I am very sorry to have offended some of you.  I most certainly didn't mean to personally offend any person.  I hope that brother Reza, brother Zulfiqar and brother Tanveer and all brothers and sisters and non-Muslims here accept my apology :).

And like I said, I never once got offended from dear brother Reza.  I love him and would be there for him as a Muslim brother, insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing).

I hope this helps, insha'Allah.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

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Re: Why do Palestinians still pray towards Masjidul Aqsa?
« Reply #34 on: May 31, 2013, 07:42:04 PM »
You dont have to hope with me Bro Osama. You know ill always accept your apologies even though im not offended at all. It was just getting a bit ridiculous ya know? ;)

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Re: Why do Palestinians still pray towards Masjidul Aqsa?
« Reply #35 on: June 01, 2013, 12:19:14 PM »
AsalamuAlaykum To All of My brothers here

A special thank to brother zulfiqarchucknorris and Tanveer and brother Osama

I am sorry if i said anything against Arabs,i didn't mean it brothers,i got angry a little bit.
Osama you know that i love you like my own brother,why did you say that?
you know that i have told you i am not a monafeq or a hypocrite and i don't lie,why did you think i lie to you?

the shias in Iran that i know they do not worship Ali(AS) or Fatimah(SA),i swear to our brotherhood.maybe in other countries they do,but for sure in Iran they don't as far as i know.
you know,one of my friends said,oneday in England he met some shias from Iraq and Lebenan and they told him,you Iranians are not shia because you don't cut and break your heads during Ashura.

now i understand some of the things you said were true.but still i am telling you,the shias in Iran they just go to the graves of Imams and pray to Allah and say SALAM to Imams and come back,just a ziarat not worshiping them at all.

This GOD DAMN REGIME is not our representatives.i swear to our know soon there will be a presidential election,but i can tell you who is the next president now even before the election.because even if nobody goes and vote some devil will be chosen.everything is arranged already.

I would like to ask you to come and visit Iran,and my house's door is always open to you dear brothers,all of you,Tanveer,zulfiqarchucknorris,Osama.

I pray,i fast,i read the Quran but i am not a good muslim,good muslims were those people from yemen and bangladish when i was in Malaysia and at night after salat Esha used to go to people's houses and knock their doors and ask them come to the Masjid and pray.they were real muslims,i really miss them.i used to go with them quite a few times and i was mamor,but i was sitting there and just watching how they were talking to people sincerely and asking them to come the masjid.

when i was in malaysia,it was such an eye opening,because Allah wanted me to find the truth.i hate anyone who wants to break the chain of Islam and wahdah of Muslims.
from my point of view,shias are muslims too but they are lost.they need your help to correct them.with killing them and insulting them,nothing can be solved.
some of my friends' relatives went to Saudi Arabia for Haj and a guy came to him and told him,are you a muslim or a shia?
what is this?
for the last time,please do not post anything about this shia or sunni thing,stick to the rope of Allah and do not separate people.this is a fitna by non-muslims to break the wahdah of muslims. believe me brothers ,hindus are laughing at us because of this sunni and shia thing.
in Iran we don't care if you are a shia or a sunni or a non-muslim,however it matters for the GOD DAMN regime.
this GOD DAMN REGIME is so bad,that many people are hating Islam and becoming unbeliever or converting to christianity or other religions because of this GOD DAMN REGIME.

in the past,people were more religious in Iran but nowadays my generation do not believe in GOD and worse will be the next generations.we hate this regime and can't wait to get rid of it.
may the curse of Allah be upon those who want to break the Wahdah of Muslims.
In my city there are many Arabs,you can google it and see it for yourself,and they are really nice people,among them are bad people as well.but majority are ok.
forgive me everyone again if i have offended anyone.i didn't mean anything,i was just angry.


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