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Congratulations Br. Osama Abdullah

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Thank god we stopped them from destroying the prophet's PBUH grave.

I heard that founder of Republic of Turkey stopped them from destroying Hz.Muhammed's grave , though it is refutated by our own Muslim Historicans.

Merhaba Koray
That happened according to my sources
ataturk saved the prophet's grave
he also gave statements as such
he was for religion and possibly a muslim himself, at least culturally muslim, at most a semi-practising one, he praised prophet muhammad (PBUH) a number of times. he said something like "if i were to die, may name will slowly be erased from history book, but his name will go on forever"
He did also established a branch in government to "protect islamic interests".
yet he was against religion in public life and politics,

Oh , you greeted me in Turkish :)

I really dont know about Atatürk , there is a lot of debate going on about him , political issues.He is a great  mystery , i mean people in Turkey or Turkish people for that matter dont know which side they should believe in regarding him.You must live in Turkey to experience it.

I have read an article refutating Atatürk's saving of Hz.Muhammed's Grave , though i should have done a better research before commenting about Founder of Turkey.

Ataturk was just a political figure, like any in his time
To those who say he was a western puppet
remember that he, violently, expelled the Greeks, French, Armenians, British, and italian from Turkey and saved it from occuation
to those who say he was a hero and perfect
remember that he was a heavy drinker and even crticised himself for it
ps, that greeting is arabic for welcome, (hos geldiniz) . it could also be used for hello.


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