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is this some kind of sect cuz before going on the internet i never heard of it, yes some hadiths have things that are ehh you know and these hadiths are called unauthintic ( did i spell it right ) but other hadith have things that blew my mind and these hadiths are called authintic. and how to convince them is easy, tell them : how do you pray ?
Thanks for replying brother, first of all the spelling is authentic and Yes, Quranists/Ahl-E-Quran/Hadith Rejector is a sect just like akhi mclinkin94 they dont believe in hadiths. They even say ALL Namaz only contain 4 or sometimes 5 Rakahs. and i had tried your suggested method but due to thier EGO it wont work.

I apologize for any misunderstanding. I think they have a reason to believe like that because science brings answers based on evidence and observation. I'm with them, except when it comes to 'does God exist?' question. God is something beyond empirical evidence. In fact, it won't have any value if God is observable. Believing in a God you can see has no value; in the Day of the Judgement every human being, including Atheists, will believe i God, but that won't save them from hell. If someone doesn't believe in God by pondering about the creation, nature etc. he deserves to be in hell because he is extremely arrogant and undoubtedly a follower of his desires. SubhanAllah, it is enough to see how our body is made in order to believe in God.
Thanks for replying. Brother i dont think that you need to apologize. I respect and accept your beliefs. But i accept science not scientism. and most of Athiest does not try to convince rather than they try to impose their beliefs by using arguments like You are brain dead you will not understand Evolution, Understand Evolution or remain Uneducated. from my thinking this is not a way of convincing. Thanks

Walekum As-Salam akhi, Israeli agency mossad do it under permission of George Bush for missing 3 trillion Dollars and economic and Political gain. Thanks

As-Salam Aalekum Everone
Did there is anyway to convince Quranists/Hadith Rejectors.
I am it because i have a lot friends who are Quranists.
And they believe that we have only 4/5 rakah in every Namaz. moreover they say that kissing of Black stone is indeed a corruption of hadeeth. did they are right?


To impose your belief to someone is wrong, but to try and convince him, there is no problem. If you think something is right, don't you want all people to believe in it? As a Muslim, if you think that by believing and worshipping Allah you won't enter hell and you will be forever in paradise, don't you want other people to be Muslims?
I hate the fact that science is viewed as synonymous with atheism, so stop saying atheists are slaves of science. Atheists are simply ungrateful, arrogant, stupid and  people who follow their desires and who don't think about what Allah has created. Just because an Atheist is a scientist, it doesn't mean Atheism is right. We Muslims were scientists for centuries. Allah has given human beings the ability to become experts in whatever field. If you play football, you will become a good footballer even if you are an Atheist.

He might have easily answer 'because in science we have evidence for our beliefs', so this is not the way to discuss with Atheists. We Muslims have the strongest proofs for our religion. You just have to read. So dear brother, please stop discussing with them, it might make you have doubts on Islam if you are not knowledgeable.

1.Brother you are right that science =/= Athiesm but i think that sciencism = Athiesm because if you ask an athiest that why do you do not follow any religion? he/she might answers some what like this because science can explain every thing more logically than myths of religion. this proves that he is a blind believer in science. 2. Right he may answer it like your example but i ask this question to him when we were discussing Athiesm : Rational or Irrational. i have give him a lot of expamles of the flaws of science. so he remain silent . And i have proved many things to athiests but at last they come with a strange thing known as EVOLUTION. Just it remains a unconclusive topic.

Thanks for replying Akhi. but you get me wrong. By saying slaves of science i mean that they believe that science can never be wrong. For Example- at first scientists believe that universe is from a infinite time! but after big bang theory it proved wrong

if DNA was not even known at that time. So Canadian can i ask you one thing? Using which Evidence Darwin wrote theory of Evolution?? If it is only similarity then i think he was a cartoonist not a Scientist!

Can I ask you one thing?? why did Hindus worship shiva linga (shiva's pen**)??

My opinion is also simply NO!!

peace my brothers

so i was watching as usual some anti-religion videos and this is what i learned about godlessism

8- they invite people with promises of freedom but they dont know that every belife does the same thing16- they seem to think that godless states have no crimes but they forget that the entire islamic world has no crimes too
I agree with you akhi  and I want to comment on these 2 points. 1. Athiest never think of Freedom they are slave of Science. they want to impose thier belief to everyone . Once I ask an athiest that why do you believe that u r right? he replied that because i believe in science then i ask why do you think that science is true? then he remained silent. this clearly shows that Athiests are slave of science. and moreover they want to impose thier on others by usings arguments like believe in evolution or remain uneducated, or Did man is a mistake of God or God is a mistake of man etc... this is not freedom. 2. From my thinking Godless states never be crimeless because it is the absence of fear of God in our hearts that make us to commit crime. and you are right that islamic world has less crime but Godless states can never be crimeless.

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Wa Alekum As-Salam
to Everyone
Very Good explanation brother Osama
Jazakallahu Khairan

Thanks for replying and also thanks for link. Well, i asked about it because i loves to debate athiests and in debating them Evolution remains there favourite topic to disprove me. So, i just want to "what REALLY Holy Quran says about Evolution?"

As-Salam-Walekum to All
I was doing some research on So-called theory of Evolution and I found that many muslims believe in it. So did muslims can believe in theory of Evolution?

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