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Responses & Rebuttals for the Bible / Re: Rebuttal to a christian
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:55:44 AM »
Of course i know the 9/11 of a set up but the people behind it are too many with multiple connects that one may get lost, but i know it was the governments i.e. cia, president all those people at high power.

but i don't know much about the boston bombing.
i will ask him his opinion on what he things and once he agrees it was set up we can move on to part 2.

Ahmed deedat was presented with 2:62 and 2:85

his explanation:
from 1:37:11 till end of explanation.

"Whichever Ayah We "nansakh" or cause to be forgotten We replace it with its equal or with that which is greater, did you not know that God is capable of all things?" 2:106
What the interpreters claim is that this verse confirms that some Quranic verses are invalidated by others. They interpret ‘Ayah’ in this verse to mean a verse in the Quran. And they interpret the word "nansakh" as to mean: to abrogate. But does this word, as used in the Quran, truly mean abrogate?
Here we have to examine the correct meanings of both words: "nansakh" and "ayat" as used by God in 2:106
The word "ayat"
The word Ayah, as used in various verses in the Quran, can have one of four different meanings:
a- It could mean a miracle from God as in:
"And We supported Moses with nine profound Ayahs (miracles)." 17:101
b- It could also mean an example for people to take heed from as in:
"And the folk of Noah, when they disbelieved the messengers, We have drowned them and made them an Ayah (example) for all people." 25:37
c- The word ‘Ayah’ can also mean a sign as in:
"He said, ‘My Lord, give me an Ayah (sign).’ He said, ‘Your Ayah is that you will not speak to people for three consecutive nights." 19:10
d- Finally, it could mean a verse in the Quran, as in:
"This is a book that We have sent down to you that is sacred, perhaps they will reflect on its Ayat (verses)." 38:29
Now if we consider verse 106 of Sura 2, it can easily be verified that the word ‘Ayah’ in this particular verse could not mean a verse in the Quran. It can mean any of the other meanings (miracle, example or sign) but not a verse in the Quran. This is because of the following reasons:
1- The words "cause to be forgotten" could not be applicable if the word ‘Ayah’ in this verse meant a verse in the Quran. How can a verse in the Quran become forgotten? For even if the verse was invalidated by another (as the interpreters falsely claim) it will still be part of the Quran and thus could never be forgotten.
2- The words "We replace it with its equal" would be meaningless if the word ‘Ayah’ in this verse meant a Quranic verse, simply because it would make no sense for God to invalidate one verse then replace it with one that is identical to it!
3- If the word ‘Ayah’ in verse 106 meant a miracle, an example or a sign, then all the words of the verse would make perfect sense. The words "cause to be forgotten" can apply to all three meanings and that is what actually happens with the passing of time. The miracles of Moses and Jesus have long been forgotten. We only believe in them because they are mentioned in the Quran.
Similarly the words "We replace with its equal or with that which is greater" is in line with the miracles of God. God indeed replaces one miracle with its equal or with one that is greater than it. Consider the following verse :
"And We have sent Moses with Our Ayah’s (miracles or signs) to Pharaoh and his elders proclaiming : ‘I am a messenger from the Lord of the universe’. When he brought them our Ayah’s they laughed at him. Every Ayah We showed them was greater than the one that preceded it." 43:46-48
The word "nansakh"
The word "nansakh" which is used in 2:106 comes from the verb "nasakha". It has been claimed that this word in 2:106 means abrogate. However, on closer inspection of all the Quranic verses which use this word it can be found that this word means quite the opposite. It means to record or write down. When God wants to say "substitute" the Arabic word used is "BADDALA" an example is found in 16:101
For full details please check the following page:

Responses & Rebuttals for the Bible / Re: Rebuttal to a christian
« on: June 04, 2013, 07:55:19 AM »
so how do i come about bringing up this topic in the conversation do i say.

so what do you think about the 9/11 attack and the boston bombing, did you know it was a set up, he will probably think i see he is a conspiracy theory enthusiast and not take me seriously.

Responses & Rebuttals for the Bible / Re: Rebuttal to a christian
« on: June 03, 2013, 12:57:11 PM »
How would telling the christians that 9/11 was a hoax and bostom bombing was a fake and its all a set up challenge him about his faith.
I will probably go onto step 2.

Responses & Rebuttals for the Bible / Re: Rebuttal to a christian
« on: June 02, 2013, 07:32:34 PM »
Assalam Ulaikum

Jazak allah khair for the link i will try it when i meet him next inshallah.

I have been following answering christianity since about 2007 and mashallah really appreciate the effort
may allah reward you with jannatal firdaus for your effort and give guidance to non muslims through the info on here.

Responses & Rebuttals for the Bible / Rebuttal to a christian
« on: May 30, 2013, 07:09:05 AM »

I meet this christian every week with a dialogue and my understanding of my religion is slightly weak that i accidentally say the wrong thing.

one thing he said is god is merciful meaning that if he wants to forgive a sinner he can, which is unjust. I said yes if that is what he wills.

he responded that thought terrifies him.

also i quote him biblical verses and he responds back.

acts 2:22 he says yes we agree he is a man.

also he quoted after the resurrection the disciples locked themselves in the room and jesus appeared coming to conclusion that he walked through walls and he says this is the form of jesus before flesh.

i talked to him about john 1:1 which is supposed to read in the beginning was the word word was with god and the word was a god.

so he went to talk to his church head.

see what he responds.

but queries such as sons of god like adam, israel has confused him so hope that makes him understand.

I even sent him a article about anglican bishops not obliged to say jesus is god.

may allah give him guidance ameen.

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