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Family relationships (Part I)


Qualities of Allah:
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This section is totally barren and has no topics. That is why I decided to list family relationships in Arabic.


Father: اَبٌ

Brother: اَخٌ

Sister: اُخْتٌ

Paternal Aunt: عَمَّةٌ

Paternal Uncle: عَمٌّ

Maternal Aunt: خَالَةٌ

Maternal Uncle: خَالٌ

Son: اِبْنٌ

Daughter: اِبْنَةٌ

Brother's son (nephew): اِبْنُ الْاَخِ

Brother's daughter (niece): اِبْنَةُ الْاَخِ

Sister's son (nephew): اِبْنُ الْاُخْتِ

Sister's daughter (niece): اِبْنَةُ الْاُخْتِ

Rule to remember: For many female relatives like maternal aunt, paternal aunt, daughter and more, the word remains the same as the masculine version of it except that a round taa (ة) is added after the word. For example: Son is اِبْنٌ, so daughter is اِبْنَةٌ.


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