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One last question.


( This is my own question)
While i was looking at Saheeh Muslim i came across 16:4131. Here's the link.,%20Establishing%20Responsibilities%20Of%20Murders,%20Fighting,%20Requital/12499-sahih-muslim-book-016-hadith-number-4131.html
I was a bit shocked so (as i always do) i did a bit of detective work. Only anti muslims jumped on this and i couldnt find any explanation. I recall a AC or someother website touching on this hadith but i couldnt seem to find it. Could someone give me the link or just explain it here. Thanks.

As-Salamu `Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh akhi,
What's wrong with it?

Black Muslim:
If you mean killing these men , then this was because they killed the Sheppard and pierced his eyes and stole his camels . There is another page telling the story in details . If you mean drinking urine , then you should catch up :) Urine of camels is used in Aspirin too ( I think ) and tests were made on some ill people and they became better .

Mahir Adnan:
they killed rasulullahh's shepherd after uprooting his eyes. they did robbery, so their hands & legs were cut off and eyes as qisas.
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