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As'sallam Alaikum,
       Mainly I want to request to muslimforever2012 who refuted greatly Ali Sina books that first we should ready a book in which thats type of Hadish should be refuted. This is my lost post. I am so sad that no body discussed to me under punishment of Islam topic even my messages and questions has been deleted. Why? Because I do not know a better english or a illiterate person.....any way no issue, but i would like to say here you have no right to criticize or blame any person if u do not have a sufficient proof or a better reason. I have also doubt for Rashad Khalifa, since I do not have a solid proof, so i do not say anything, but you write a boldly topic of "Exposed Rashad Khalifa Cults" and do not give me any answer of my questions and delete my message. This is not fair. You did not give me a good message.
Ali Sina type man is too much in the world who hates muslim and do bad behave. I think this is not a problem of Ali Sina because more Muslim also believe and do as like Ali Sina was saying. We refute Hadish when problem is arose by other person... if u have any book in which that type f hadish is refuted, plz tell me, I have seen more wrong hadish against quran regarding Jihad, Triple Talaq Divorce, Halala, Friendship with non  muslim, love of country, sex slave, proposing of love, girl marriage needs guardian or not etc.

Moassis Azam
(Erwin Rommel)

« on: June 24, 2017, 05:05:08 PM »
Dear sir,
       I want to know punishment in islam for stealing and in which case stoning rajm is punished.

Moassis Azam

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