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« on: June 11, 2017, 06:26:02 PM »
Do you have any evidence that Daesh supporters who have carried out lone-wolf attacks are paid to do so?

« on: June 11, 2017, 01:05:38 AM »
Osama Abdullah has blocked editing of posts on his forum, apparently because editing of personal posts allowed some miscreant users to more maliciously use the forum. By editing their posts it was possible for them to lie, change their arguments mid-debate, deny getting refuted etc.

I think we should also refute the Arguments of Takfeeris and try to limit them because they're also a threat
they're not any better than Christians or Atheists who criticize Islam

If I understand you correctly, it is quite unfair to count Christians or Atheists, just because they criticise Islam, with Daesh. I believe, little if any, evidence can be provided to draw a parallel between the two. Criticism often is a primary mode of learning and understanding something while improving oneself or others in the process.

They aren't real Muslims anyway, they are just paid to make Islam looks bad, it's very hilarious to believe  that Isis are real Muslims. They are simply paid...

Are you talking about some Daesh supporters, or all of them? It is difficult to imagine that the ones who carry out lone-wolf attacks are paid to do so.


- "... or the belief that certain activities have to be done just so..."

This part of the definition of OCD combined with the recorded narrations regarding how the Prophet varied his ablution is quite strong evidence against the OCD claim. In a way, Sina himself provided the means to disprove his own allegations.

- "... was fixated with number three."

And yet only one of the five daily prayers involve three units. Not to mention the fact that the most repeated activity of the Salat, the Sajdah (prostration) is done in groups of two.

"There are many rituals that Muslims are required to perform three times."

Obviously, not as many as Sina thinks. By-the-way are there any "rituals that Muslims are required to perform three times"?

- "There is no logical explanation for it..."

Well, apparently not any that Sina would understand, or would want to understand. Washing three times naturally ensures better and more reliable cleaning.

- "Declare the intention that the act is for the purpose of worship."

Yes, positively deciding or making up your mind to perform some action, how very obsessively compulsive of a person!

- "Wipe the whole head or any part of it with a wet hand once. Wipe the inner sides of the ears ... Wipe around the neck with wet hands."

Apparently, Sina was unaware of the non-obligatory custom of washing each of these parts three times too.

First of all just because a person might suffer some obsessions related to OCD, does not mean that he suffers from all of them. If a person feels obsessively compelled to wash again and again it does not naturally conclude that he also suffers from "disturbing sexual or religious thoughts" or "feelings of fear, disgust and doubt". If what you have mentioned above is all the evidence that Sina has put up regarding OCD, then it becomes easy to prove that Sina is trying to prove Prophet Muhammad being obsessed with remaining clean or washing (which has hardly anything wrong with it) and very maliciously and fallaciously link that to "disturbing sexual or religious thoughts".

Furthermore, if the entirety of the "proof" of Prophet Muhammad's alleged OCD consists only of "washing three times" then this accusation is pretty much easily refuted. The fact is that, washing three times in ablution is not obligatory. It is the recommended approach but not compulsory.

"Al-Nawawi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: The Muslims are unanimously agreed that what is obligatory is to wash each part once, and that washing each part three times is Sunnah."

What is really damning evidence against the OCD allegation is that according to the recorded narrations Prophet Muhammad varied the number of times he washed each part.

"There are saheeh ahaadeeth which mention washing each part once, and each part three times, and washing some parts three times, some two times and some once."

This variation, depending on the severity of the disorder, is hell for a person suffering from OCD. A lot of times it is extremely disturbing, if not entirely impossible, for an OCD person to vary their routines. This causes much frustration in the person and in some cases such persons might even feel like losing their sanity. Such variation is very solid evidence supporting the fact that the person does not suffer from OCD, at least not presently.

Reference source:

Having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) isn't exactly a damaging accusation. Millions of people in the world have it. Around 1% of the population are found to be going through this disorder. In most cases, OCD makes life difficult only for the person suffering from it and have absolutely no effect on the people that surround him. It requires discipline and is a credit to the person who can live normally while suffering from OCD.

Regarding "Generally, women are less intelligent than men".
This is not a scientific fact. Many studies have been done on the subject and there have consistently been variable results. Some had men at higher intelligence while some had women. Some later studies, however, saw no significant difference. One consistent difference has been that men have better spatial abilities and women have better spatial memory. Another has been the observation that men have more variability, i.e. more men are found to be at the top and bottom of the charts, while women remain more in the middle.


What exactly does intelligence have to do with being president? Can you honestly regard a post that Donald Trump now occupies as an indication of high intelligence? Becoming president requires better political opportunities and women have historically, for whatever reason, not been able to gain them.

Similarly, being involved in higher paying jobs is also not proof of which gender is more intelligent. A significant reason that men end up in higher paying jobs is that women much more often choose their families over their work while men are more likely to prefer their careers and paying opportunities over their families.


Additionally, if I remember a source correctly, women prefer to work in jobs which involve interaction with other people (like nursing, waitresses, hostesses) which usually pay less. On the other hand, men prefer work involving high involvement of machines (like engineering jobs) which happen to be generally better paying.

For the Islamic Moral Code by Osama Abdullah, I noticed you were using screenshots in parts, in case you wanted one complete screenshot/image you can use the image temporarily hosted here:

« on: May 04, 2017, 03:22:45 AM »
Where exactly does the Qur'an allegedly claim that the "moon produces it's own light"?

For the Hadiths, see

« on: May 03, 2017, 03:48:58 AM »
Do not know the exact reference number of the Hadith, but one reference is:

"From Imam Ahmed (Good Hadith according to Ibn Hajar in Fathul Bari, with other hadiths corroborating many of the details including Tabarani as good, Al Hakim in Mustadrak as authentic, and Abdulrazaq in Mustadrak)"

It is quoted in entirety as the first reference on this article:

« on: April 30, 2017, 01:36:24 AM »
Not necessarily. By the same logic, the argument can be made that Muslims are also trying to fool the Christians by using terms like "Jesus", "Moses", "God" etc. These are Arabic terms, not necessarily Islamic ones. Christians have naturally been using the Arabic language longer than Muslims have been. The site authors are likely using the same religious propagation tactics many Muslims themselves use.

From what I remember, these weren't actual Wiki sites but just domain names which redirected back to

« on: April 19, 2017, 02:34:01 AM »

« on: April 19, 2017, 02:28:54 AM »
- "We Muslims just get carried away by emotions that is why there are some people in .mY native village who support ISIS ... Muslims have not yet reformed and they desperately need to !!!"

From a sociological point of view, one of the most significant issues that has restricted Muslim progress in the past one century has been the non-acceptance of the wrongs done to them by Western powers. As long as, an honest understanding and recognition of past resentment has not been made, effected societies are unable to move forward. Societies continue to exist in a mess of contradiction. There is one, usually disenfranchised, group that cannot get over the injustice and decide to do something. The usual method of obtaining their version of "justice" happens to involve violent means. The other group, usually having access to more opportunities and education find it easier to either ignore those injustices or see better more peaceful ways of obtaining justice. In addition, this group for a variety of reasons restricts the workings of the violent group. These two contradictory views in the same society lead to an inevitable violent confrontation, which harms no other people more than the society itself.

Apparently, a partial reason (from a sociological point of view) of why "Muslim" extremists end up fighting so fervently with other Muslims from their own societies instead of the root of their anger i.e. Western powers.

On one hand, I completely accept the right of Muslims to their anger and frustration. It is one thing to have your people's children blown away by foreign powers; but the fact of utter callousness and unregretful attitude to these innocent deaths and the continued audacity to keep the status quo (such as the unashamed American support to Israel), are what make the situation much worse.
But on the other hand, Muslims should understand one of the lessons from God’s holy books. When the Jews were humiliated, taken slaves by the Babylonian king and became the target of much hardship, God instead of criticising their captors criticised the Jews themselves. That they broke the covenant, that their misfortune was the fault of their own hands etc. Whatever the external circumstances might be, at the end of the day, the fault and the burden of responsibility lies squarely on the shoulder of Muslims, themselves and no one else.

- “Is for the Fact that [Khyber] area is incredibly dangerous, most people cannot travel that area without a gun or protection from the local  groups that control that area.”

While this is what most foreigners are likely to believe, it is not very accurate. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. In the North-West, it used to have a very porous border with Afghanistan. Insurgents often used to travel between the two countries from these areas and because of mountainous terrain those crossings are difficult to control. The insurgents, especially belonging to TTP who precede Daesh but parallel its ideologies, were the primary source of the lawlessness. Things have settled down to quite an extent now, due to a large-scale military operation there.

- “Many people from there are very extreme in religion.”

Many people from all over Pakistan are pretty “extreme in religion”. While KP people are likely to be stricter in their following of religious tenets, they are not especially extremist, and even if they were, KP has suffered more than any other Pakistani province from the extremist insurgency. They have suffered enough loss of life from insurgent activities to have changed their minds.

- “Also i heard that after the muslim brotherhood defeated the soviets they settled in the area of kyber.”

Many different Muslim groups fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan. After the war, a lot of them went back while some stayed but mostly in Afghanistan.

- “Pakistan has great difficulty putting that area under it's laws.”

The main problematic areas were places called Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). These areas although in the same location are technically and officially not part of Khyber. These places, until the arrival of TTP in the area, used to be run by local people. Because of the centuries-old local laws, customs and traditions of the tribal areas, Pakistan governments had until recently never really tried to control them. After the military operation is over, those places are likely to go back under the governance of the local people.

- “This also explains why there was no quick police response. Also i am quite surprised that there even is a University in Kyber to begin with.”

These events develop very quickly, Usually, no one has any idea how dangerous is the situation, until it is too late. Apparently, although the Police were able to save one other blasphemy accused person, they were faced by a mob of “thousands”; there wasn’t much the Police could have done.

The university is located at a different location from those troubled areas. KP is an entire province, most of it is peaceful. And there are many, many universities in that province. Among all the events of blasphemy that I can recall, this is the only one which happened in this province. More of such events have occurred in Punjab province which is the richest, most populous, and most developed area of the country. These unfortunate events appear to have a direct relationship with the population of the area, higher the population, higher the likelihood of such instantaneous mobs.

« on: April 17, 2017, 04:06:04 AM »
"I believe that the Law regarding blashphemy needs to be jusdged based on intentions."

They probably are, but apparently, no one gets to even reach the point to be judged by the law. But even in the event that the law did get a chance to come into action, it would in all likelihood have to give some degree of acceptance to witness testimonies. And unfortunately, there would be more than a few "Muslims" who would consider their "religious obligation" to lie, take false oaths and commit perjury in order to punish someone accused of blasphemy.

"... what in the world is wrong with some of these brothers, many of them are not to much knowledgable on islam."

The same thing that appears to be wrong with most Muslims all over the world. Most Muslims are brought up with the beliefs that Islam is perfect, Islam is the answer to everything, that there cannot be anything wrong with Islam and many many more of these absolutistic and simplistic attitudes. All this, without ever telling them what Islam actually is.

Absolutely no education in critical reasoning and no exposure to the fact of multiple interpretations for most subjects related to Islam. No encouragement of questioning the religion due to a fear from the older generation of having the younger generation possibly becoming distant from the religion.

Such an environment makes these Muslims extremely vulnerable and they believe anything and everything which is claimed to be "Islamic" or "Sharia'". The difference regarding which point such Muslims are obsessive or unreasonable about appears to be regional which likely represents a cultural dependence. Muslims from the Asian sub-continent happen to have damaging views regarding blasphemy, while apparently Muslims from Africa countries have damaging views regarding other subjects like female circumcision.

"Also i wonder if this was in Kyber..."

Yes, it was in the Afghanistan bordering Northern Pakistani province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. But why does that make "more sense"?

« on: April 16, 2017, 07:28:34 AM »
Whether Pakistani blasphemy laws are right or wrong, practically on-the-ground realities show that they don't have much effect. As I mentioned earlier, from what I know, all blasphemy accused never got convicted by a court. So the law itself never even got invoked. The real issue is embedded much deeper in the society with Pakistani Muslims willing to blindly follow and believe anything and everything just because someone claimed something to be "Islamic".

« on: April 16, 2017, 07:28:32 AM »

From what I know, "mercy to mankind" also translated as "mercy for all the worlds" doesn't have any legal implications so exegesis writers haven't formally defined the term.

You can read one commentary for it on page 236 of the following link:

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