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For quite some time when i learned that the word in question if turned around was ya allah hu, i started to wonder if there was a dilliberate attempt to use god's name for naferious reasons by jews or christians or by who ever that invented that word.

I decided to do some digging, i alreaady knew that those who are occult use words and sounds to do their wicked deeds. But i wanted to know if this was an attack on islam. From what i learned from these 2 sources, it seems that the very words that christians and jews use without having knowledge are used for magic, but those who do "WORK IN LORD'S NAME" are indeed as their own bible accounts wont be saved. Because what they are doing is they are doing magic.

Please brother osama help me understand these 2 sources i found, also these sources show that the tetagramento or also known as star of david is indeed satanic, because people in history used them for that purpose. Also i sadebed to report that there are words that are mentioned that are even used in main stream media that are indeed magical words so we need to be really careful of what we watch or try to say.

I just want to understand what the true origin of that word is from, are christians tricketed into using occultish words.


This article is on life of prophet ibrahim a.s and his 2 children and wife. What is interesting to note is that while we all know and believe that palestine did exist before in 1800s the zionist terrorists took over. But what is interesting to note in article is some of the ways that help us underatand the zionist manipulation.

Zionist say there is no land of palestine, while that is true but it is also false. There is no land called Palestine but there is Philistine which is the proper wording. Meaning zionists had historians change it.

Another thing to note they admit in ismael a.s. is indeed the first son and the older brother. But they create lie how is betrayed god and his father, technically incriminating this blessed pious prophet with absolute lies with no evidence at all.

It is beautiful how over active the imagination of the zionist is that how they turn theories into reality with their money.

Asalam ul laykum brothers. It has been a while since ive been back on this site been busy with lot of stuff. I am not sure if you brothers are aware of this video by Ken O Keefe a former us veteran who renounced his citizenship after serving in iraq and became an activist. Also i confirmed his info. Through other sources and seems truely legit.

This also shows the overwhelmimg corruption in our government. Also comparing his video to this article also proves even more validity.

This site proves the severity of asbestos contanmination of world trade towers.

Larry silverstein went from paying millions to repair world trade center to recieving BILLIONS of of dollars of US insurance payers money and killing americans, securing israel interest, and ruiening muslim world future. All by planning this naferious plan with his friends who are directly connected with nethanyahu.

Assalam ul lakum, i hope that the ramadan for all my brothers and sisters in islam is going well for all. Brother Osama i ran into this yet another lie of the christians that monk bahira through his apocalypse of bahira contributed to creation of quran. Plz refute it brother, as a humble request.


The golden ratio is allah swt's beautiful mathematical equation of perfect design. Where the b/a = 1,618. In the above NASA video confirms that kabah which was created through divine instruction is indeed the golden point of earth. Our body, head or everything that in some way consists of this golden ratio. This golden ratio is a strong evidence of existance of god.

This study was done by a christian scientist, i thank him for his

Even though there are varients the fact the first varient has leads to mecca and golden mean point being supported by a quran chapter as indicated in youtube video. Shows it is among absolute evidences that cannot be refutted.

I found this confession article br pro-zionist on a jewish community forum. This proves that the van carrying explosives and car bombing is a jewish creation. They first used it against palestinians when they stole their land.

« on: June 14, 2016, 07:22:27 PM »

May allah protect the ummah at large and bring understanding knowledge to those who don't have it.

I don't know if anyone heard of this story it happened this morning. Mohammad Moghaddam, held hostage his co-workers due to work related dispute. He was shot dead by SWAT.

I don't understand what is going on, why are people loosing their cool. They are only making situation worse. I know that zionist are responsible for false flag but why did this guy feel he needed to do such a thing. Work disputes happen all the time, they are not worth such an action and  throwing away ur life.


Trinitarian theology was never created to help understand god but rather a creation through vendetta of the early churches, it was not a creation of it's own but rather evolution of the Alexandrian theology of homoousios. To tackle the arianism and other beliefs that were believed to be heresies.

In short, trinitarian theology was created to support the alexandrian theology but for the western christiandom it ended up replacing it. This theology was created in the 3rd century, and went through a phase of to rationalize it in the 4th century, but ultimately it cannot be rationalized, since 3=1=3 cannot be made sense of so the early church left it as an article of faith that it can only be understood through faith and not logic.

So in this case anyone can believe in anything and say you must have faith. That cannot be the truth since truth needs both logic and faith.


Overwhelming evidence that in Rome, Early Europe, Europe and US adults married children and it was lawful.

legal age, 12 for girls and 14 for boys  -

Isabelle of France married Richard II - Isabelle barely became 7 and got married to Richard II and became widow 2 years after.

I believe this should be sufficient to prove that was a norm of the time. HOWEVER, justifying using that hadith in our time is wrong since certain things change do to human biology. I would say it is the fault of Islamic courts allowing any such marriages to occur.

Also brother Osama I want you analysis on the studies in regards to Aisha(ra) age being 16 then 19, most Islamic sites said that it is fabricated and this is only claim from ahmadiyyans.

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