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As'salamu Alaikum!
« on: June 17, 2014, 09:54:22 AM »
As'salamu Alaykum Everyone,
 Anyone aware what's ;D happening in Iraq??

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Re: As'salamu Alaikum!
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2014, 01:50:47 PM »
What is happening in Iraq isn't  sunna rebelling against the shia authority ,it is just one scene from the never ending sectarian farce that plagued those Iraqi people from the old days ....  tolerance ,sharing authority,being humble has never been one of Iraqis'strong points,whether sunni or shia ,kurdi or Arab etc ......  the worst enemy of Iraqis is none but themselves ......

I will quote honest comment I read today in Aljazeera arabic news site by IRAQI guy :

بتواضع شديد افتخر بوطنيتي عراقي بلا تحيز بعروبتي بلا عنصرية وبديني بلا مذهب
وبأنسانيتي وجهدت في حياتي أن أكون أناأيضاً فخراً لكلها ونجحت في مسعاي بلا شك ..لا قولاً بل بالفعل الموثق والملموس لكل من يعرف هويتي
هذه المقدمة لأعطى نفسي الحق في القول ان مجمل العراقيين من كل لون نتصف بقدر ما من الصفات الدفاعية
(النفاق والكذب والجبن والطمع والفساد وازدواجية التصرف والأنانية والطغيان وتجاهل البديهي وحب البطولة والتظاهر والطيبة)

"Being very humble,I feel proud of my nationality as Iraqi without being biased to my race as Arab,without racism,and my religion without a sect,and being human and made the successful efforts to succeed in life, not only by words but by good deed...the previous introduction was to give myself the right to say that we most Iraqis who belong to every color and sect ,have the following qualities (hypocrisy,cheating,lying, cowardice, greed, corruption ,duplicity , selfishness and tyranny)...

those qualities to be applied to some lesser degree to other Arab countries as well(including Egypt as well) ..

it is not an authority needs reform ,but a society that needs reform..

A tree is known by its fruit....

كلّ إناء بما فيه ينضح
A vessel filters what it contains
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