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Regards to Salat ul Tasbeeh
« on: May 28, 2017, 06:02:31 AM »
Asalam ul laykum rahmatullahi wabarakatihu and Ramadan Mubarak dear brothers and sisters in Islam, i have a important question regards to Salat ul Tasbeeh. I wanted to do this nawafil prayer this Ramadan, However i am very confused regards to ruling regards to it. Even though Hadith exists:

While some scholars call it Hasan other call it Daeb. So i am confused who to trust. even though there seems to be much virtue, I need a definate answer. Hadith exist but the scholars vary in regards to the actual rulings on it. while some say it is recommended others say it isn't.

Hafiz ibn Hajar (RA) then mentions the Hadith of Salat-ut-Tasbeeh as an example for this and he accepts it to be in fact either Sahih (authentic) or Hasan (sound) and not Dha'eef (weak). (Ibid)

but there are some that don't trust the authenticity. so i wonder what u brothers and sisters think, i would also like to hear ur opinion brother Osama on this.

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Re: Regards to Salat ul Tasbeeh
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2017, 11:44:39 AM »
Any concern which you should have while doing something you believe to be righteous, would be that of whether it is proven by the way of prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w and his companions or His suggestions, OR is it any biddah?

Salat ut Tasbeeh is asked to be prayed in a daif hadees,so at least it is not Biddah..

So whoever does righteous deeds while he is a believer - no denial will there be for his effort, and indeed We, of it, are recorders.(21:94)

Following daif hadees for doing something righteous is NOT harmful.BUT taking any daif hadees to drive any Islamic law,or taking any daif hadees to show it as an evidence against Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w is WRONG.
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