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Do Not Make an Idol of the Universe or Your Mind
« on: August 21, 2022, 05:32:18 PM »
In the last few days, people have again been indoctrinated with the fallacies that they can direct their lives with the power of thought and that they are destined to be gods. Unfortunately, the tendency towards such beliefs is increasing even more with the effect of the  period in which we have entered.

As we have repeatedly pointed out, the superstition that man is a divine being, which is one of the foundations of the spiritist doctrine, has been tried to be adopted by humanity for thousands of years, just like pantheism, spiritualism, evolution, reincarnation or asceticism. Most of the time this has been done by some forces using religion as an instrument. Under names such as Hinduism, Kabbalah or Sufism, this spiritist teaching has always been tried to be given to people in various versions.

The aim is always the same, to make people polytheistic without realizing it (or by realizing it), and even to make them worship themselves and the whole universe...

Today, especially under the name of Spiritualism or New Age, the same idolatry tends to settle in minds once again.

 Here is the link to our video in which we explain the ins and outs of this Spiritualist doctrine:

There are many books all over the world claiming that with the power of thought we can attain wealth and other desires, that we can direct the events that will happen to us. And explicitly or indirectly, the nonsense that humans are the creator (god) is being spread all over the world...

And interestingly, some of the people are eagerly following such claims, either because they have not thought about what this belief means, or because they tend to think of themselves as holy beings and to commit shirk.

In reality, there is no  partner of  our Lord, Who created the worlds out of nothing:

35:3 O people, remember the blessings of God upon you. Is there any creator other than God who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? There is no god besides Him, so why do you deviate?

52:35 Or were they created from nothing? Or was it them who have created?

56:59 Did you create it, or were We the Ones who have created it?

Allah Almighty directs and creates everything that happens to us in accordance with what we deserve and our test:

42:30 And any misfortune that happens to you is a consequence of what your hands have earned. And He overlooks much.

64:11 No misfortune strikes except with the permission of God. And whoever believes in God, He will guide his heart. And God is fully aware of all things.

Only the incomparable Lord is the master of destiny. Even if people put all their possessions, technology and thoughts together, they will never be able to share it:

4:78 Wherever you may be, death will find you, even if you are in fortified towers. If any good befalls them, they say: "This is from God," and if any evil befalls them, they say: "This is from you!" Say: "All is from God;" what is wrong with these people, they barely understand any narrative!

4:79 Any good that befalls you is from God, and any evil that befalls you is from yourself. We have sent you as a messenger to the people and God is enough as a witness.

It is He alone who created and offers us all the blessings of Paradise in our universe and in the Hereafter (and it is He alone who created these universes). If our Lord did not constantly bestow them on us, we would be completely deprived:

56:62 You have come to know about the first creation. If only you would remember.

56:63 Have you noted the crops you reap?

56:64 Did you grow them, or were We the Ones who grew them?

56:65 If We wished, We can turn them into hay. Then you will be left in wonderment:

56:66 "We are lost."

56:67 "No, we are deprived!"

56:68 Have you noted the water you drink?

56:69 Did you send it down from the clouds, or is it We who sent it down?

56:70 If We wished, We can make it salty. If only you would give thanks.

56:71 Have you noted the fire you kindle?

56:72 Did you establish its tree, or was it We who established it?

It needs to be well known that the concentration of our thoughts, the power of our brain, has no role in shaping events. As I have already said, if a person thinks this is the case, for example, if he thinks that his mind is directing events like a dream, he is actually worshipping (or associating with) himself, even if unknowingly.

16:37 If you are concerned for their guidance, God does not guide whom He misguides; and they will have no supporters.

34:54 And a barrier will be set between them and what they had desired, as was done for their counterparts before. They have been in grave doubt.

As we can see, what matters in the course of events is not what people desire or think, but what our Lord wills.

In the same way, as we have mentioned, the universe is a created being like us, and it too has no creativity, no divinity. In other words, claims such as "order your wishes with your thoughts and send them to the universe and it will fulfill them sooner or later", as taught in derivatives of the spiritist doctrine, are completely misleading and superstition that aspires to shirk. It is all part of the trap that aims to make people worship themselves and the universe. In a very clear way, humans and the universe are being substituted for God (these superstitions are an extension of the trap of pantheism).

16:56 And they allocate a portion from what We provide for them to that which they have no knowledge of. By God, you will be asked about the lies you have invented!

Even the fact that people wish for something is with Allah's permission and is part of His plan (Allah knows what we will wish for with our free will against which options):

Surah Insan Surah 30 You cannot will unless Allah wills. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Hearing.
Surat al-Takvir 29 You cannot will unless Allah, the Lord of the worlds, wills!

Surat al-Fatih: 11 Those of the Bedouins who have been left behind will say to you: "We were distracted by our wealth and our families. So ask Allah's forgiveness for us." They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Say: "If Allah wills harm for you, or if He wills good for you, who can prevent what He wills for you?" Verily, Allah is well aware of what you do.

 Sometimes people can feel the events they are going to experience and think about them accordingly, and they may have fears or desires in line with their destiny. Then when the things they wanted or feared happen, they may think that they created them by the power of their minds.No, they were going to happen anyway by Allah. We servants can only ask Him through our prayers and that is all. So it is not that we are attracting an event to ourselves with brain power because we are afraid of it or because we want it so much. Everything is being realized by our Creator, the Lord. Imagine, the first time you met something that scared you or bothered you, you didn't even know what it was like. And yet it happened to you...

You don't even realize some of the calamities that happen to you.

Since it is only the Almighty Creator who has brought everything into existence, we should turn to Him alone to fulfill our desires and to attain true salvation:

Surat al-Baqarah 45 And ask for help in patience and prayer. Surely this is too heavy for none but those whose hearts tremble.

Surat al-Maryam 48 "I am leaving you and those whom you call upon besides Allah; I will pray to my Lord, and I hope that I will not be unfortunate in my supplication to my Lord."

Surat al-Sajdah 16 They turn away from their beds and pray to their Lord in fear and hope. And they distribute out of what We have provided for them.

Surat al-Believer 14 Pray to Allah, ascribing religion to Him alone, even if the disbelievers dislike it!

Surah Fatiha 5 We worship You alone and seek help only from You.

Surah Al-Baqarah 107 Do you not know that to Allah alone belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth? There is no guardian or helper for you besides Allah.

Nahl 53 Every blessing you have is from Allah. Then when a hardship touches you, you call upon Him alone.   

Our Lord commands us to abandon superstition and to turn to true knowledge and belief based on evidence:


Surah Isra 36. And do not believe in what you do not know and follow after it, for the hearing and the sight and the brain are all responsible for it.

Ali ─░mran Surah  151.  We will strike fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they associate with Allah that for which Allah has not sent down any proof, and their shelter is the Fire; evil is the destination of the wrongdoers!

And as I have always said, to ask a power other than Allah to fulfill our wishes means to worship that thing, to associate partners with it. It doesn't matter whether it is a shrine, a creature or a statue, the universe or our mind. They have no sanctity and no power over life. And there is not even an exception to this.

There is also a confusion between the effect of our mind on our body and creating events with this mind power. For example, if our mind helps our immune system to be stronger or weaker, or to heal diseases, or if our brain has telepathy, etc., these are presented as if they are evidence for other issues, as if there is a connection between them. This is what the spiritist doctrine is trying to do in every field.

17:67 And if harm should afflict you at sea, then all those whom you called on besides Him suddenly vanish from you except for Him. So when He saves you to dry land, you turn away. Man is ever rejecting.

17:68 Are you confident that He will not cause this side of the land to swallow you up, or that He would not send a violent storm against you? Then you will find no caretaker for yourselves.

When faced with real difficulties, human beings often turn to God and ask for help through sincere prayer. And as a result, they often find that even in the most difficult moments, things quickly turn in their favor. In fact, it is only our Lord who both brings the trouble and removes it. But when the trouble or danger passes, most people go back to their old ways and start running for partners. It is interesting that human beings are so eager to ignore who is the creator and ruler of everything. Even though he has repeatedly experienced events that tell and show the truth of the matter... Sometimes he thinks that it was luck that brought him to the top, sometimes he goes off the rails to the extent of claiming that it was his brain power, etc. that made it happen. Or he starts to think that other associates are helping him...

Surat al-Zumar 49. When an evil touches a man, he calls out to Us; but when We give him a blessing, he says: "This has been given to me because of my knowledge". Indeed it is a test, but many do not know.

Surah Al-Mulk 21 And if He withholds His provision, who is there to provide for you? Nay, they stubbornly persist in rebellion and hatred.

Meanwhile, the following verses provide a good answer to the misconception of those who hold pantheistic beliefs, that is, those who see themselves and the universe as part of God:

Surah Al-Ikhlas 3 He has neither begotten nor been begotten!

(Allah is neither derived from anything, nor has He derived anything from Himself, but He created His creation entirely apart from Himself, in other words, out of nothing).

6:101 He created the heavens and the earth out of nothing. How can he have a child when he has no partner? He created all things, and He is All-knowing.

Praise be to Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth and gave life to darkness and light. Then those who conceal the truth equate them with their Lord.

Since our Lord created everything apart from Himself, out of nothing, He has no partner and therefore shirk is the greatest sin.

And the world we live in is not a dream or a fantasy world, it is completely real:

Surah Tangaboon

3 He created the heavens and the earth in truth, and fashioned you and made you beautiful in appearance. To Him alone is the return.

Surah Ibrahim 19 Have you not seen that Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth? If He wills, He will destroy you and bring a new people.

It is repeatedly emphasized in the verses that the ideas that Spiritism tries to instill in people are baseless and should be avoided. In other words, Spiritism is the opposite of Islam.

Also, one of the mistakes that people make is that they think about what other people will think of them, what they can do to gain their favor, their praise or approval, and even try to spend their lives doing this.

In fact, the only one whose praise and approval we should seek is our Almighty Creator.

We should think about what our Lord thinks of us, not what so-and-so thinks of us, and work to produce good deeds for this purpose. Since gaining Allah's pleasure in this world involves producing good deeds and doing good deeds for others, the likelihood of getting good and beautiful people to think positively about us will also increase as a result.

Striving for your image in the eyes of others is completely futile. You will even find that someone who has such-and-such an opinion of you will spontaneously come to have the opposite opinion years later. Sometimes you may even find that not even years later, just a few seconds later, he has completely changed his mind...

Only the Creator should be feared, not people. There is no lasting gain except to be among those who deserve Allah's love and appreciation. This is the only thing that will determine our life in the Hereafter, our eternal journey. But as I said, the way to this is also to do good to people and to oneself.

Surah Zumar: 38 And if you ask them, "Who created the heavens and the earth?" they will surely say, "Allah!" Say to them: "And what do you say about those whom you call upon besides Allah? If Allah wishes to do me harm, can they ward off His harm? Or if He wishes me mercy, can they withhold His mercy?" Say: "Allah is sufficient for me! On Him are those who put their trust."

Surah Zumar 52. Do they not know that Allah expands and contracts provision for whom He wills? There are lessons in that for a people who believe.

In fact, those who seek help from other things other than Allah start to experience difficulties even in this world. Maybe things seem to be going well for a certain period of time in their lives, but one day, even in this world of trial, they begin to see that things are going wrong.

Surat al-Tawbah 118 He accepted the repentance of the three who were left behind. The earth, despite its vastness, had become narrow to them, and their own selves had pressed them down, and they realized that there was no other way to escape Allah's anger but to seek refuge in Allah. Then He granted them repentance so that they could return to their former state. Verily, Allah is the One Who accepts repentance, and His mercy is boundless.
Surah Yunus 107 If Allah afflicts you with harm, it is He who will remove it, not another. And if He wills good for you, there is none to refuse His favor. He bestows His grace on whomsoever He wills of His servants. He is All-Forgiving, All-Merciful.

When Allah offers us good things-rewards in this world, or gives us some hardships and punishments, He can put our consciousness into a frequency compatible with this situation. In other words, we can sometimes have a state of mind in line with what we have experienced and what we will experience. But again, here again, events do not happen in line with our thoughts, it's just that sometimes our mental world is in harmony with what is going to happen.

Also, since one should not fear anything other than Allah, the violation of this, i.e. excessive fear of other things, can be inflicted on that person by Allah as a punishment. And again, there is no question of that person's power of thought, etc. It is always one who creates and governs.

Also notice that many times the things we fear do not happen to us, on the contrary, we are protected from them. Or what we really want may not happen many times. In fact, if the power of thought were real, many of the poor people in the world, or those who have other problems, would not always be in this situation. But there is only one being who can do that, and that is our Lord, who is the giver of all blessings and troubles, and who will put everyone in heaven or hell in the Hereafter according to what they deserve. In fact, nothing happens by itself; He creates every event that happens, good or bad. He is the only one who created the universe out of nothing and is the ruler and creator of all that happens in it.

Allah Almighty declares in His verses that He does not forgive associating partners:

Surah Al-Nisaa 116 Allah does not forgive associating partners with Him, but what is less than that He forgives for whom He wills. He who associates partners with Allah has gone into irreversible error.

In this context, it is necessary to completely abandon this derivative of the behavior of associating partners, accepting a creative power other than Allah and seeking help from it, which is something that should not be done; that is, the belief that you can direct events with the power of thought.

In fact, the idol worshippers did not see the statues themselves, but what they represented as the creative power, and many of them did so within a pantheistic philosophy. In other words, they thought that this power was a part or reflection of God. It is the same with today's idolaters...

Let's say it again; in the past there were attempts to impose this belief on the Islamic world through Sufism. And they were partially effective. Now, through modern masks, people are skillfully instilled with the idea that they are gods or a part/reflection of themselves. The aim is always the same: to lead people into shirk...

Speaking of Sufism, let me give you our video on the subject:

Sufism is the Trojan horse used by spiritualism to infiltrate the Islamic world.

In other words, it is diametrically opposed to Islam. But by tweaking verses, attributing symbolic meanings to verses or adding non-Qur'anic sources to religion, Sufism has been tried to be adopted as if it were Islamic.

7:16 [Whereupon Iblis] said: "Now that Thou hast thwarted me,"11 shall most certainly lie in ambush for them all along Thy straight way,

7:17 "Then I will come to them from between their hands, and from behind them, and from their right, and from their left; and You will find most of them unthankful."

7:18 [And God] said: "Go forth from here, disgraced and disowned! [And] as for such of them as follow thee - I will most certainly fill hell with you all!

Surah ARAF

16. He said: "I swear by Your temptation that I will be set upon your straight path to lead them astray."

17. Then I will come upon them from before them, and from behind them, and from their right and from their left, and you will not find many of them grateful."

18. Allah said: "Come out of it, defeated and expelled. If any of them follow you, I swear by Allah, I will fill Hell with you."

Yes, Iblis is setting up on the path of religion in order to make people's feet slip, and he sets the trap of shirk with various traps. Most people are caught in this trap.   People who think that they created the good things that happen to them will not be grateful to Allah. They will take credit for themselves and/or the universe.

Paganism, also known today as Spiritualism or New Age, is in reality the teaching of this jinn.

The only way to realize this and reach salvation is to embrace the Qur'an as  religious source. Because only the Qur'an has been preserved and it is the only solid religious source on earth that spiritualism cannot extend its tentacles.

The purpose of this worldly life is a test, that is, to confront the good or evil in man. The other function of this life is to start tasting some small rewards or punishments while we are still in this world. As a result of this confrontation with ourselves, our right to object in the hereafter is eliminated. Someone who has repeatedly witnessed the evil in himself or experienced the good in himself will now know why he is going to eternal hell or heaven in the afterlife.

 What is required of us is not to turn our backs on the verses given to us at creation and also later through the book, but to complete our test as a monotheist and a good human being. In this context, we should not make the mistake of following superstitions to gain so-called benefits in this two-day world. Shirk, or associating partners, is the biggest sin and mistake and will only turn our world and hereafter into hell.

We must completely get rid of the fallacy that "the minds of servants create and manage events and even matter and the universe" and realize that Allah alone created everything and that there is no God or ruler other than Him. No one can be a partner to Him. This is what Islam emphasizes, and to turn to the opposite beliefs, i.e. superstitions, is nothing but ruining our eternal future in the Hereafter.

Surat al-Baqarah: 22 It is the Lord who made the earth a mattress for you and the heavens a building. And He sent down water from the sky, and with it He brought forth for you a sustenance of fruits and crops. So do not associate partners with Allah while you know.

And the Lord Almighty, in His free will, brings our fears before us if He wills, or our desires (punishment or reward) if He wills. He is our master, not a servant to be guided by our thoughts. We or any other creature has no share in His rule. He will give everyone what they deserve in this world and especially in the Hereafter...

22:18 Didyou not see that to God yields what is in the heavens and what is on the earth, and the sun and the moon and the stars and the mountains and the trees and what moves, and many of the people, and many who have deserved the retribution. And whoever God disgraces, then none can honor him. God does what He pleases.

You should never make the mistake of trying to order the universe, your mind or so-and-so idol about your future, that is, worshipping them.

Surah Al-An'am 148 Those who have committed shirk will say: "Had Allah willed, we would not have committed shirk, nor would our ancestors. Nor would we have forbidden anything." And those before them denied in this way until they tasted Our torment. Say: "Do you have any knowledge with you that you can bring before us, and you follow nothing but conjecture. You are only talking nonsense",

In order to avoid eternal pain and disappointment in the Hereafter, the servants should immediately turn away from such insidious shirk beliefs such as "creating events with the power of thought" or "pantheism". Spiritualism and all its extension idolatrous formations must be turned away from and their fallacies must not be approached.

Indeed, there is no divinity or lordship in any creature.

We should turn only to Allah and ask Him and fulfill our prayers without fail. We should not associate anything with our Lord, and we should always be aware of the fact that all creatures were created out of nothing, in other words, that they are completely separate from Allah.

We must live a life of goodness and faith and obey the commands and prohibitions of the Almighty.

This is the only key to eternal and true salvation, to lasting blessings and happiness.

And this is not a secret, it is a clear verse in a clear Book.

Surah Al-Mu'minun: 59 Those who do not associate partners with their Lord,

13:22 Andthose who are patient seeking the face of their Lord; and they hold the contact prayer, and they spend from what We have bestowed upon them secretly and openly, and they counter evil with good; these will have an excellent abode.

Do you perform your prayers and pay your zakat? Do you compete with others in goodness and charity? Do you live by turning towards Allah alone and making religion exclusive to Him alone? Do you stay away from superstitions and forbidden things and walk on the path of true knowledge, science and beauty? Do you read the Qur'an (in your own language with understanding), the only protected book of our Lord and therefore the only source of religion? In short, do you obey Allah's commands and prohibitions? Only our Lord determines whether we will live in beauty or in hardship based on these deeds... Both in this world and in the Hereafter...It is He alone who gives everyone what he deserves.

(My Turkish article translated with machine)



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