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all the infidels who make fun of the Quran saying there's protection in the sky against the jinns entering won't laugh anymore after seeing this video

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Questions regarding moon splitting
« on: September 05, 2016, 07:48:52 PM »
Hello my dear brothers

I had some question regarding the miracle of the prophet when he split the moon

1- Did the moon really split, or was it a solar eclipse? (I remember reading an article on a website which says NASA confirmed an eclipse took place during the prophet's life). So how do we know it was not an eclipse and the moon did actually split?

2-Is there any good , reliable documentation of this event outside of Islam?


Hello brothers, I read an article that has been stuck in my head for a little

The article claims that the Quran was written by human because of differences in direct speech

For example

''Moses told his people '' Stay here and don't move, I will be back shortly''

''Moses told his people'' Stay here and do not move, I will be back very soon''

Now a lot of brothers get confused when I ask them for the refutation because they think the argument is that it's a contradiction. The argument is not that it's a contradiction, but that Musa AS can't have said both of them at the same time.

Here's example from the article

Account 1

20.10 Stay here; indeed, I have perceived a fire; perhaps I can bring you a torch or find at the fire some guidance

 Account 2

27.7 Indeed, I have perceived a fire. I will bring you from there information or will bring you a burning torch that you may warm yourselves
 Account 3

28.29 Stay here; indeed, I have perceived a fire. Perhaps I will bring you from there [some] information or burning wood from the fire that you may warm yourselves

Now, prophet Musa AS couldn't have said all of them at the same time, the wording is different. Here is the full article

I will be waiting for a refutation on this brothers, peace

'' For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day.”

What would be a good refutation to this? christian guy claimed only god can raise the dead, also if jesus really said this then he is taking away one of allah's 99 attributes for himself

A lot of christians like to say it was a wrath of god that the thunder hit our prophet's mosque in 1481 , what would be a good comeback to them and why did allah allow this to happen? My explanation is that something even worst could have happened which would have destroyed the whole mosque instead killing a lot of people, so allah sent the lighting so when its re-innovated it becomes stronger, it even has better artistic value aswell now

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