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Zackariah Butros is gay :

Zackariah Butros sleeps with a dead woman :

Zackariah Butros craves a baby :

Abdullah the son of Abbas - God be pleased of him - exposes Butros :

To Christians especially : Read this thoroughly and then tell me "Do you really take this man and the ones like him seriously ?"

Media / Zakariya Butros gets slapped on the back of his head !
« on: June 09, 2013, 01:04:33 PM »
This is a video of Abu Umar the researcher refuting the lie of that fabricator Butros about the noblest of mankind prophet Muhammad peace upon him . The subject of the episode is ”Sleeping with the dead” .
Enjoy laughing  :)

All thanks to God and peace and blessings upon the noblest of messengers , the seal of prophets , and God's mercy to mankind , our teacher Muhammad and upon his people and companions .

Yes , you didn't read the title wrong . Stop insulting prophet Muhammad , Muslims !!

It is really disturbing when someone comes and boldly says "They called prophet Muhammad ****" . Would you do that if it's about you ?! If someone says something filthy about you and then you tell someone else about it , would you say "He called me a ****" ?

I'm serious here , such posts and replies should be edited by their users , if not , then by the admin .


After thinking for a while , I realized that such posts only give an advertisement to these sites . We should leave them and let their forums die .  But it wouldn't harm to warn the fellow Muslims from visiting such sites . I hope you would remove it .


Rebuttals & Polemics / An article of wikiislam
« on: December 01, 2012, 08:00:06 AM »
All thank to God . And peace and blessings upon the noblest of the messengers , the seal of prophets , and God's mercy to mankind , our teacher Muhammad and upon his friends and people .

In an argument with an Atheist about the marriage of lady Aisha ( It seems this is their best attack ) he accused me on many occasions of being ignorant , retarded , stupid , and close - minded . He kept saying that we Muslims are too ignorant and believe everything we see on TV and Internet . But when I brought him a video in which CNN ( OR maybe another channel , I don't remember ) says that the American people know so little about the world , he got extremely mad and went on insulting and bad mouthing like a teenager during puberty :) . Anyway , instead of refuting my reply or admitting he was wrong , he went in a complete different direction giving me a link of that Islamophobic sick site wikiislam . And you don't need to be a genius to know that the article he brought - And maybe all the articles there - are empty claims with 0 evidence . That's Wikipedia's system . Anybody can write anything and it will become true .

Now , I don't need help to deal with him . He's unbelievably an ignorant and arrogant person who thinks he knows everything and that everybody disagreeing with him is barbarian . But what surprises me is that I couldn't find any of the big sites defending Islam writing an article warning people of that false site . If I just missed such an article then please tell me :)

That , and all thanks to God , and peace and blessings upon the best of mankind .

Peace to you .

Rebuttals & Polemics / A counter challenge
« on: November 28, 2012, 10:43:34 AM »
All thanks to God , and peace and blessings upon the noblest of the messengers , the seal of prophets , and God's mercy to mankind , our teacher Muhammad , and upon all his people and friends .

First of all , I would like brother Osama to replace the link in the faithfreedom section with this :

After that , I have a suggestion .

We all know that ill minded liar Ali Sina ( pseudonym ) and his other followers of hate and immorality . And we all know that his silly challenge was refuted hundreds of times by countless people . And wasting more time with him would make him feel that he actually has a value . But I have an idea to furthermore show the world what kind of a pathetic individual this Sina man is .

My idea is to make a counter challenge to him . Where we challenge Sina and all his followers to prove wrong any of these accusations we make against him :

We accuse Ali Sina to be

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

And fill the empty places with some of his twisted characteristics he shows through his e-mails and articles .

What do you think ?

Rebuttals & Polemics / Faithfreedom , or basenessfreedom ?
« on: October 13, 2012, 03:34:45 PM »
Peace upon you .

Few days ago , I had an argument with the third snake in ( Editor 3 ) . And not surprisingly , he objected about the marriage of prophet Muhammad to Lady Aisha ( Yes , there are still idiots who object about it ) . And I gave him all kinds of proofs from non-islamic sources that a girl could reach maturity at five . And from Islamic sources I gave him proof that she was happy with her marriage . So what did that missionary hiding behind Atheism do ? He ran away as usual and insulted the prophet peace be upon him and acted like a pig . And I posted the argument here on my blog so that you judge who started with the street thugs' language .

And if Osama Abdullah see this . I wish if he could post it on his site so that the whole world knows what kind of a garbage dumb Faithfreedom is .

Peace .

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