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hopefully as i get older and receive knowledge for my self i will see these biased claims but many brothers have sent me these video saying that they are in doubt and are ready to become athiest and abandon islam they require full reftuatuion to this videos otherwise they will leave islam  >:(. you may have heard of the critics called the rationlizer and stop spamming 1 who are making video about the quran refuting iera and the quran. you definetly need to check there videos and write a article on some of them as i know about 10 muslim who are athiest because of these videos may god guide them :(

« on: February 08, 2013, 09:46:44 AM »
 . brothers im only 15 not that wise probably this is why but when i hear people like Lawrence Krauss refuting god and just people denying god existence really scares me and brings doubt in y heart witch i hate , i cry and cry saying that is not true but its just puts doubt in me . for example a debate like this i dont know what to do anymore do i believe or not im so scared that are we being lied to and just what krauss was saying most of it made sense but i cant obviously just leaves and inshallah i will never leave islam but how do i deal with it, the doubt in me and how can when i see these people trying to prove that god dosnet exist just know its false even when they provide logical arguments and especially when they use science like quantum physics and blah blah , hopefully when im older this doubt that with in me disappears forever, but what can i do to make it stop?

brother but im very lost i have become mentally broken scared about the doubts that there no god i don't know what to believe anymore.......


osama can you please watch this and write and article or refute this please

 i still feel i bit scared and doubtfull and i need your help clearing these things

could you clear a few things such as david ickes claims


as he says  All religions are man made (by the Illuminati)  and the only point of them is to control the congregation im scared beacuse people say he is a knowledgeable man

and one more person is the rationlizer who im sure you have heard of

could you answer this please brother

you should write articles answering these peoples claims and should refute them and there other claims

another person james white who refutes dr zakir naik and other lectures

am hi i pm you there i will be waiting for a reply brother

are there any site that refute these people as there points are confusing people?

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