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This following incident was 100% TRUE. If i am lying, may Allah curse me.

I will describe a sight that I saw on 27th Ramadan 2017 (previous year).I and my cousin went to Masjid for ihthikaf (اعتكاف‎) at the night of that day.We recited quran from there as all others was doing.When it was 2:00am the imam of the masjid and people present there started to recite Adhkaars as a congregation.Even though reciting adhkaars are good and appreciable, i believe this type of special congregation act as bidah.So I and my cousin left from masjid at about 2:15am.On the way to home (walking) we were talking about such innovation/bidah.Suddently my cousin stopped by asking What is that!! shockingly.When i looked to the sky/heaven we saw a Big Bird like object (made of light) flying through sky without striking wings.We were shocked and stand there still by making duas.After about 15 or 20 minutes, we continued walking and reached home.My mother was awake as she were making hayat that night.We said the sight to my mother, she said us that my sister and my younger brother were staying(sitting) at terrace expecting to see miraculous sight if Allah wishes.We both(me and my cousin) went to terrace and asked about the sight that we both have seen.Unfotunately they didnt see that sight.We were talking about that sight at terrace, suddently a small fire like or meteor like objects passed quickly through sky.I led on the floor so that i can see the complete heaven.Again the meteor like object quickly passed through another part of the sky.After some time We ALL saw such Big bird like, light made object flying through heaven without striking the wings in different parts of the sky (we saw more than two or three from terrace).Time just passed 3:30am.Suddently a HUGE BIRD LIKE, LIGHT MADE OBJECT  flied through heaven and passed above us without striking wings (shining as tubes,   size : Huge compared to that we see earlier......Size can be define as.. divide heaven to two parts (2 halves) and take only one part.This object/bird can ALMOST fill (not completely) that one part.We were shocked and surprised at this sight and prayed to Allah.Suddenly the same sized and  same shaped object came from the same part of the sky and  followed same path behind it.These two looks same,same size,both shining like small tubes (wings are made up of many small tube like objects fitted together.We saw these both together following one another.

What do u think about it??...What was it actually??..

Assalamu Alaikum,
                         I hope u will reply to this post.

             I thought that everything including Allah's throne will perish( except Allah the almighty) on qiyama. But i read online that Jabnah, jahannam, the throne etc will not be perished since they are Eternal. Only what gonna perish is Seven heavens & Earth and what is in them (i. e this universe). Is it true that they will remain even after the qiyama?

* The second question is different and is as following.

Our prophet said:All what of son of Adam will (be eaten???) by the earth except the coccyx from which he was created and from which he will be resurrected ” Reported by Albukhari. And i saw an article about it on this website.My question is if the matter what hadith states is true ( i believe it is true), then Dont even the remaining coccyx will gonna be perished during qiyama? So how can be resurrected from it?.Is it mean that every living beings gonna die and perish including human,jinn,angels etc and remaining things gonna be eternal( including this universe)??

« on: February 18, 2018, 09:39:57 AM »
What do u think about the following?

               We all know that the age of our universe is 13.7 billion years. But it has diameter of 93 billion light years.

We know that observable universe is about 13.7 billion light years.Although it has 93 billion light years vastness.That is we can observe only first heaven and other 6 heavens cant be seen.

We have  13.7 × 7 = 96 billion light years.

What do u think about it?

« on: February 16, 2018, 06:39:01 AM »
I am asking about a dream that i have seen few years ago. I know that the ability to interpret a dream is a blessing that Allah give to whom he wishes. If anybody like that, then try to interpret my most memorable dream.Sometimes some part may be missed since i saw it before some years. Dream is as follows.

    "I was drinking water by sitting.When i tried to stand after drinking
someone hold me and asked: Do u know who i am?...I said: Azrael(A)..He said yes.Then i
went to sleep and slept by turning right side.At that time i heard someone uttering 'La Ilaha
Illallah...' from prayer hall of my home. I knew that Azraeel (A) was coming. He
came and said to me that You should come to such and such place at such time.When
i was ready to go to there i gave my purse (it contains some money) and said
to my friend : take this and he took it. After that i went to that
place(where azrel said). Azrel (a) said me to lie on bed and i did so.I felt many
people around me and I thought that they were my family members (now i think that they may be angels responsible to take rooh with azrael (a) ).When asrel started to
take my rooh it didn't make me pain.I thought that why death has no pain since it
must have pain (as prophet said).I remembered that i once recited Surah Rahd
in my life time when i heard from someone that reciting surah rahd can reduce pain of death.i was surprised
since No pain for death although i only recited ONCE.Soon after i finished this thought
I felt that i (rooh) was separated from my body.When asrel started to leave i (rooh) ran
behind him.And I saw a tree where many souls are playing on that tree with a
ball and they are climbing on it..I also climbed on that tree.While playing with the ball, the ball was missed from them.At that time One of the soul said :LOOK ALLAH CAME.I am
surprised and looked at him quickly but I didn't see any shape or any figure, but
from him the ball thrown back to us (to the souls on tree) .After that i went to home to see
my family members although they couldnt see me.I saw my mother cutting vegetable and i went to
the room where i slept last(where azarel said to come to such and such
place).I saw many of my family members were reciting quran.After that i
returned back.

Please..Can any one interpret?

« on: January 18, 2018, 09:05:33 AM »
Assalamu alaikum.
                    We muslims believe that Allah can do everything. Some athiests asks that, Can Allah create a stone that allah can't lift?.  I will say YES Allah can, although Allah can do whatever he wills.
                    But when i listen to SOME world famous islamic preachers they are answering this question as Allah never said that he can do everything in the Quran. But the verses ( for eg: mulk: verse1) mean Allah has power over all things, not Allah can do everything (although some translators translated so). And they then say that Allah also said Allah is capable of whatever he wills ( means he never wills ungodly things like being a man,  or saying lies etc... )... Actually they are saying that we dont say that allah can do everything but say allah has power over all the things. What is ur opinion on that?....

       I was so surprised when read the hadiths where our prophet saw said he travelled to Allah almighty in alittle time and he explained perfectly that he used Buraq to make the travel possible. And i found that meaning of the word Buraq as LIGHTENING and i was so amazed it is in well aggreement with modern science.
      Can anyone explain the complete Scientific miracles behing the isra mihraj or the Night journey.Because travelling with light speed may make the journey possible and experience timelessness but i am in doubt that why Others such as sahaba and the pendulum which our prophet said that was oscillating before and after the journey experienced timelessness or why they didnt experienced normal time?

What do u think of following?
             In islam we believes that Allah created seven heavens and same number of earths.In most articles and here too i have read that seven earths are created in space  (also there is seven layers on earth).
             In quran chapter 21 verse 30, when allah speaks about big bang ,it says seven heavens and earth were once joined together. Here allah uses Seven heavens which is plural and earth in singular and never mentioned as it is seven.Also we have ayas to prove that after bigbang and after setting earth allah divided heaven to seven which means that seven heavens are in this same universe.Or even if we translate the seven heavens into seven universes it means that these mentioned seven heavens are all formed from a single bigbang in which allah used only a single earth( singular in 21:30).
            I am in a doubt that why allah didnt use seven earths while the almighty used seven heavens.And he mentioned seven earths in a different manner instead of saying directly. "It is Allah Who has created seven heavens and of the earth the like thereof " .Is this simply means that allah created seven layers of earth rather than seven earths in space.

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