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The bitter defeat of the Anglo-American-Zionist invaders in Afghanistan!


Kabul fell into the hands of the Taliban; this is only true for the Western press!
Kabul is liberated by the Taliban, for others.
The Afghan Taliban have indeed liberated their country from the Anglo-American-Zionist invaders, this strangely reminds the fall of Aleppo in Syria, lamented in its time by all the Western media!
The invaders return home with their tails between their legs. The Taliban are Afghans, by the way and each people has its specificities. Afghanistan was occupied by the Anglo-American-Zionist invaders, the administration in place was corrupt and in their pay. The Afghans didn't want it anymore, and wanted to regain their independence.
Thus the people of Vietnam and the people of Afghanistan will have confirmed that a people can turn an over-equipped, over-funded occupation army of gigantic technological superiority. In any case, it is a positive sign for Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine. By the way, for the Anglo-American-Zionist invaders, the Vietnamese syndrome reappears followed by another Afghan syndrome.

The all-out Western press has told us that during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, the Afghan resistance fighters were heroes fighting against the world's first army.
Today after dismissing the Yankee invaders, the Afghans are presented as obscurantist, who oppose the most powerful country in the world and Western civilization.
How many times have we been presented with this Afghanistan as completely retrograde, even medieval, It is to make believe that the Taliban arouse terror and yet it is the same Afghans who had after 20 years of war, understood that the imperialists do not want them any good, and with the occupiers the reality is quite different, they are sowing desolation and death everywhere with their incessant wars. The imperialist does not fight terrorism, but creates, finances and arms groups that practice terrorism.

I welcome the departure of the Anglo-American-Zionist invaders. There, in Afghanistan, the coalition has forty-nine nations that are part of ISAF and it is among at least the top 5 military powers in the world. And now they are leaving with their tail between their legs, leaving a corrupt country and without even having thought of helping economic development.

I always rejoice when a people kicks the backs of invaders. That makes me happy indeed. This withdrawal is a victory for the Afghan people, and I take as a good example it is not because the situation was disastrous for the Algerian people in 1962 following independence, that one had to complain about the departure of the French. .

How you look at the Taliban depends very much on how Western propaganda portrays them. When in power, from 1996 to 2001, the Taliban applied radical Islam as did Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries. At the time, opium production had fallen by 90%.
The Afghan narco state was a product of American imperialism to hide the plunder of important resources: Copper, rare earths, lithium ...
It should be noted that 30 to 45 thousand Western civilians were deployed on the Afghan territory to exploit the natural resources of the country without counting the 8 thousand Colombian mercenaries of the FARC, recovered by the CIA are in charge of monitoring the culture of the drug as well as its delivery. .
The unacknowledged goal of this drug allowed the CIA to finance covert operations to destabilize countries resisting the US empire. Plunder and massacre are indeed the two breasts of the USA, hypocrite master of an abject double game, in addition to being an arrogant although poor giver of lessons, be careful not to say, it is indeed the USA which destroyed the Afghanistan as well as Libya, Iraq, Syria.

But I hate this moralizing and protective attitude of the great Western Democrat whose ulterior motives we discover a few decades later. Indeed the Americans have set up with billions of dollars an administration to their boots of which there are only thousands of Afghans trying to flee the country.

As for the fight against terrorism dear to the West, and in this international coalition are at least the 5 leading military powers in the world, simple objectivity says that it is only a term of propaganda. Nowhere are terrorists invading other countries to install a government of their own. It was the Anglo-American-Zionists who did it.
We also see the French Army in the Sahel, charged among other things with protecting and financing through Christian NGOs under the Vatican, Terrorist groups.
In the Malian Sahel, the French army will march with Civitas, because the hostages quickly become Muslims.
Who is the terrorist?
All the Western press is worried about the plight of Afghan women, but in fact it's just a pretext, and this is where Western machos have an opportunity to spit on Muslims and pretend they care. womens rights. Yet the lot of ultra-Orthodox Jewish women is no better, but Westerners do not care.

In fact, they don't care about the fate of Afghan women. They were never concerned about Afghan women during the time of the invaders, yet with a presence of 20 years, this international coalition had not built any schools or hospitals for the Afghan people. This underdeveloped country of Afghanistan was therefore of no interest to the West. Except for these natural resources and its Opium By neglecting the degraded internal situation of the Afghan population, Western countries have allowed conditions favorable to anarchy, to the law of the most violent to insecurity, to develop there. - to say a failure or an abandonment of the international community in Afghanistan, especially when we see that the basic work vis-à-vis the Afghan civil society accomplished by the West is minimal enough not to say totally absent.

The international coalition could not achieve any of its goals because it began by sweeping away everything the country had organized; what the Americans themselves subsequently recognized. he population is increasingly hostile to the presence of Western occupiers, that corruption and drug profits have never reached such levels.
But now after the coalition debacle, then they are going to write tearful pleas about Afghan women. Not for women, of course, but just to demonize the Taliban, who they will not forgive for defeating the handsome, well-shaven Westerners, well equipped for a war ballad.
This defeat of the Anglo-American-Zionist invaders will hurt Western racists, but it will be a good example for all the others, scenes of panic that we saw at Kabul airport reminded us of those in Saigon during the US defeat in Vietnam.
However, what are these Afghans who cling to aircraft, certainly not Western NGO employees, but surely CIA-backed Afghan paramilitary forces agents. They are members of the Khost Protection Force (KPF) and the National Directorate of Security (NDS), counterinsurgency auxiliaries, mercenaries, have committed summary executions and other serious abuses with impunity, these rapid intervention forces illegally killed civilians during night operations, subjected prisoners to enforced disappearances, abducted and raped women, attacked health establishments on the pretext that they had provided medical treatment to rebel fighters .

The Taliban have frequently committed violations of the laws of war and human rights. More than certain, the CIA-backed Afghan forces have allegedly committed so many crimes that the Taliban are altar boys against them.

Our lesson givers are just racists now obsessive mantra, they hate Muslims. There was also a whole propaganda worthy of colonization to pass off the Afghans as backward barbarians. They will never forgive them for defeating the Allied oppressor when they themselves never dared to revolt against his imperial designs.
In fact, they blame the Taliban for having the courage to cast out a tyrant and for bringing out their own cowardice.

The failures in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, and their dire consequences, were evident from the start each time. Driven out of Afghanistan, Americans can no longer see themselves as the world's policemen. We can therefore say that the Taliban contributed a lot to the defeat of this gendarme… !!!!!
One of the lessons of the American defeat is that imperialism and the occupation must be fought vigorously by the peoples in order to be liberated.
It will thus be important that territorial respect be elementary in the application of International Law and above all that the will of a people is also honored otherwise it is no longer democracy, but anarchy.

In the end, as Machiavelli says: "We start a war when we want, we end it when we can. "


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