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Title: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: Syedsamad on February 04, 2017, 11:55:32 PM
Assalamualiakum dear members,
What are your thoughts on Muslim world reformation do you all think we desperately need a reformation,i think yes !!!
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: AMuslimDude213 on February 09, 2017, 03:22:38 PM
Muslim World doesnt need reformation,we just need to lose American slavery over us and elect our own leaders and yeah.
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: adilriaz123 on February 09, 2017, 07:14:34 PM
There is a big misconception of this subject that is continiously raised in media and even my some muslim qho bought into the game of the mushrikeen.

They say that islam needs to reform. This is absolute ludacracy, why? Simply because most of our historial conflicts weren't due to religion but rather politics. Issues of deciding a calipha or issues of favoring one person over another.

Islam had nothing to do with our human decisions. Ialam ia perfect. But they try hard to make it reform so they can add their ascetric percersion and make it easier to destroy us like what they did to the torah(by making usury permissible) and injeel(claiming that it is gospel, when goapel it self is written by "the lying pen of the scribes")

However, in all these issues, yes i do agree with u that the ummah does need to reform. Why? Due to continous politics over pety issues(even they there weren't too pety), the fact is we grown to hate even our own brothers and sisters. We need to spiritually reform our hearts and come together as 1 muslim ummah under the banner of la illaha illallah muhammadan rasoollallah. we should leave all other issues to allah swt. Because those who keep bringing these issues up. Continue to drive us away from each other even more.

Remember brothers and sisters that it is the plot of the dajjal system(illuminati, international bankers, freemasonry, sabbatists, zionists, satanists, frankist and etc.) To divide and conquer us. Let us not fall for their political espionage.
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: adilriaz123 on February 09, 2017, 07:18:18 PM
Again i have to remind i post theough my phone and that my screen got cracked so if u notice mistakes, u should know they weren't intentional.

Corrections: "Ialam = islam"  "qho = who"
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: Syedsamad on February 12, 2017, 04:02:50 AM
Not a problem,well brother I said Muslim "world" I didn't say islam well btw I think we need to reboot and go back to to the message our prophet used to teach the message of forgiveness,freedom from oppression and love which I think now a days some maulanas of hardcore orthodox ideology don't preach we need to move with time and set and example that we are tolerant for example there are rights for dhimmis but what is happening in Saudi Arabia ??? And Pakistan where women are not allowed to study and people are converted forcefully into Islam it is us who have to accept the problem Muslims are facing because of conservatism and we have to ditch it and show the real Islam to the world !!!
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: Syedsamad on February 12, 2017, 04:07:10 AM
Let's take the example that in u.s.a there are thousands of people marching for us and fighting their gov. For us tell me will we do the same for the minorities in Muslim majority nation prophet Muhammad taught love irrespective of race or religion he even did not stop Jews from entering into mosque who were ready to kill our prophet so why can't we be tolerant... We need to ditch hardcore ideology like that of Saudi Arabia !!!
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: adilriaz123 on February 12, 2017, 04:49:03 AM
asalam ul laykum brothers, yes brother i know you meant muslims and not islam. which is why i said i agree. that as muslimeen we should reform. However, when i meant reform i mean unify. Due to the fact that many of us have become divided, so a muslim reform would be a muslim unification. that is what we need, inshallah azawajjal, mahdi will be coming soon, just hope the time isn't too far off due to how much the muslim ummah is suffering every where.

Yes the problem in Saudi Arabia is due to wahabbism and salafism which are deviations. In Pakistan, Saudi Arabia has put wahabbi sheiks to turn people extreme, however, the epidemic is widely a misconcept, there are many other ideologies there and dominant Sunni Hanafi Muslim and not wahabbi. Problems in Pakistan are more political than religious, but the world is trying to make it look like religion and terror. This information is mostly spread by india, through the rhetoric of labeling Pakistan a terrorist nation, when in fact Terrorism from Taliban that infiltrated Pakistan has resulted in 60,000 Pakistani deaths, then you have to add the deaths from the drone strikes, then from skimishes in Kashmir with india. Unfortunatly, Pakistan tries hard to show the world that it did not create the problem. But their are other sources(liers) like India and US, that want Pakistan to become a terrorist state so they can destroy it. Pakistan currently is the only Muslim republic country with nuclear power capabilities and feels a strong ties with rest of the Muslim World. This poses a danger for the US War on Terror rhetoric, that is why in past they attemtped to start war in pakistan. However, support from China and other regions deterred US.

The Truth is we are being divided with lies, our countries are continuesly being brainwashed to hate each other (divide and conquer) by US and zionists. We need to stop petty infighting. Yes i do agree that there are some bad seeds in Pakistan, but this exists in every country, the problem is that these seeds exist because we are being taught to be like the West, then u see our people who assimilate in West and end up divorcing and doing many Haram things. the point is, our people need to wake up and realize that assimilation will not help, that is what we have always done, we have taken stress and been hurt even though we assimilate. Why? because allah swt always punished us when we divide, look at the battle of Uhud and why the crusades happened.

I totally agree, we the muslim ummah need to unite and stop trying to please the west. Only thing that can please these monsters is our death.
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: Syedsamad on February 12, 2017, 11:07:05 AM
I am an Indian bit the two countries which I am ashamed of as a Muslim are Saudi Arabia and Pakista Saudi Arabia promotes terrorism it was because of Pakistan that Iraq and Afghanistan are still suffering today and Muslims are being labeled as terrorists
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: Syedsamad on February 12, 2017, 11:15:44 AM
Yes I agree with you we are divided Muslim nation which have billions are busy gifting gold toilets instead of helping their brothers from rohingya and syria
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: adilriaz123 on February 12, 2017, 01:45:40 PM
Ashamed of Pakistan? Brother, do u know that the reason why taliban got into Pakistan is because Musharraf opened the border to help the afghani refugees, bush admin wanted him to do that. However, it was a plan from the bush admin to have taliban invade Pakistan. Also no one elected mushraff into power, he became leader through a martial law, when they blamed sharif of stealing from the people. But mushraff has done things to ruin Pakistan reputation. For example, UN investigation showed that mushraff was responsible for the assassination of Bhutto.

U are saying ur ashamed of Pakistan, but did u know that India has been doing espionage in Pakistan. Recently an Indian spy was caught who admitted to his influence in Islamabad. Bro, u should do more research about what is really going on. I don't understand how u can think that mushrik Hindus are better than us when they even killed many muslims when the Pakistani independence happened, and that modi is actually a Hindu terrorist that killed muslims, in fact there was UN resolution against him in the past.

Also bro, look up how much Pakistan did for the Muslim ummah, Pakistan helped in UAE independence. Pakistan provided great support for Syria and other Muslim countries in past bro. However, India supports US and Israel, so bro how can u be against Pakistan bro.

Also search up that Pakistan gave Palestinian president Abbas land in Islamabad for free so he can build the first palestani embassy and sharif of Pakistan gave millions of dollars to help start up the embassies construction.

Iono bro, they are telling u lies in India about Pakistan. Many Indian intellectuals admit that India has been doing espionage and supporting terror in Pakistan. The Mumbai bombing was by the Kashmiri insurgency, can u blame them when India is killing them.
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: adilriaz123 on February 12, 2017, 01:56:20 PM
Also bro, we Muslim ummah are helping our brothers who are in trouble. Look at how Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh is helping the rhingyas. Regards to the plight in syria, Arab Muslim countries and Pakistan have taken in many refugees. Truth is the only ones who can truely help us are our own nations, but there is only so much that can be done. There are western mercenaries and other forces that won't let the region gain any peace. In fact, most people do not know but the black water mercenary group came into Pakistan by getting a contract by some hypocrite firm in pakistan in 1998. The hypocrites are the ones who keep giving those who want to divide us and conquer us, the opportunities to do so.
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: Syedsamad on February 13, 2017, 12:49:00 AM
Brother Pakistan did help Muslim nations but the fact can not be denied that what Afghanistan and Iraq are facing today is solely because of Pakistan it was ISI which overthrew USSR from Afghanistan resulting in colonisation of Afghanistan by united states of America and talking about espionage just three days back 10 Hindus were caught spying for ISI well that's a different case since every secret service has its agent in every country !!! Pakistan is doing good now and if you are in Pakistan then you should help in every possible way because that is the only Muslim nation which has support of many countries and is capable of doing anything on its own but because of corruption and terrorism Pakistan has a bad name !!!
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: Syedsamad on February 13, 2017, 12:52:53 AM
Kuwait , Saudi Arabia and many adjoining countries are busy driving their Muslim brothers out of their country instead of helping them this is the Salafi and wahabi ideology that is giving Islam a bad name and their leaders are like anjem chaudhry !!!
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: adilriaz123 on February 13, 2017, 03:39:02 AM
Yes i do agree pakistan has made mistakes in past, however, these mistakes were due to agreements between US and pakistan. Agreements that only ruined pakistan's reputation. However, pakistan was in need of injection of assets to keep the market going. The difference between pakistan and india is that pakistan population is half the size of india thus meaning less workforce, corruption ezists on both governments that is not a question. Hell there is no innocent government in the world currently but this does not justify anyone. I live in US, but i hope 1 day the problems are dealt with and jobs become available and  things become bad here in US, i will probably then go back. But i believe the education i am earning here would benefit my country. I don't love pakistan because i was born there, i love it for the fact it is a islamic republic, i just hope it becomes more islamic in government decisions, inshallah.
Title: Re: Muslim world Reformation,Thoughts...
Post by: Syedsamad on February 13, 2017, 04:54:43 AM
Yeah I also wish good for Pakistan since it is an Islamic republic....