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Oh i know he's a liar but there new christian man i wish i had brain like Zakir naik well now i need to work... to get his brain..
I'll wait for someone else But that's not probably in search only some well i need to learn & read the hadiths for myself for years maybe...

But i wanna refute i already refuted half of it XD play i'll wait for someone else but the Non Muslim thinks his the hero & Islam false So i'll wait..

it's a 20min.. video it's like about science in hadith & Prophet Muhammad he lied about & when the semen become human i refuted the Quran lies he made up thanks to internet (lol) but the hadith & he mixed up with another story a bit... do you want the original video if you refuted then i add your name in my video i will upload it in my YouTube channel...

Aslamu Alaykum Brothers & Sisters I refuted a half video of christian prince but another half i couldn't refute it because i don't have knowledge enough i'm a newbie...
Here is the video link To download plz reply me back..:

& if you don't want to download it just the original video (Will be without Refutation) & his channel Tell me or Reply Me.

May Allah make us Strong & give Knowledge to Undeceive Us Ameen.

Guys how can i Delete my reply? :'(

Can someone Plz tell me how to Post a topic? :'(

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