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A shockingkly different translation of the Qur'an 88:17!!!


Mohammad Shoumik Saad:
As slamu 'alaikum,

This is a true believe it or not situation here:

Scroll down to Rodwell's translation. See the difference?!!

While at first glance this seems to utterly devastate the claim of the Qur'an being error-free, I think I have refuted this issue using these links to word-for-word translations of this verse: (hover over the arabic verse 17 for its word-for-word translation)

Does anyone have any other, preferably stronger way of refuting this?

Facts about Rodwell on his Wikipedia page ( somehow makes me think he was biased.

Also in only 8 ot of 53 tranlations have the word "cloud" instead of "camel".


depends on how one interprets it. a  standalone verse or a verse that relate with the next verse


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