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Satanic verses

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Al Masihi:
The greatest challenge to all Muslims, is the satanic verses. This one event which until now shakes the very foundations of Islam the satanic verses, Mohammed according to all the great and ancient scholars of Islam (Al Tabari, Ibn Ishaq, Ibn Saad, Waqidi, Bukhari, and many more) preached that Allat, Manat and Al Uzza pagan goddess could intercede on behalf of Allah and as soon as Mohammeds pagan enemies heard this they reconciled with him for a brief while and prostrated with him. But as soon as Mohammed revealed this revelation Jebreil (Gabriel) came down and told Mohammed that he had made a grave mistake and Mohammed now corrected his earlier revelation by condemning the polytheism of his people. Many Muslims will say this is a fake account but let's go to the Quran don't Muslims always bring us the challenge to produce something like the Quran well no need to because if this is a fabricated event then that means someone was able to conjure up a false Quranic Surah which would technically mean Allah lied since he said no one can make something like the Quran. So Muslims will either have to choose one of the following:
1. Mohammed said the satanic verses and Islam is false since it kind of destroys the whole concept of Tawheed in Islam.
2. Mohammed did not say this and this is fabricated and the Quran is false since Allah lied when he said no one can produce something like the Quran
So clearly we can conclude that an answer for this question will have be chosen from one of the following..
PS sorry for the long piece of writing tried to shorten it as much as possible.

Actually, we investigated the satanic verses issue, and ironically, we found it to be in the Bible, not in the Glorious Quran:,3095.msg15145.html#msg15145

Also, all of the books that you mentioned copied the story from Al-Tabari.  And the story was proven to be a fabrication inserted into Al-Tabari.

Books like the Quran?

You obviously don't even understand what Allah Almighty's Challenge is.  Read this:

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Al Masihi:
I'm not asking about the Bible I'm talking about the Quran. Ironically it shows how you try to deflect the question in order to spare yourself from answering by attacking the Bible. What if I was not Christian and I asked you this? Quran says bring a Surah like this if you say it's fabricated then people already did.

Read the Links,they have refutations to all this.

Al Masihi:
The links refute nothing nor have the answers the produce the Surah like it one try's to put words into the Quran and explain the challenge in a way that the author knows it's a contradictory challenge, the satanic verses link seems to pathetically rant on the Bible and seems to be poorly written, and the third one seems to be make up conspiracy theories about zionists and Christians which I wouldn't bother reading.


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