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guys i just saw some things written about hafs ibn suyman, who tranmitted to us the most used qiraat of the quran today, and he is called a liar and weak etc.

Al-Bukhari: “They (scholars) rejected him”

Muslim: “Rejected”

Al-Nisai: “Rejected” and “Not reliable, and his narrations are not written”

Ibn Hanbal, as reported by Ibn Abi Hatim through Abdullah: “His narrations are rejected”

Ibn Hanbal, as reported by Al-Dhahabi: “Yahya Al-Qattan narrated to me: Shu’bah mentioned Hafs ibn Sulayman and said that he used to take people’s books and eradicated them, he took his books and never returned it.”

Ibn Mu’in: “Not reliable” and, as related by Al-Saji, “Hafs and Abu Bakr (ibn Ayyash) were the most knowledgeable of people on the qira’ah of Asim, and Hafs’ recitation was better than Abu Bakr’s, but he was a liar and Abu Bakr was truthful”

Al-Darqutni: “Weak”

Ibn Hajr: “His hadeeth are rejected, despite that he is a leader in qira’ah”

Abu Hatim: “Rejected, he was not truthful”

Ibn Kharash: “Liar, fabricated hadeeth”

Ibn Uday: “Generally his ahadeeth are not protected”

Ibn Hibban: “He changed the chains of transmission, and fabricated chains for those that were mursal, and he used to take people’s books and eradicated them, and narrated them without having heard them.”

Ibn Al-Madini: “His hadeeth are weak”

Salih ibn Mohammad: “His hadeeth are not written, and all his hadeeth are objectionable”

Al-Saji: “He narrated from Sammak and others unfounded hadeeth”

Abu Zar’ah: “His hadeeth are weak”

how can he then be our best reciter of the quran if he is a liar and forger?

jazakallah khair for the answers

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