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Muhammed/Ahmed in Bible prophecy, illustrated

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--- Quote from: adilriaz123 on February 08, 2017, 11:27:55 AM ---Also note, that Song of Solomon mentions that he will "Shout and Roar." this isn't the character of rasool saw, thus it makes song of solomon not a reliable source to point out evidence that muhammad pbuh was mentioned in bible. However, the Isaiah 42 and the rest info are solid proof. The objection that the christian and jews state, "You are not reading it in the context." Then the question lies, What context? they don't have any info regarding in what circumstances these things were said. Truth of the fact is, Jesus pbuh and rest of the prophets pbuthem, recieved tablet a 1 complete source, but prophet muhammad pbuh, recieved revelation throughout his life. There is no real historical context in regards to when or why these verses were mentioned. If there is i would love to read up on it, but besides the point. There objection to the ahmad pbuh and isaiah 42, is very weak. But we shouldn't hold on to song of solomon and bible of barnabas because, 1. song of solomon doesn't actually mention ahmad, but muhammad as a word, thus isn't comparable to the quran. 2. Bible of Barnabas has contradictions that even goes against our own religion.

But great findings brother. jazakallah kayrum.

--- End quote ---

i dont agree with you about Muhammed in song of Solomon

why beacuse , only in song of Solomon Muhammadim is metnioned, nowhere else, all other places as adjective, but here as noun

in the contextin same song of Solomon it says:

1. Muhammad
2. leader among 10 000, muhammed was leader among 10 000 Soldiers  when he netered Mekka
3. His hair was black and wavy, his hair was wavy according to hadith
4. He would be ruddy, his was White/red skin accoding to hadith
5. and last it says as Arab, they translated this as Raven

even though it clearly says Aorb but they translatwed this as Raven, and if we look in Another places same Word is used for Arabs, and in one particular Place

it says And the ravens, raven fed prophet elijaha with bread and flesh, even christian says this means arabs not ravens, beacuse ravens and arabs are wirtten same in original hebrew without wovels, now difference at all.


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