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Asalamwalaiukum warahmatullah

May Allah bless you Adnansheikh because of ur hard work.  U actually made a whole page worth of information which is really good. 

To There is only one god:  What r u arguing about bro?  All the scholars say that the dajjal is a person.  Read the narrations about his appearance.  Redish hair, one eyed and only muslims will see the word kafir written on his forehead.  There is nothing to argue about bro

Asalamwaliukum warahmatullah

Hasnaiin, it is a big lie to say that all religions came from the illuminati because the illuminati and the free masons came about 100's of years after idol worshiping and nature worshiping religions were about and most importantly, after Islam.  Islam did not come about with prophet Muhammad, it was here since Adam.  Islam is worshipping ALLah alone and each generation had its own rules.  Also, Islam did not come from the Vatican.  This whole site contains information proving Christianity wrong and saying how Islam is completely seperate and unique from all other religions.  PS: what i meant by each generation having its own rules was b4 it was there is no god but allah and noah is his messenger, then musa, then isa, then muhammad and muhammad came to all mankind.  ALso,   to the people refuting Zakir Naik and the quran,  dont listen to them.  They misquote and bring things out of context.  May Allah keep you strong in faith brother.

Asalamwalaikum warahmatullah

Brother, the Dajjal is 100% a real person.  He is someone that will come to us in the future first calling himself a savior, then a messenger, and then god himself.  Allah will give him the abilities to control weather, cure incurable diseases and bring the dead back to life.  Everyone agrees that he is a person and he will appear in the future.

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: correcting a Misconception
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:23:14 PM »
Ive heard that muslims cannot be nationalistic and patriotic because the prophet forbade "asabiyah". Its true that the prophet forbade it but asabiyah is hating some group for the soul reason of your family or race, sometimes you can see this in the arab and muslim world against jews (even anto zionist ones), and vice versa.
You can be nationalistic in islam and love your fatherland, just dont be racist.
Proud Arab Nationalist

A lot of Arabs i know think they r the best, and when they see a Pakistani or a Bangali, they look down at them.  That is because they r arabs, the think they r the best.  Same goes with Pakistanis to bagalis and vice versa.  One of the main problems is between Egyptian and Morrocan, and Pakistani and Bangali, and Pakistani and Indian.  Also in South America.  Main theme is, they have this hatred because they think their race or country is the best, or is superior.  It creates blind hatred and fighting and seperation.  It is haram.


Atheists.... the most ignorant and most cursed of them all...  Islam is the religion of Allah.  Adam and the rest of the prophets/messengers followed it.  Islam isnt just following muhammad.  Now it is yes, but b4 it had a meaning:  Believe in Allah only and follow his rules, according to what was sent to your generation.  For example, before it was La ilaha ilallah. musa rasullulah.  now it is la ilaha ilallah muhammadar rasullulah.  Adam was around b4 egypt came intop existence and b4 the religion of the egyptians.  So was islam.  It was the 1st religion.  The main point of Islam is tawheed,  belief in Allah only.

Asalam walaikum warahmatullah

Osama, you are getting information from non trustworthy sources..we all know that CNN invents a lot of lies against Muslims so why would u listen to them?  This is just part of their propoganda, dont trust what they say.  You should know better than that.

god means deity

God, means Allah

There is deity except Allah no partner has he, and Mohammad is his servant/slave and final messenger.

there is no ''Abdullah"  in the kalimah so ''servent/slave'' shouldn't be in there.  Allah is god.  it doesn't mean god.  god is a the creator of the universe and thats what the kafirs call him. 

I think ''there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger'' is perfect

Asalamwalaikum warahmatullah

....Are you serious?  It's not good to slander your Muslim brother nor is it good to slander someone who opened up a website and gave many people the answers they were looking for.  He is defending Islam and you shouldn't criticize him for what you think he is all about.  He is not trying get famous or gain power and I am new to the site, so that shows that is the first impression I got.

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« on: January 07, 2013, 09:13:59 PM »
DrShafi, As-Salamu `Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh akhi,
Al-Hamdulillah I made a scientific theory proving the existence of Almighty Allah. First, let us all agree the Big Bang happened. But there's one problem there - who or what caused the particles to move? Newton's second law of motion states that all objects have enertia; therefore, all objects must have an external force acted upon them to move. The only existing force that could have existed was Almighty Allah, as everything else (even time and space) only came after the Big Bang.

Walaikumasalam warahmatullah wabarakatuh

That would be great to use but he isn't that smart.  Everytime he comes to me all he says is Muhammad is a pedophile and if god didn't write the Bible, who did?  He just slanders christianity and thinks that proves Islam wrong.  Anyway I stopped talking to him and he isn't an atheist because he truly believes in the big bang.  He told me he doesn't like limitations and he just wants to start a band and be with a girl.  Also, he has home problems which he mindlessly blames on religion.  Either way, he will never change his ways.  Jazakallah

GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Video games involving shirk.
« on: January 07, 2013, 02:08:46 PM »
So it is a sin to play it, but not shirk or kufr?  Just to be sure because my muslims friends play this game. 

just a side note: There is an atheist in my school who insults the prophet on a very high scale.  I got into a fight with him and i completely disproved his atheism theory and i defended islam while the christians were silent.  Funny thing is, he made fun of jesus so idk why the christians were silent.  I was extremely upset over the things he said and the things he showed me.  i took his pictures and i didnt give it back until he told the teacher...such a coward...wouldnt fight for hist stuff.,because he has nothing to fight or stand for.


GENERAL TOPICS | BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS / Video games involving shirk.
« on: January 07, 2013, 12:21:21 AM »
Asalamwalaikum warahmatullah

There is a famous video game out there called God of War and it contains major shirk such as polytheism.  It is about Greek mythology and a character who kills the gods and then takes their power.  It start's off as he wanted strength to win the war so he asks the god of war to make him extremely strong so he can beat his enemies in battle.  The god of war gives him powers, it overwhelms him, and he kills his family.  Then he goes off to kill the god of war, takes his powers and lives.  Then the father or leader of the gods betrays the main character.  Then he sets out to kill the leader of the gods along with the other gods, through all of this he gains a lot of powers and kills the gods.  A lot of Muslims play this game and I was wondering if it is shirk or kufr to play this knowing that you go around killing these so called gods and its theme revolves around polytheism?  Keep in mind that we know that there is no god worthy of worship besides Allah and that all this Greek mythology is false.  Jazakallah

Asalamwalaikum warahmatulllah


My name is Abdullah and I am getting very into learning Islam and I have learned a fair amount in the last 2 months.  One thing I learned is that pride and nationalism is a big sin in Islam.   I saw on one of the pages that showed the American flag and the Palestinian flag and Osama said he was proud to be an Palestinian-American.  I wouldn't say that because America is very much involved in destroying Palestine and America is also a kafir country.  We shouldn't become attached to non-muslim countries, especially one that is a big enemy of Islam.  Also, I understand Palestine is in a very bad situation and I feel deeply for masjid Al Aqsa, but nationalism is what split the khilafah and it makes people love their country instead of Islam.  I just want to know if I missed a hadith that justify's your flags or if I'm correct.  Once again thank you very much and may Allah bless you and any other true knowledgeable answerers on this site.

Here is the page i saw it on:

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