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Comparison of Muslims to the West


There is only one God:
The Qur'an and hadith very accurately stated, that we must wash our hands and maintain personal hygiene. However, in the West, prior to Germ theory, people believed you only got sick due to bad air. For toilets, they would go and poop in a bucket and have a slave throw it out the window, sometimes it would fall on someone's head: someone who was walking outside. The river Thames, today the cleanest river, used to be brown because of all the poo in it! They did not start washing hands until the 19th century! They did not start brushing their teeth until the end of the 17th century, whereas Muslims started Sewak.
An idea of a spherical Earth was introduced in the 6th century (BC). However, the Christians burned any books that said the Earth was flat, or that the Sun was at the center of the universe, because it was blasphemy to them. However, at the same time, Muslims were prospering in a Golden age of science and medicine.

I copied your post in order to paste it to some skeptic someday, may Allah grant you some of my rewards

Mujahid Saifullah:
Masha'Allah, brother!
They hate to hear it though. It is hubris on their part.

They thought bloodletting was a beneficial practice. Surgeons in wartime medical tents would operate on mass amounts of injured, getting stained with blood and never washing off. They thought that being covered in many people's blood was a sign that you were a good doctor. When scientists were promoting germ theory, people laughed at them.

Ignorance is universal, and no one is perfect. But ignorance in the West seems to be encouraged and celebrated.
In fact, some idiots try to claim Islam is responsible for the Christian dark ages.
These are the same people who believe that their government doesn't lie to them. The same people who will aggressively defend their ignorance, and hide the truth to support their viewpoint.

Black Muslim:
And those are the same people who believe that 4000 working Jews caught cold on 9/11 and didn't go to work . The ones who believe that a skyscraper would go down and turn to DUST because a plane hit it . The ones who would believe that we worship a moon God while Quran CLEARLY says to not bow to sun or moon . The same ones who believe that we don't eat ANY MEAT .

They say that ignorance is a bless in some situations . But ignorance is a cancer in such cases .


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