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By Prof. Pundit Vaid Parkash, Translated by Mir Abdul Majeed

The Last Kalki Autar (Messenger) that the Veda has foretold and who is waited on by Hindus is the Prophet Muhammed ibn Abdullah (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him)

A recently published book in Hindi has raised a lot of hue and cry all over India. In the event of the author being Muslim, he would have been jailed AND a strict ban would have certainly been imposed on the printing and the publishing of the book.

The author of this important research work "Kalki Autar" i.e. "Guide and Prophet of whole universe" comes of a Bengali race and holds an important portfolio at Ilahabad University. Pundit Vaid Parkash is a Brahman Hindu and a well known Sanskrit scholar and research workder.
Pundit Vaid Parkash, after a great deal of toil and hard-work, presented the work to as many as eight great Pundits who are themselves very well known in the field of research in India, and are amongst the learned religious leaders. Their Pundits, after thorough study of the book, have acknowledged this to be true and authentic research work.

Important religious books of India mention the guide and prophet by the specific name of "Kalki Autar" it denotes the great man Muhammed (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him) who was born in Makkah. Hence, all Hindus where-ever they may be, should wait no longer for any other 'kalik autar' but to embrace Islam and follow in the footsteps of the last Messenger of Allah (swt) who was sent in the world about fourteen hundred years ago with a mission from Him and after accomplishing it has long ago departed this world. As an argument to prove the authenticity of his research, Pundit Vaid Parkash quotes from the Veda, a sacred book among Hindus:

1. Veda mentions that 'kalki autar' will be the last Messenger/Prophet of Bhagwan (Allah) to guide the whole world. Afer quoting this reference the Pundit Parkash says that this comes true only in the case of Muhammed (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him).

2. According to a prophecy of Hinduism, 'kalki autar' will be born in an island and that is the Arab territory which is known as 'jazeeratul Arab'.

3. In the 'sacred' book of Hindus the father's name of 'kalki autar' is mentioned as 'Vishnu Bhagat' and his mother's name as 'somanib'. In sanskrit, 'vishnu' stands for Allah (swt) and the literal meaning of 'bhagat' is slave.

'Vishnu Bhagat' therefore, in the Arabic language will mean Allah's slave (Abdullah). 'Somanib' in Sanskrit means peace and tranquilty which in arabic is denoted by the word 'Amina'. Whereas the last Messenger Muhammed's (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him) father and mother's names were Abdullah (Peace be upon him) and Amina (Peace be upon him) respectively.

4. In the big books of Hindus, it is mentioned that 'kalki autar' will live on olive and dates and he will be true to his words and honest. In this regard Pundit Parkash writes, "This is true and established only in the case of Muhammed (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him)".

5. Veda mentions that 'kalki autar' will be born in the respected and noble dynasty of his land. And this is also true as regards Muhammed (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him) as he was born in the respected tribe of Quraish who enjoyed great respect and high place in Makkah.

6. 'Kalki Autar' will be taught in the cave by Bhagwan through his own messenger. And it is very true in this matter. Muhammed (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him) was the only one person in Makkah who has taught by Allah's Messenger Gabriel in the cave of Hira.

7. It is written in the books which Hindus believe that Bhagwan will provide 'Kalki autar' with the fastest of a horse and with the help of which he will ride around the world and the seven skies/heavens. The riding on 'Buraq' and 'Meraj' by the Prophet Muhammed (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him) proves what?

8. It is also written in the Hindus' books that 'kalki autar' will be strengthened and heavily helped
by Bhagwan. And we know this fact that Muhammed (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him) was aided and reinforced by Allah (swt) through His angels in the battle of Badr.

9. Hindus' books also mention that 'kalki autar' will be an expert in horse riding, arrow shooting, and swordsmanship. What Pundit Vaid Parkash comments in this regard is very important and worth attention and consideration. He writes that the age of horses, swords, and spears is long ago gone and now is the age of modern weapons like tanks, missiles, and guns, and therefore it will be unwise to wait for 'kalki autar' bearing sword and arrows or spears. In reality, the mention in our books of 'kalki autar' is clearly indicative of Muhammed (Peace, Mercy & Blessing of ALLAH be upon him) who was given the heavenly book known as Al-Qur'an.

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Re: Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) in Hindu scriptures
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Symptoms of kalki shown in Muhammed(s)

1) According to Hindu believe kalki is the final incarnation

Muhammed(s) was the last prophet.

2) Year of kalki was b.c 3102

Mohammed(s) had born middle of that year.

3) Kalki born sandal island simfal.

Mohammed(s) born mekha.we knows that it is desert.

4) Name of mother of kalki was the sumathi (meaning trustful)

Mohammed(s) mother name ‘amina’.the Arabic word mean that trustful.

5) Kalki got Sleight from mountain.

Mohammed(s) got Sleight first at mountain (hira)

6) Kalki and his four followers destroy the immoral things.

Mohammed(s) and his four followers (abobacker, ummer, usman, Ali
) fought against the immoral things.

7) Kalki flight through the sky.

Muhammed flight through the sky (miaraj).

8) Father of kalki died before his born and mother few period after his born.

Muhammed(s) father died before his birth and his mother died few periods after his birth.

Mohammed(s) in Hindu Veda:

“Athesminanthare mlech acharyana samanitha mahamada ethikyatha shisyasaga samanitham”

Vyasan says “At that time a foreign prophet names mahammed and his followers appear”. (Bavishwal puranam 3:3:3:5)

Vyasan says “He was a prophet from the desert, he five times clean his body part by water and pray to god. He destroy the all the evil power and make people to ideal path (path of god).he is one of the slave of god”. (Bavishwal puranam 3:3:3:68)

Vyasan says” His follower cut their fore skin, they breed chin, they never breed hair, and they are Revolutionaries. They are making hallo for the people come to prayer, they eaten all the meat without pork, they fight against the people, who deviated from the truth and morality, they known as musilivan. They are walking the path of ideal people”. (Bavishwal puranam 3:3:3:25-28)
(A.H. VIDYARTHI & U. ALI: Muhammed in Parsi, Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures, Page36).

“Edam jana upasrutha naramshamsa stha vishythe shshtim sahsra navitham cha cowmara arush meshta dadmehea ushta yasya pravahino vadu mantho dir dasha varshme radhasya ni jihidathe diva eshamano upasprysha asha hrishayea mamehe shatam nishkan dhasha sraja threni shathanyvartham sahsadhasha gonam”

“Hey people! You listen here carefully “a good man praised, I welcome him from between sixty thousands ninety enemy and he traveled by male and female camel. His Majesty fall beyond the haven. He had given to god 10 rectangle, 100 gold coins, 300 Arabic horses, 10,000 cows.” (Adarva Veda, vimshakandam suktham 27 slogam 1 to 3) 

From the above verses we understand that:

1)   â€œEdam jana upasrutha” its means that this message is the important message.
That means this verse must know all the believers. It includes an important message for all the believers.
2)   â€œNaramshamsa” means good and praised. Muhammad the Arabic word has two meaning good and praised.
3)   â€œStha vishythe” means he praised. From the history there is only one man praise more than anyone (Muhammed(s)).a Muslim praise Muhammed(s) 30 times per day(prayer).when they here his name they say “salalahu alyva salam” .god praise to him. We Muslim use his name with(s), (pbuh), and (e) means god praise to him.
4)   â€œSixty thousand enemy”. When he lived Mecca, population of Mecca between sixty thousands to seventy thousand.
5)   â€œCowmara” this word has two meaning 1) ideal ruler (Mohammed(s) an ideal ruler.2) he spread the peace to the society (prophet).both meaning apt to Muhammed(s).he spread Islam (means peace) to society. 
6)   â€œVadu mantho dirdasha” its means that he travel camel with his wife’s. There is not a possible he is an Indian, because Indians never travel by camel .it indicate someone from Arabia. Here Veda says ‘wife’s not wife, Mohammed(s) had more than two wife’s.
7)   â€œHe had given to god 10 rectangle, 100 gold coins, 300 Arabic horses, 10,000 cows”. Here 10 rectangles indicate his 10 good followers (during his life period there is 10 people his good follower and god says from Qur’an they are going to haven).100 gold means 100 good follower of Muhammed(s) they are called ‘muhajir’,they travel from Mecca to madina with Muhammed(s) during ‘hijara’.
“300 Arabic horses” indicate his first war ‘badr’, total number of people in Islamic side was 313(8 person can’t involve the war, one person die before the war and 4 of them are children.remaing 300 Veda mention here).10,000 cows indicate victory of Mecca at that time number of Muslims are 10,000.

From the above verses we can understand that.

1)   Hindu expected kalki born 14,000 years ago at Arabia.
2)   There is no way to chance of incarnation. Truth is they are prophet not an incarnation of god.
3)   Vyasan explain the coming prophet. He may be one of the prophets.


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