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Another failed attempt by The Atheists
« on: January 19, 2018, 03:52:34 AM »
So Hassan Radwan(A former Muslim,now atheist) has tried to imitate the Quran,with a Surah called Fa Qaf.
First of all,the NAME itself is an Error.
There is no Surah with words as a name. Except one
Now to the textual errors of it trying to imitate the Quran
The repetition of Words according to the creator of the Fake Surah is a repeated pattern in the Quran which is absolutely false
because the Quran has no repetition in the Quran at all,it was trying to imitate Surah ul Baqara I presume so lets check the text of Surah Baqara in arabic
and compare it to that of the false Surah.
So the starting of the Surah itself falsifies the false Surah called Fa qaf
It reads 'Zalik al Kitabu la rayba fee hudal lilmuthakeem" whereas the fake surahs starting verse is too small and undetailed compared to this
Arabic Quranic verse
'Khalakna al Dajaj Khalaka"
so the verse is too small,so the starting of the false Surah itself is wrong,so what can we expect with rest of the Surah? Oh yeah,the recitation
Abdullah Sameer uploaded a recitation to the fake Surah,and if you watch that recitation,you can see it turns out to sound more like singing rather than Reciting,and the words themselves make absolutely no sense.
And my last point on refuting this WHOLE Surah
is that it starts with the name of Allah SWT,whereas the challenge of the Quran says that call upon other than Allah if you are truthful,so the challenge has not been met at all,and it is a complete fail on terms of the Quran.
And the chapter itself,numerically fails to imitate the Numerical miracle of the Quranic Text,and is therefore,a fail in comparison to the Quran,and has completely refuted the Argument of the skeptic mind
but now you may be wondering,but what about the Other Surahs do they have this pattern as Hassan Radwan says?
well lets see the most well known Surahs,it failed to meet al Baqara
But lets check Surah al Rahman,even then it failed
So let me list some recitations of Abdulbasit abdussamad,Omar Hisham al Arabi and Mishary al Afasy and lets see if the recitation matches
So Surah Kahf by Omar Hisham al arabi

Surah Al Rahman by Abdulbasit abdussamad

And Surah al Anfal by Mishary al Afasy

So by the whole text of the fake Surah,compared to actual Surahs in the Quran,the fake Surah fails to meet any challenge of any Surah and failed to imitate any other Surah in the Quran textually,and has commited many grammatical Arabic errors in its text,like using unknown words to the arabic language,and also has ended up with no knowledge of the challenge itself,and has broken a rule of the challenge,by copying a text and messing with some certain words, and calling upon Allah,
and is therefore
A FAIL and is completely refuted by me as it clearly holds no weight against the Quran
JazakAllah Khairun.

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Re: Another failed attempt by The Atheists
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2018, 03:55:06 AM »
I should turn this into a video but Im not a really good editor so xD


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