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Title: Daeef Hadith
Post by: Defender on October 28, 2018, 12:00:07 AM
Should we believe Daeef ahadith???
Title: Re: Daeef Hadith
Post by: Sama on October 29, 2018, 03:13:49 PM
Title: Re: Daeef Hadith
Post by: QuranSearchCom on October 30, 2018, 09:46:23 AM
All hadiths that clash with the Glorious Quran are false.  And Allah Almighty called those who insist on them as "aggressors", "unjust", "wicked":

[017:047]  We know best why it is they listen, when they listen to thee; and when they meet in private conference, behold, the wicked say, "Ye follow none other than a man bewitched!"

[025:008]  "Or (Why) has not a treasure been bestowed on him, or why has he (not) a garden for enjoyment?" The wicked say: "Ye follow none other than a man bewitched."

Are you wicked?

Your hadiths say that Prophet Muhammad was bewitched for 1 year.  Some even say for 1 1/2 years.  One salafi clown on TV said only 3 days.  Pick any number you want, for your entire pathetic false islam cult ( doesn't cease to be ridiculous.  Are you not a wicked person according to the Quran?

Other examples:

1-  The Quran says It contains no HAZAL (nonsense).  The hadiths say the Prophet spoke HAZAL.

2-  The Quran says those who don't believe in the Number 19 Miracle are KUFFAR (infidels).  Most Muslims reject the Scientific and Numerical Miracles of the Quran.

3-  The Quran limits breastfeeding to the first two years of the human's life.  The hadiths permit it for any age, and allows adults to breast feed from stranger women, and even if they had no milk.  And salafi women dress all in black, cover their entire faces, and even wear black gloves.  Yet, I can lick and suck her breast and nipples?  Some argue that this is not haram (forbidden).

4-  The hadiths say the Prophet wanted to commit suicide.

5-  The hadiths in Ibn Ishaq and Bukhari speak of Prophet Muhammad bowed to idols after he became Prophet (  The Quran denies this.

So, are you a kafir and a wicked person?  Visit:,3276.msg16099.html#msg16099

Advise to every Muslim:

Stop being kafir and wicked.  Stop being the enemy of the Quran.  Stop blindly following conjecture and lies.  You have the Quran that Allah called Its Text MUHAYMIN (has authority over everything).  So why are you so anti-Quran that you don't let the Quran lead in everything, especially in filtering out your library of human dung that you call "hadiths"?  The Quran can easily extract the ones that are closest to the Truth from the rest:

Take care,
Osama Abdallah
Title: Re: Daeef Hadith
Post by: QuranSearchCom on November 01, 2018, 10:23:41 AM
More on the breastfeeding of adults adultery.  Allah Almighty said in the Glorious Quran:

[002:233]  The mothers shall give suck to their children for two whole years, (that is) for those (parents) who desire to complete the term of suckling, but the father of the child shall bear the cost of the mothers food and clothing on a reasonable basis. No person shall have a burden laid on him greater than he can bear. No mother shall be treated unfairly on account of her child, nor father on account of his child. And on the (fathers) heir is incumbent the like of that (which was incumbent on the father). If they both decide on weaning, by mutual consent, and after due consultation, there is no sin on them. And if you decide on a foster suckling-mother for your children, there is no sin on you, provided you pay (the mother) what you agreed (to give her) on reasonable basis. And fear Allah and know that Allah is All-Seer of what you do.

What does "to complete the term of suckling" mean to any human-creature with a normal brain?

So let's see:

1-  Your Prophet was supposedly bewitched for 1 to 1 1/2 years, where he was babbling from his mouth, didn't know which wife he just slept with, and didn't know where he was, and what he just spoke 10 seconds ago?.

2-  Your Prophet allowed men to suck the nipples and breasts of stranger grown women.

And you don't see any conspiracy in your hadith books, about Prophet Muhammad and the Glorious Quran, from fabricated accounts and lies to damage Islam from within?  Glorified false books that clash directly with Allah Almighty's Glorious Quran are the Truth now?

Simple logic and simple question to the wicked:

1-  Why can't the hadith about allowing adult suckling be nonsense from a bewitched doofus, who didn't know his head from his butt about where he was, and what he just did, and what he just said 10 seconds ago?

2-  Do you see how your false books have turned you into complete morons and serious enemies of the Glorious Quran, and had turned you into wicked infidels?  Exactly as Allah Almighty described you in the Noble Verses above.


Take care,
Osama Abdallah