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a Problem.
« on: March 15, 2017, 07:04:15 AM »
A christian debater told me: My God is a loving God and also a Just God.

The old testament doesn't define my God as an angry and Jelouse​ God. He is described figuratively as a jelouse God but i bet you have no clue what this means. You've probably never even studied the old testament before.

My God is a Just God and jelouse God and the wages of sin is death.

I'm not going to waste my time arguing with you. Your questions aren't even genuine, I'm better off investing my time on someone else.

Swallow your pride and study the old testament for yourself. Don't just base your knowledge of it on randomly cherry picked verses and hearsay. Only after an extensive study should you have a final verdict on anything. Don't you think that's a reasonable approach?

Let us learn to take our lives a little bit more seriously​. Time is ticking you know. There's no time for fun and games.

Salvation is individual. At the end of time you'll have to stand before God on your own.
The nature of God is beyond human comprehension. If your God can be fully explained by pen and paper he is a false god.

This further proves that the Doctrine of the trinity is divinely stipulated.

Man never creates a "God" he cannot understand. There is no other God like Jehovah.

The doctrine of the trinity does not contradict itself when properly understood.

Whilst our finite minds will never be able to fully comprehend it we can still understand it.

And when i linked to this site this is what my debater said
+Beez Games​ Of all the websites and philosophical objections you could choose from you decide to go for answering-christianity(.)com? Honestly? Is this a joke or something?

Osama Abdulla! 😂😂😂

Have you ever even read any of his fallacious articles​ or watched any of his debates? Give me a break!

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Re: a Problem.
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2017, 12:47:21 PM »
Truth of the fact is that majority of these ignouramouses have only been shown edited videos of debates that were clearly for the basis of christian bias.

Also the aame people claim that answering-christianity is rediculious, are the same people who continously contridict themselves and have no grounds in a debate. It is truely pathetic how much that these people have been brainwashed by their LYING SPIRITs missionaries.

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Re: a Problem.
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2017, 12:56:55 PM »
For example:

Isra power: This is only a very small sample of attacks with 0 muslim protest. .... very small

Adil Riaz:  +Isra Power 8/15/2016 "More than 30,000 Muslims from across the world meet in the UK to reject Isis and Islamic extremism"

Muslim students hold posters during a gathering to denounce the Islamic State, in Mumbai, Nov. 20, 2015.
AFP/Getty Images

6/30/2016 "100,000 Expected to Attend Muslim Anti-Terror Rally in DC"

11/25/2015 "20 million Muslims march against ISIS"

There are many more, but here i decided to give some to show how ignorant u people are.

Btw, can u plz provide evidence for moderate christians protesting christian terrorism, ever?

I have looked i couldn't find any, if there r i would love to hear about it. - “Why don’t Muslims protest against ISIS?” and other idiotic questions

Isra Power: These demonstrations are nice and cute.But do they really make an impact for serious change????. Also, the Terror group Isis and others have been  savagely killing Yazidis, Kurds, christians but mostly Muslims, so obviously the good Muslims are saying its not Islam. But Please , In my stupid and humble opinion,  ISIS members (which is not a small group) is only applying whats in the Koran. They want their caliphate with sharia law.   But this is altogether a completely different topic.  Again, the real issues are mass migrant and refugees entering the west (the concept of Numbers) , integration and assimilation (which is not compatible with Islam) , reforms in Islam, etc, etc, etc, etc.....The West has nothing to offer them....

Adil Riaz:  +Isra Power plz do not change the topic, also the dicussion regards to quran is to wide. Ur lying spirirts have created way to many misconceptions to address all of them here. U can get ur answers at

Isra Power:  I should of figured, thats the kind of Garbage you thrive on......answering-christianity...

Adil Riaz:  +Isra Power​ garbage? No plz provide me with ur garbage biebert, faux news and answering islam all guys that thrive on alt news. Lol  maybe u should stop slumbering in a make believe world where only ur views matter. Also it isn't surprising to find so many LYING SPIRITS in ur culture since Paul the Pharisse taught u to be a liar. So i guess i really shouldn't be surprised. =)


As u can see their last line of defense is to claim ur sources are garbage, but islam is ours it started in middle east. So i do not see how there sources aren't garbage.

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Re: a Problem.
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2017, 07:54:28 AM »
Concept of God appearing in Three forms 1) Spirit/Dove , 2) Word+Spirit/Son , 3) Father are what Hellenistics converts interpreted from the teachings of Israelites that follow prophet Jesus. All of those Greek books on stories of Jesus were written by Hellenistic authors that were raised with a culture of idolizing Gods in human form.
The Hellenistic converts basically migrated from a belief of polytheism of many human looking gods to an almighty singular god with 3 forms or at most three different gods that share equal status.

It is also far from a just and loving God as when the human God returns;
They believe that their manifested human-form War God will not guide non-believers to make peace with believers but rather, as the War God returned all non-believers will be sent to hell set on earth.
And still not satisfied with punishing them in hell after some period, he will then release their leader first from hell so that the evil leader can prepare his armies on earth for a Greater battle against the War God.
The War God will boast his triumph by instantly winning the battle as they amrch towards him by invoking fire from the sky to torment them with painful ending.

Its all about bloodshed, vengeance from a War God.


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