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I remember when I first came across answering Islam and their claims of " contradictions in the Qur'an" and for a second I actually believed their nonsense. But alhamduliilah I found this website and it answered all of their claims. But the one contradiction rebuttal that I thought didn't make sense was "will the unbelievers be rewarded for their good deeds". I began to contemplate and think about the alleged contradiction, then I realized the ayah in surah 99 doesn't say everybody will be rewarded for their good deeds, rather it says they will see it. This most likely means we will see our good and bad deeds in our book of deeds on the day of judgment, because the surah is talking about the day of judgement. subhanallah the Qur'an truely does defend itself.
I would appreciate if yall let me know if yall agree or disagree with my explanation

I wanted to share with yall what I think is the main reason people leave Islam. I have noticed a trend among ex-Muslims that i have met in real life and online in that the majority of them have had bad childhoods and they go on to blame it on god. They have a very similar mentality with those of athiests.
A very weak mindset indeed. It all falls back to "the problem of evil". In order to justify their apostacy, they try to find errors and contradictions in the Qur'an. When in reality they're just covering up their hurt and sorrow. May Allah grant us and them hiddayah. Ameen

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