Author Topic: Arab nationalism and the disease of Racism  (Read 1221 times)

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Arab nationalism and the disease of Racism
« on: April 02, 2018, 10:54:39 PM »
When you meet Arab nationalists,they burn from the inside out when you quote them the hadith in which The Prophet SAW said That the arab is not superior to the non arabs
Many Companions of the Prophet SAW werent arab,some where Persian,some were greek,some were also from Africa. It wasnt completely arab,Islam by its nature was diverse and fair to every race.

So if Arab nationalists like Dhahi Khalfan have the guts to speak against Pakistanis,he must speak against the Prophet Muhammad SAW,this UAE government has been building temples for hindus,etc so Indian Hindus become their slaves and are obedient to them, trying to restart what Our Prophet SAW finished. Racism and Paganism.

And when you go to India you see Hindu indian nationalists killing innocent Muslims "Indians are innocent"my ass,Dhahi Khalfan doesnt know what hes speaking about, Pakistan houses Millions of Muslims and protects their rights as much as they can,as for India,it destroys the right of Muslims, so really, India has done more crimes against Humanity than Pakistan could ever imagine, heck these people force Muslims into Paganism and Pagan based culture like Sufism.
So really
If Dhahi Khalfan has anyone to speak about for "crimes against humanity" it should be India,they're backwards Hindu fools who kill other religious groups for a bit of satisfaction.

So thats all I want to say,Dhahi Khalfan is being a racist hypocrite as even some arabs called him instead of seeing what India is doing.


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